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Nipping And Biting The Hand That Feeds, How To Stop This Behavior.

Many folks work to keep their home clean, and a large part of doing so is making your your dog is thoroughly trained. However, many people do not know how to make their dogs behave. Use the tips in this article to help you learn how to train your dog.

The more active your dog is, the healthier it will be. Dogs get bored just as easily as children. When dogs are bored they are difficult to train. A dog that is happy, and gets the attention that they crave, will be a better behaved and attentive dog. Go for a long walk with your dog.

TIP! Crate training a puppy must establish the fact the the crate is the new home of the puppy. To help your puppy feel at home, place your puppy’s food dish inside the crate.

When training your dog, try to avoid reinforcing negative behavior. Essentially, you must not give your dog something positive, like attention or a treat, when it behaves in a way you want to classify as negative. If you wish to keep your dog from begging for table scraps, don’t encourage him by slipping him a morsel one night or allowing others to do so.

Canine training starts with patience. This ensures that you both do not get frustrated. Understand that your dog actually wants to please you, however he/she can be confused with what it is you want them to do.

Start your training your dog with something that will be easy for him to learn. This will cause you to get your dog to learn its first trick quickly, which is rewarding. It will also show your dog what training is all about. You’ll have better results this way.

TIP! It is important that you also train your dog at mealtime with a specific routine. Develop a feeding schedule, and be consistent with the routines so you can teach your dog what to expect and how to behave.

Whenever the dog jumps upon you, grab its paws and give them a soft squeeze so they know it is not okay to jump on humans. This will not hurt him, but it is quite uncomfortable. After some time, they won’t jump on anyone because they’ll associate it with being made to feel uncomfortable.

When you’re training your dog, it is important that you understand primary reinforcement. This means using a beloved item to reinforce positive behavior. This can be a belly rub, a favorite toy or a tasty treat. Using this technique will train your dog what you expect from him.

The previous information should be helpful in training your dog so that you can help maintain a clean home. Look for ways that you can extend training lessons to apply to behaviors both indoors and outdoors. As you explore these ideas, you will be closer and closer to having an obedient pet.

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Hobby Ideas And Tips For Anyone To Use

A hobby is a great thing to have in your life. Read up on a variety of hobbies to help you choose something that suits you best. The following article is packed with informative information about hobbies.

Making music can be a very fun hobby. You’ll just need to figure out what kind of instrument you’d like to play. The next step is to take lessons from someone, or learn on your own with books and videos. Start slowly, and do it whenever you have spare time.

TIP! If you enjoy watching football, turn it into a hobby that’s interesting and fun. This can be accomplished without leaving the comfort of home.

Give fishing a try if relaxation is a priority. Just find the supplies you need and a location to fish on. Of course, you must be sure you are fishing in an approved area and have all proper permits. Fishing is a great way to wind down from everyday life.

If your pastime involves the use of scissors, be sure to use clean ones. Glue, lint and other things need to be wiped off every time. To thoroughly clean them, use soap and water to wash them, then an dry them before using or storing them. Use a nail polish remover if they are really sticky.

If you think your hobby could be a money maker, ask yourself how you can make it stand out. What are some skills you possess that others don’t? Look for ideas that some people may not find as fascinating as you do. That’s a fantastic way to start out.

TIP! If you are thinking of a new hobby and need to lose a little weight, why not consider combining the two! Get into the pool and swim, or set your sights on training for a marathon. You will benefit both mentally and physically when you make fitness your new hobby.

Horse riding can be a fun outdoor hobby. You can trail ride, checking out the animals and plants around you. As a companion, there is nothing like the connection to your horse.

Share your hobby. The little things you do that involve other people can be very special. Often, this includes your hobbies. Let others view what you follow, make, or collect. Let everyone know what takes up some of your time. It will open new doors as well as new friendships.

Sewing is a great hobby. When you undertake a hobby like this, you could make your own curtains, quilts, clothes or many other things to numerous to mention. Lots of people like to sew.

TIP! Look online to learn more about your hobby. If your hobby involves a certain niche that doesn’t have a whole lot of information, you could create a website and become a leader in your niche without having to put in a lot of search engine optimization.

Think about learning photography. This is a simple hobby that the entire family can participate in. Get a digital camera and let the kids go wild. You might be amazed at the photos they snap. Let everyone have a turn taking pictures. Later, you all can relax and enjoy the pictures you took.

