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13 Reasons Singer Lesley Gore Will Always Be An Inspiration

The legendary singer-songwriter, famous for “Cry If I Want To” and “You Don’t Own Me,” passed away Monday.

Singer Lesley Gore, famous for the hit songs “It’s My Party” and “You Don’t Own Me,” passed away from lung cancer at the age of 68 on Monday.

Getty Images Keystone

“She was a wonderful human being – caring, giving, a great feminist, great woman, great human being, great humanitarian,” Lois Sasson, her partner of 33 years, told the AP.

Getty Images for The Women’s Media Center Jemal Countess

Years ahead of her time, let this woman be your source of inspiration today (and all days, really):

1. When she was only 16-years-old she reminded us that if it’s your party, you can damn well cry if you want to:

2. And that message continues to inspire today:

3. She rallied women to tell the men in their lives: You don’t own me.

“It was probably the first song that talked to guys like that and the first time girls had this opportunity to go, `If she’s saying it, maybe it’s OK for me to think this way,’” Gore said of the song in 1994.

4. Which would create this glorious moment in history:

5. Oh, and this one too:

The 2012 PSA video features Miranda July, Sia, Lena Dunham, and countless other female celebs lip-syncing to “You Don’t Own Me” in a campaign to bring awareness to women’s rights in the upcoming presidential election.

6. Way before Beyonce put out “If I Were A Boy,” Gore sang the truth in “Sometimes I Wish I Were A Boy”:

View this embed ›

“Oh, he’s dancing with another
And he’s holding her so tight
Wish I had nerve to cut right in and stop it
But a girl has to be polite

Ohh, I’m a girl and it’s wonderful
It fills my heart with joy
But sometimes, yes sometimes
I wish I were a boy”

7. Taking classes at Sarah Lawrence College, she valued her education and put it before her career:

“Well, I basically did not go on tour unless it was a holiday or summer. I pretty much tried to maintain as normal an educational schedule as possible. So there were times I would work on the weekends but maybe I would have to skip a Friday class to get there. But I stayed in school most of the week.” – 2005 Interview

8. She was all about girl power:

“They treat women like human beings, and they were doing that back then. It felt really good to…to feel good being a woman, and Sarah Lawrence had a lot to do with helping me feel that way,” Gore said of her time at Sarah Lawrence University.

9. Gore constantly strived to live an open and honest life:

“I just kind of lived my life naturally and did what I wanted to do. I didn’t avoid anything, I didn’t put it in anybody’s face. Times were very different then, so, you know, I just tried to live as normally as humanly possible. But as truthfully as humanly possible.” – 2005 Interview

10. She later wouldn’t hesitate to call out the music industry on its homophobic attitude:

Getty Images Hulton Archive

11. Her hairstyle, like her voice, was legendary:

12. She appeared as Catwoman’s sidekick, the Pink Pussycat, on the popular Batman television series in 1967:


13. She saw the importance of women having strong female mentors in their lives:

APImages / Via AP Photo/Dan Grossi)

“I had many people that I idolized who were singers like Sarah Vaughan and Dinah Washington, but these weren’t exactly women I could call up every day and say, Hey, how’s it going, you know?

So I didn’t have a woman mentor until many years later—many, many years later when I became friendly with Bella Abzug. She kind of mentored me as to what’s important for women and where to put my energies in terms of gay women, and what I could best do to help women in our community and children. And that’s pretty much what I live by now, pretty much where I like to concentrate my efforts. You can only bite off so much, so you gotta know what you want to do” – 2005 interview

Now, grab a hairbrush and get in front of your mirror:

And remember: Nobody owns you.

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Ugh: Objecting to ambassador gig for Anna Wintour is now ‘sexism’!/mattyglesias/status/275966307143385089

@awchornaday Prejudice against fashion as a business *is* sexism.

— Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) December 4, 2012

Cripes! A vagina is a body part, not a pitiful excuse that insulates a woman from any and all criticism. Or it was. Call it The Susan Rice Effect: Now any criticism of a woman up for a White House appointment is ZOMG sexist!!11!1!

Now that Obama is reportedly considering Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour for a sweet gig as U.S. ambassador to the U.K. or France, loyal Slate lapdog Matt Yglesias is wasting no time in attributing objections to hatred of women (and sexist “prejudice” against the fashion industry).

Here we go.If you don’t want Anna Wintour being an Amb because she is AWFUL and a poor rep of our country, you’re a sexist. Just so you know

— Kelly Marie(@flyoverangel) December 4, 2012

For liberals, Anna Wintour possibly being named an ambassador is “breaking barriers.” Cue the sexist accusations.

