Vice President Joe Biden guests on ‘Late Night’; Seth Meyers bombs!/jpodhoretz/status/438188744387358720

He’s vice president, not president, so being second in line is just part of the job. Vice President Joe Biden was the second guest on the inaugural broadcast of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” late Monday night.!/kickitupanacho/status/438199430307516416!/Adjustedwell/status/438199212329541632!/BPetrishen_MWDN/status/438195278295085057

Judging from Twitter reaction, there’s only one thing worse than being the second guest on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” and that’s being the host of “Late Night with Seth Myers.”!/stvoraw/status/438188008819666944!/jeremyhood216/status/438193638946795520!/LizMalinowski/status/438187874421571584!/sofargonz/status/438187553871888385!/mavanco/status/438187836739969024!/mcbc/status/438187371616419840!/SkyMansell/status/438187247364354048

Biden “almost” made a big announcement regarding 2016.!/JGuerraTKE/status/438197868193939456

Wait a week, Joe, and maybe Seth Meyers’ job will open up.

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Geek of the Week: Darrell Issa avenges the nerds while honoring Startup Day [pic]!/EngineAdvocacy/status/373105121296515072

Today marks “Startup Across America Day,” and dozens of members of Congress are meeting with tech startups in their home states.

In honor of the occasion, California Rep. Darrell Issa is letting his geek flag fly:!/DarrellIssa/status/373157462414610432

They did build that!

This is the first year “Startup Across America Day” has been held, and organizers hope to make it an annual event.

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Dear God, make it STOP! Is C-SPAN ‘trying to kill us all’?

As if things weren’t already awful enough, C-SPAN had to go and do this:

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Comedian D.L. Hughley tweets gun-control rant after Aurora movie shooting!/RealDlHughley/status/226286101311139840

Expect a lot of knee-jerk, Hollywood gun-control diatribes like this one from comedian D.L. Hughley today in the wake of the Aurora movie shooting:

— DL Hughley (@RealDLHughley) July 20, 2012

In sum states u can vote with a gun license but not a college ID! More Americans were killed n Chicago in the last 10years than Afghanistan!

— DL Hughley (@RealDLHughley) July 20, 2012

Um, until two years ago when the Supreme Court overturned it, Chicago had one of the strictest gun-control regimes in the nation. How did that work out, D.L.?


In the years following its ban, Washington did not generate a decline in gun murders. In fact, the number of killings rose by 156 percent—at a time when murders nationally increased by just 32 percent. For a while, the city vied regularly for the title of murder capital of America.

Chicago followed a similar course. In the decade after it outlawed handguns, murders jumped by 41 percent, compared to an 18 percent rise in the entire United States.

One problem is that the bans didn’t actually have any discernible effect on the availability of guns to people with felonious intent. As with drugs and hookers, when there is a demand for guns, there will always be a supply.

Who places the highest value on owning a firearm? Criminals. Who is least likely to fear being prosecuted for violating the law? Criminals. Who is most likely to have access to illicit dealers? You guessed it.

Twitter users sent reality checks to Hughley. But Tinseltown elites are impervious to reality.

.@RealDlHughley explain how gun laws stop criminals from having guns when laws against murder don't stop them from killing

— Harold Stickeehands (@StickeeNotes) July 20, 2012

So, @RealDlHughley, how's that strict gun control working out in Chicago?

— Against Obama (@against_obama) July 20, 2012

I suppose blaming guns is easier than holding people accountable for their actions. No amount of gun control will fix Chi, @RealDlHughley

— Harold Stickeehands (@StickeeNotes) July 20, 2012

@Snarky_Basterd @ewerickson @RealDlHughley First step in gun control is to stop acting in movies featuring them, my friend.

— David West (@Ltfngr) July 20, 2012

This tweet from a Hughley fan just leaves us…speechless. It’s all the Founding Fathers’ fault.

@RealDlHughley what you expect when America was built upon values of violence i.e. Star-Spangled Banner.

— The Indelible And-1 (@indelibleand1) July 20, 2012


Mayor Bloomberg, Piers Morgan and Hollywood goons from John Leguizamo to Henry Winkler join the unseemly cries for gun control just hours after the shooting.

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19 TV Moms You’d Totally Want To Be Friends With IRL

Get out of my TV and into my minivan.

1. Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She’s also her kid’s BFF. That may annoy you, but let’s be real — this means she probably knows some stuff worth knowing.