Seashell collecting is a rewarding hobby, giving you fantastic memories of the trip you just took. Seashells can also be used to teach young children about sea life, and the shells can be used to make interesting displays to enjoy at home.

Different types of collecting can be fun and engaging hobbies. The Internet can help you learn the value of something so you can collect to get more return on the investment. Check out online shopping sites, such as eBay, whenever you decide to sell your items and sell them to the person who bids the most.

TIP! Riding a horse is a hobby that can be done outdoors. You can enjoy riding a horse through trails.

Keep the area where you do your hobby activities neat and tidy. This will be helpful because you can find everything you need. Not only that, but the area will be safer. You don’t want to injure yourself because something is lying around.

There is no reason you should consume alcohol during your hobby, unless you have a hobby that somehow involves alcohol. Too much alcohol impairs your judgment and hampers your reaction time. You will have more fun with your hobby if you are sober.

Hobbies are great stress outlets. You may be about to burn out from job responsibilities. After a stressful day, a hobby is something fun to do. Select a hobby that allows you to relax and unwind after a hard day.

TIP! Share the hobby you do with others. These are the sorts of things that make life interesting.

You may want to give one hobby a break and take up a new or neglected one occasionally. Sometimes, your life needs something new and exciting, and hobbies are no different. If you discover that your old hobby has grown stale, and doesn’t excite you quite the way it use to, think about trying something new. You may have found exactly what you need.

This article has offered sound advice about hobbies. If you know what you want to try, do it! You must actually apply yourself to get started on your new hobby.

Paul Ryan unveils Path to Prosperity; White House scoffs

Rep. Paul Ryan unveiled the House’s proposed budget – The Path to Prosperity – this morning (in case you missed it, you can view it here). In doing so, he’s done what the Senate has failed to do for the last 1,056 days – and counting.

Ryan budget vs. Obama budget in one chart that says it all

— James Pethokoukis (@JimPethokoukis) March 20, 2012

Ryan: "We want to put our debt on a pathway to balancing & paying off the debt & get our economy growing again by fundamental tax reform."

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) March 20, 2012

By 2040, debt-GDP ratio is 194% under CBO's alt scenario, 38% under Ryan's budget

— Philip Klein (@philipaklein) March 20, 2012

Ryan calls our debt "one of the most predictable crises in our nation's history."

— David Freddoso (@freddoso) March 20, 2012

Ryan says his budget gets "rid of the rationing board," IPAB, the so-called "death panel" to deal with meting out care for seniors.

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) March 20, 2012

Rep Paul Ryan R-WI says he wants actual budget cutting details on House floor by May

— Jamie Dupree (@jamiedupree) March 20, 2012

It is notable that America cares more when @RepPaulRyan releases a budget than when @BarackObama does.

— Patrick Ruffini (@PatrickRuffini) March 20, 2012

WH/Jay Carney says the House GOP Budget plan "is not a plan that this President could support."

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) March 20, 2012

Carney says the GOP Budget plan is "not the right approach and its not fair." Syas its not right for the economy or the American people.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) March 20, 2012

And, predictably, the White House – with no plan of its own – immediately pounced on the proposal.

Here's the full White House statement blasting Ryan's budget

— Philip Klein (@philipaklein) March 20, 2012

WH: "The House budget once again fails the test of balance, fairness & shared responsibility."

— Philip Klein (@philipaklein) March 20, 2012

WH Comms Director @pfeiffer44 says the Ryan budget draws on the same wrong-headed theory that led to the worst recession of our lifetimes.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) March 20, 2012

WH's Pfeiffer: Instead of strengthening Medicare, the House budget would end Medicare as we know it..

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) March 20, 2012

WH's Pfeiffer says Ryan budget "would shower the wealthiest few Americans with an average tax cut of at least $150,000…

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) March 20, 2012

The White House’s reaction didn’t sit well with some people:

Attention: BASIC ARITHMETIC destroys "Medicare as we know it" within the next dozen years: #crisis

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) March 20, 2012

Attention: If you were born before 1957, Paul Ryan's needed Medicare reforms *will not affect you at all.* #tcot

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) March 20, 2012

Larry Kudlow after Steve Israel said, "Medicare’s not going bankrupt."

— Katherine Miller (@katherinemiller) March 20, 2012

Obama's Treasury Secretary on debt/entitlement crisis last month: We don't have a solution, but we oppose Paul Ryan's.