— rikki (@RikkiWilliamsXO) December 4, 2012

Yep, it’s raging misogyny to point out that when you scratch Obama’s back, he’ll scratch yours right back!

Bundler’s reward. RT @ellencarmichael This can’t be true: Obama considering naming Anna Wintour UK ambassador. …

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) December 4, 2012

I keep hearing that Obama might appoint Anna Wintour as ambassador to the U.K. (She raised 40M for him.) Finally: diplomacy!

— Kyle Stevens (@cinementalist) December 4, 2012

So Anna Wintour might become an ambassador after she donated money to the presidents campaign lol

— Matt McKeithan (@MattMcKeithan) December 4, 2012


But there’s another case of back scratching that ought to disqualify Wintour for any diplomatic role.

So sad: nobody told Yglesias about Vogue’s Assad profile. MT @mattyglesias Snark directed at Anna Wintour as ambassador to UK 99% sexism.

— Eric Trager (@EricTrager18) December 4, 2012

Here we go. Because Asma Assad has nothing to do with it @mattyglesias: The snark directed at AnnaWintour as ambassador to UK 99% sexism.

— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) December 4, 2012

Kerry Picket of The Washington Times provides a timely reminder of Vogue’s puff piece on Syrian first lady Asma al-Assad.

Flashback – Vogue ran a loving profile of Syrian first lady Asma al-Assad as the Syrian gov’t slaughtered its people

— Kerry Picket (@KerryPicket) December 4, 2012

More from Picket:

The magazine ran the article as the Syrian government slaughtered its people and described (H/T The Atlantic) the Assad household as “wildy democratic.”

Vogue Senior editor Chris Knutsen explained away the Assad article to The Atlantic in February of 2011 saying, “For our readers it’s a way of opening a window into this world a little bit.”

Read the whole thing for ammo against the absurd (and demeaning) talking point that criticism of Wintour is sexist.

This is how the left wins. They demonize. That’s how the do it. Opposition to Susan Rice? Sexist and racist. Opposition to Wintour? Sexist.

— Harry(@Tark31) December 4, 2012


Boom! Kirsten Powers sets Touré straight on why criticism of Amb. Rice isn’t racist or sexist

Libs demean Sen. Kelly Ayotte as ‘token woman’ in ‘sexist’ Rice inquiry

Michael Moore: John McCain sexist, racist for criticizing Susan Rice

‘GROW UP’: Kirsten Powers rips Dem women crying ‘sexism’ over criticism of Susan Rice

Barf: Pig Maher’s boy Bill Burton plays ‘lady parts’ card over criticism of Susan Rice

Boom! Rachel Campos-Duffy thanks Dem congresswomen for ‘setting us back 60 years’

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Moms Demand Action founder gets it wrong about Fort Hood shooter!/shannonrwatts/status/452197434941132800

Just yesterday we heard from wounded warrior J.R. Salzman, who’s had it with post-traumatic stress disorder being used as the media’s “old standby excuse” whenever a soldier is involved in a shooting. Moms Demand Action for Guns Sense founder Shannon Watts, though, diagnosed Wednesday’s Fort Hood shooter with PTSD, much to the exasperation of Dana Loesch and others.!/DLoesch/status/452240059370979329

The source to which Watts refers uses research from Media Matters for America, and even the MMFA report states that shooter Ivan Lopez had not been diagnosed with PTSD, and had self-reported a traumatic brain injury, despite no record of his being wounded in action.!/bob_owens/status/452240577393074176!/NordenJim/status/452241484327030784!/SimonRadio1776/status/452244027392688128!/ConservRachel/status/452244267378147329


‘AMEN!’ Dana Perino’s must-read plea strikes a chord with veterans 

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TMI: ‘It tasted like chocolate’ plaque marks site of Obamas’ first kiss!/MelissaTweets/status/236123974260621315

Oh, but it’s not just a monument. It’s a historical marker dedicated to the Obamas’ first kiss. Seriously:

No Joke: Chicago Erects Monument At Spot Where Barack And Michelle Had Their First Kiss… –

— Weasel Zippers (@weaselzippers) August 16, 2012

The 3,000 pound granite boulder marks the Chicago location where Obama and his wife shared their first smooch. To the delight of Obamaphiles everywhere, the stone has a black and gold plaque that informs visitors exactly what it tasted like when the Obamas locked lips for the very first time.

"I kissed her, and it tasted like chocolate." Cue Malia and Sasha embarrassment as Obamas first-kiss plaque unveiled.