Holla at Your Girl When: You want to quit motherhood because your teen just told you they hated you.

2. Jessica Huang (Fresh Off the Boat)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She has high expectations when it comes to her kids, so she’ll hold you to a high standard too. Don’t worry; it’s good for you.

Holla at Your Girl When:
You’re this close to a spending spree and need to be talked off the edge. #RetailTherapy

3. Kristina Braverman (Parenthood)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She always shows up. She doesn’t even try to dodge life’s curve balls; she just catches them and throws them back.

Holla at Your Girl When: You need an ally. Who else would stand by your side while you fight to stake your claim as team mom?

4. Rebecca Donaldson Katsopolis (Full House)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Balance. Becky has got that elusive work/life balance down cold.

Holla at Your Girl When: You can’t stop crying over spilled milk (or coffee). The working-mom struggle is real.

5. Marge Simpson (The Simpsons)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Patience is a virtue, so many of us find ourselves coming up short on. But when it comes to Marge, girl has plenty.

Holla at Your Girl When: You’re trying to master her brand of zen with your own wild child.

6. Callie Torres (Grey’s Anatomy)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She will make it her mission to get you out of your shell. Callie is passionate, and when she loves, she loves all the way.

Holla at Your Girl When: The dance floor is dominated by sorority girls and you need a partner to “Shake It Off” with.

7. Harriette Winslow (Family Matters)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Girlfriend is boss and can teach you how to be about it at home and at work.

Holla at Your Girl When: You don’t feel “mom” enough. Her side-eye is legendary and will surely snap you back into shape.

8. Mellie Grant (Scandal)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Mellie is always ready to take off her invisible hoop earrings and fight for the things (and people) she believes in.

Holla at Your Girl When: You’re the incumbent PTA president and there’s a formidable challenger lurking.

9. Gloria Pritchett (Modern Family)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She says all the things you secretly wish you said — and maybe some things you’re super glad you didn’t.

Holla at Your Girl When: You’re on a mission to retire the mom jeans and reclaim your MILF status.

10. Rainbow Johnson (Black-ish)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Bow stays true to who she is, even in the face of her snarky mother-in-law.

Holla at Your Girl When: You’re ready to come to terms with the fact that you married a mama’s boy.

11. Peg Bundy (Married…With Children)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Peggy is definitely feelin’ herself and all about self care (to the fullest).

Holla at Your Girl When: You need to binge on bonbons and daytime television.

12. Doris (Caillou)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She’s the mother to the most annoying child to grace our televisions and has yet to lose it.

Holla at Your Girl When: You just can’t take any more whining.

13. Stef Foster (The Fosters)

ABC Family

Why She’d Be Your BFF: Love. Stef has opened her heart to receiving love in whatever form it takes in her life.

Holla at Your Girl When: You need backup at any time (your best friend just happens to be a po-po).

14. Rochelle Rock (Everybody Hates Chris)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Every day she’s hustlin’. Rochelle is no stranger to hard work or standing up for herself.

Holla at Your Girl When: Your man just lost one of his two jobs and you’ve got to make your next move.

15. Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Lily loves her crew so fiercely, she’s not afraid to meddle to make things right.

Holla at Your Girl When: Your junior high schooler brings home her high school boyfriend and you’re looking to stealthily break them up.

16. Louise Jefferson (The Jeffersons)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Even when you royally blow it, Louise is right there. She reminds you of the importance of forgiving yourself and others.

Holla at Your Girl When: You need to let some things go. Life has been a little blurred ever since you started giving everyone the stink eye.

17. Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She knows how to embrace second chances. Here’s the story, Carol was a divorcée and single mother when she met Mike.

Holla at Your Girl When: You want to give love another try but aren’t sure you’re ready to commit to a minivan.

18. Topanga Matthews (Girl Meets World)

The Disney Channel

Why She’d Be Your BFF: She’s just so darn likable. Plus, she dreams big.

Holla at Your Girl When: You’ve decided to quit the internet if another article that says moms can’t have it all pops up in your Facebook feed. I mean, do they even know Topanga Mathews, Esq.?

19. Angie Lopez (George Lopez)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Back in the day she taught you what your milkshake could do, and now she’s a master of keeping the flame alive.

Holla at Your Girl When: You’re ready to “warm it up” in the bedroom and want to try something new.

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