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) March 20, 2012

Okay, Obama. If you don't like Ryan's budget, let's use the one Harry Reid passed in the Senate. Oh, wait…

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) March 20, 2012

Okay, fine, forget this year. Let's just use the budget Harry Reid passed in the Senate last year. Oh, wait…

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) March 20, 2012

Okay, so Harry Reid & Senate Democrats haven't passed a budget this year or last. Let's use the 2010 one – wait, what?

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) March 20, 2012

The Senate Democrats' budget proposal, in its entirety:

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) March 20, 2012

The Dem budget fails the test of existing. MT @philipaklein: WH: "House budget fails test of balance, fairness & shared responsibility."

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) March 20, 2012

You know what else will destroy Medicare as we know it? Medicare as we know it.

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) March 20, 2012

The people criticizing Ryan's budget thought Obama's was good. The one that ensures bankruptcy. Their opinions don't count anymore. #tcot

— RB (@RBPundit) March 20, 2012

If one were to go by the Left's reaction to Paul Ryan's plan, the only conclusion is that they want the US to be insolvent. #tcot #p2

— RB (@RBPundit) March 20, 2012

Senate Dem budget most non-existent in 500 years.

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) March 20, 2012

But maybe skeptics shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Maybe there’s hope after all?

Get ready: @USProgressives will unveil the most fiscally responsible budget this year AND protect Medicare and Medicaid #budget4all

— Rep. Keith Ellison (@keithellison) March 19, 2012


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Barack Obama at the DMZ in Korea

From LA Times:

Obama met with South Korean and U.S. troops, and like presidents before him, stood in a camouflaged  bunker peering through binoculars to inspect the rough, wooded mountains of a nation that has frustrated the West for decades.

The president is in South Korea to attend a global summit on securing loose nuclear weapons. But as his Sunday schedule shows, the status of the rogue nuclear program in North Korea is likely to outshine the formal agenda. The DMZ visit was his first stop.

Stars and Stripes has the North Korean response:

North Korea has moved a long-range rocket to its northwestern launch site in preparation for a launch next month, South Korean officials said Sunday, as Pyongyang pushes ahead with plans that Washington says are a cover for testing long-range missile systems.

Other tweets:

Here's that view, of "Propaganda Village," which NoKo calls "Gi Jong Dong."

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) March 25, 2012

Obama scans tense Korean DMZ, North mourns Kim Jong-il

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) March 25, 2012

In show of force amid standoff with North Korea, Obama makes symbolic visit to Cold War relic DMZ: -JM

— The Associated Press (@AP) March 25, 2012

US President was behind a bulletproof glass screen when he peered through binoculars into DPRK today. #Korea

— Steve Herman (@W7VOA) March 25, 2012

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Raising A Child Tips So Good You’ll Share With Your Friends

Raising a child is hard work, and no amount of advice or preparation can change that. Preparation and knowledge can have an effect, though, on the results that hard parenting work brings. A helpful tip at the right time can make the raising a child process much easier. Continue reading to get a few tips that might solve some child-rearing problems.

Baby Items

TIP! You do not necessarily need to spend a fortune on a nursery for your little one. You can purchase items cheaper at many department stores like Walmart, while sill getting high quality furniture like cribs and changing tables.

You should not spend a lot of money on nursing equipment right before you have your baby. You can purchase high quality baby items at discount stories. Also, consider asking friends and family members with children if they have old baby items that they no longer need.

Think about what kinds of things you are telling your child. It’s important to build a sense in your children that you are trustworthy.

Use the kitchen sink, so your child has plenty of space to lie down on a towel spread on the counter. You should also place a rolled towel beneath his neck. Then, wash and rinse his hair using the faucet or sprayer. This makes things easier for toddlers who do not like to have their heads dunked in the water or have water poured on them.

TIP! All you need is a clear kitchen counter and a rolled-up towel. Put the towel on the counter and put your child on it so that his head is under the sink faucet.

As a parent, you know how important it is to spend time with your child, but it is equally important to have some time to yourself. This maintains your individual identity, as well as your identity as a parent.

It is critical that you have personal time, free of your children. Get a friend or family member to take care of your kids, even if it’s only for a couple of hours. If parents never get a timeout from parenting responsibilities, stress and frustration can result. This will affect the entire family.

You have to remember that every child is unique. Specific actions you take may yield results in one child, but get an opposite response from another child. Every child responds differently to punishments, as well as rewards for good behavior. Remember what approaches you have tried that worked well, despite this.

Create some family rules for how your children interact, but keep the focus positive. Rather than saying “no hitting,” for instance, tell children to “touch gently.”

Children are naturally independent. Offering tasks that they can complete during housekeeping time can give them a real confidence boost. While unloading your dishwasher, let your child hand the spoons to you. When folding dry laundry, let your child sort some of the socks. These mini-chores will help your child learn independent living skills and help you at the same time.

Use the family line when going through airport security with children. Generally, they can be found at most larger airports. This line was made just for families like yours. Everyone must remove their shoes and all items must go on the belt for x-ray examination.

TIP! Infants and toddlers should not consume soda, diet or otherwise. Stick with drinks which provide your child nutrients like water, juice or milk.

You want your child to explore his or her interests and develop skills. This can happen through playing on a sports team or taking an art or music class after school. This will help your children to make friends, develop top-notch social skills, and widen their horizons, all of which are important on their road to and through adulthood. As well, keeping your children busy can help them steer clear of negative behaviors.

Every child likes playing. They need to have regular time for playing. Parents would be smart to not just leave their children playing on their own.

Set up a basic list of house rules for your kids. Let you children know what the consequences for breaking a rule is. Let your children know that you are establishing these boundaries because you love them and want them to be safe. Rules can also make child-rearing easier for you and your partner.

Getting Ready

Nightly routines work wonders for getting ready for bed. A regular bedtime routine will help transition your child’s mindset from playtime to bedtime. If his routine includes changing clothes and brushing his teeth, he’ll know he’s getting ready for bed as soon as he puts on his pajamas. As your child begins to understand the sequence of events, he or she will offer up less resistance.

During potty training, you will find the best results if you have your toddler attempt to use the bathroom on a bi-hourly basis. Toddlers do not know how to recognize the signs that it’s time to head to the bathroom. In order to avoid your child having a bathroom-related accident, visit the bathroom somewhat frequently even if they do not think they have to go. This usually signals to him that it’s time go.

TIP! No two children are alike. A parenting technique that worked perfectly on an older child may be useless with his or her younger sibling.

Despite the fact that raising a child is a common thread through many lives, the child-rearing process does not come naturally to most folks. Seeking advice and opinions from other parents makes sense. Anyone can gain from the knowledge of others when it comes to the complexities of child rearing. Helpful tips can arrive from anywhere, and they are generally welcome.

Learn About Cooking With These Wonderful Tips

Once you’ve learned the basics of cooking, it can be a joyous experience. The aim of this article is to show you how to cook with confidence, and how you can improve on your skills. After getting these, start having fun.

Always keep your spices away from light in a cool place. Storing spices in lighted areas or warm areas can reduce their length of freshness. Storing your spices in a cool location far from direct sunlight will help them last longer and taste better. Using fresh spices will make your food taste better.

A good piece of advice you can observe when cooking with oil is to pour it down the sides of the hot pan. When the oil reaches the food in the middle, it will already be hot. This will help your food be more flavorful.

TIP! Before cooking with skewers there are a few things that you need to know. Metal skewers will work better if they are twisted or squared.

Many people find slicing meat into thin strips very difficult; however, if you partially freeze the meat, the task is much simpler. This technique is especially important if you are making Oriental dishes. When meat is slightly frozen, it becomes simpler to slice because the fibers won’t stretch and tear that easy. After you have sliced the meat, allow it to thaw out before cooking. This keeps the meat cooking evenly.

When you are going to cook, make certain all the knives are sharp. Blunted knives do not cut things well, and they can also pose a safety hazard. It is much easier to cut yourself trying to force a dull knife through a vegetable, than cutting it with a sharp knife.

Stick to recipes you are comfortable with when you are cooking for important company. New recipes can be difficult to make and can create unnecessary stress. This will help you feel less stressed when preparing your meal.

TIP! Prepare to cook before you actually start cooking. Before you start making your food, it is a good thing to have everything prepared.

Cook your vegetables quickly to preserve flavor. If you slow cook your vegetables, they will lose their nutritional value. Speed cooking vegetables also retains the best texture and nutrition. Learning to give them just a quick steam is the best way to cook them.

If you want to lose weight and eat healthier, cut back on the amout of oil that you cook with. These oils are often loaded with unhealthy fats. Using cooking spray instead of oils will be a much healthier option.

Cooking skills is something you can easily improve if you are motivated. You just need to want to get better and be willing to put in the effort that it takes. By following our tips, you will soon be right at home and very proficient in the kitchen. If you have the proper attitude, cooking can be enjoyable.

TIP! To slice meat with ease, you should place it in the freezer for a bit. This is especially helpful if you are preparing an Oriental dish.

Tips And Tricks On Finding Great Pieces Of Furniture

As enjoyable as purchasing furniture can be, it may also feel like hard work. Pay close attention to every detail and be sure to aggressively seek out bargains. The below article provides excellent knowledge to assist you in making your furniture-shopping experiences more enjoyable.

Furniture can really take a bite out of your wallet. If you find it to pricey, consider used furniture. You can find furniture that’s in fantastic condition but used in various stores, in classified ads, or garage sales. You can save a lot of money on quality used furniture and then invest in having it reupholstered. This improvement to your purchase will be worth the expense.

When you search for new furniture, consider your color options carefully. If you buy something too bright, it might not go with the rest of your furniture. Buy furniture in colors that are neutral so you can keep the items if you decide to redecorate.

TIP! If you are buying wood furniture, especially if they are antique, look beyond the outside of the piece. Always look inside and on the underside, paying special attention to the drawers.

If you need yard furniture, buy it at summer’s end. As summer draws to a close, companies want to sell certain items to get ready for winter. This is why they make prices cheaper so they’re more affordable.

Make sure the reclining chair or couch you want works before you buy it. If you don’t know it doesn’t work until they drop it off on your doorstep, you’re going to be really upset. Some stores may make it hard to do an exchange.

It is a good idea to select living room furniture in neutral colors. For example, black, grey, tan and ecru are good choices. Neutral furniture colors in your living room allow you to change your color scheme with throw pillow, rugs and other accessories. This will allow you to change your living areas by seasons for a small price.

TIP! Look at the frame when buying a couch. The frame board is best if it’s slightly more than one inch in thickness.

Before getting new furniture, measure the spot. When you buy a bed, table or sofa, you need to make certain it will fit in the space. Guessing can lead to a terrible outcome. Measuring is a very important step when buying pieces that open up to take up more space, such as sleeper sofas and recliners.

Bring in a color sample from your wall treatment when considering furniture. A piece may look great, but once you get it back home, it may not fit with your current decor. You want to avoid this. You can bring along a paint swatch or some photos of your room and use that in the furniture store.

As mentioned before, you can have a great time purchasing furniture. Look around and try creating a style that really corresponds to your personality. To find the bet pieces at the best prices, use what you’ve learned here, and you’ll have a great shopping experience.

TIP! It is a good idea to select living room furniture in neutral colors. For example, black, grey, tan and ecru are good choices.

The news is now when the DOE turns down a green company seeking cash

They were such, um, floozies so promiscuous with the guaranteed loans earlier on:

One of the handful of remaining contenders to win the Obama administration’s funding to build “green” cars is out of the running.

Carbon Motors announced Wednesday afternoon that the Department of Energy has turned down the company’s application for a $335 million loan to build fuel-efficient police vehicles in a Indiana town hard-hit by unemployment. The news comes 30 months after the company first applied under a special green car loan program.

Carbon Motors officials said they had been assured their application to build a new plant, and create an estimated 1,500 jobs, was nearing approval.

“We are outraged by the actions of the DOE,” said William Santana Li, Carbon Motors’ chairman and chief executive officer. “In failing to deploy the tax dollars that Congress allocated for the creation of advanced technology manufacturing jobs in the U.S., the DOE [clean car] program represents a glaring failure of the Obama administration to create jobs that are clearly within its power to create.”

President Obama made government investment in clean energy companies an early hallmark of his administration, including a $25 billion loan program to support the manufacture of fuel-efficient and electric cars and fleet trucks. The Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing program had been started under President George W. Bush, but gained new life under Obama with a major appropriation from Congress.

Yeah, well . . . they messed up. They trusted them.

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Leventhal’s ‘early Thanksgiving’ pic horrifies! (Bonus traffic wiseassery)

Wowser! Fox News’ Rick Leventhal took to Twitter to share some horrific Thanksgiving-travel traffic pics.

Yep. But speaking of pain, Leventhal also tweeted a photo of his “early” Thanksgiving.

Oh no. EEK! Rick Leventhal, chronically horrifying!

Of course, it being Twitter, many were giggling madly rather than shrieking while fleeing from the computer screen.

Um, never change, Twitter?

Leventhal then wrapped things up with a hilarious “madly shake fist at sky” photo:

Get off our lawn. And cut your hair, Leventhal!


Full Twitchy coverage of Rick Leventhal

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