— Sasha (@SashaWithLuv) August 16, 2012

Won’t somebody think of the children?

The quote comes from a 2007 interview the president gave to O, The Oprah Magazine:

On our first date, I treated her to the finest ice cream Baskin-Robbins had to offer, our dinner table doubling as the curb. I kissed her, and it tasted like chocolate.


Much to the first daughters’ eternal embarrassment, the marker commissioned by the owners of the shopping center is likely to attract legions of starry-eyed Julias.

Of course, there’s one thing that might put a damper on all the gag-worthy fawning that’s sure to come.  Baskin-Robbins, the source of that chocolate-flavored first kiss (sorry!), was acquired by the eeeeevil Bain Capital in 2006.

Chicago Erects Memorial Marker to Commemorate Site of Obamas First Kiss at Baskin-Robbins… SAVED BY BAIN

— Jim Hoft (@gatewaypundit) August 16, 2012

Heh. Tastes like … capitalism.

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Ke$ha, strip clubs, ugly jackets, oh my!!/keshasuxx/status/208640406257283072

When Ke$ha isn’t rocking arenas with her body glitter and catchy electro-pop, she likes to take some time to relax, settle down, and attend some strip clubs.

Ignoring the two visits to the same strip club, just how ugly is that jacket?

Ok, you’re right girl, that is pretty ugly. But when it comes to Ke$ha and her animals, just how weird is something like this?

@keshasuxx No that's not weird at all… That's how #KeshaRolls

— Derek Paterson (@derekpaterson) June 1, 2012

@keshasuxx okay its not weird :DD good ;D Love you animal queen!

— PetraKesha♥ (@PetraKeshaRose) June 1, 2012

@keshasuxx you always look flawless tho. Let's go to that club xx

— Kevin (@KevinSleazy) June 1, 2012

@keshasuxx not ugly at all, Kesha! anyway, you would able to embellish any monster creature!

— Jean Lopez (@77jano77) June 1, 2012

As expected, when it comes to her animals, there’s not much Ke$ha can do that will shock them.

Besides, there are much weirder things about the singer to be concerned about.

I'm bearding the country one beard at a time.

— kesha (@KeshaRose) May 31, 2012

Look out ladies, I didn’t see any specification as to what gender she’d be bearding…

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17 Apps That Will Make You Fall Back In Love With London

Treasure (m)apps.

Chelsey Pippin / BuzzFeed / Getty Images/iStockphoto pkruger

1. The London Bookshop Map


This glorious and simple app is your guide to every independent bookshop in the city. Search by area, speciality, or collection to find the perfect spot to cosy up with a good book.

Get it for iOS.

2. Hidden London


Get the full-on secret London experience with the helpful Hidden London app, which highlights underrated and less-crowded attractions, parks, eateries, and more.

Get it for iOS.

3. Geocaching

Paramount Pictures


Join in the Geocaching game and discover hidden treasures throughout London. Like a digital treasure map, Geocaching leads you to tucked away points throughout the city, through back streets and park corners on a mission to discover things that have been left by other adventurers. You’ll never look at London the same way again!

Get free intros for iOS , Android, and Windows.
Purchase the full version for iOS and Android.

4. StrollOn London


Use StrollOn to accompany you on walks throughout London. The app will guide you through the city and give you history and interesting tidbits about every area, so you’re bound to find a lovely spot you’d never noticed before.

Get it for iOS.

5. London Parks and Gardens


Escape to a quite green corner of your own with this useful app. London Parks and Gardens features information and maps for London’s biggest parks as well as directions so secret gardens and courtyards throughout the city.

Get it for iOS and Android.

6. Dojo

Universal Studios


This clever app will bend London to your will, and help you keep up with and make use of your area. Dojo put its feelers out into the nightlife and social trends in your area and curates a list of events and places you might be interested in.

Get it for iOS.

7. London Coffee Network


Forget Starbucks, Costa, and Nero – London Coffee Network helps you find cosy, independent coffee shops just off your beaten path. The app functions as a locator and a rewards program – use it to find an artisan coffee shop nearby, then use your app account to collect free coffee points.

Get it for iOS and Android.

8. Feast

20th Century Fox


To find the cosiest spot for breakfast and brunch, download the Feast app. Featuring the top 50 new restaurants of the year, you can search by cuisine or location, and even make a reservation directly from the app interface.

Get it for iOS.

9. Drink – London’s Hidden Bar Guide


Discover London’s underground bars for a cosy and secret spot to enjoy a drink. The app is simple, featuring pictures and descriptions so you can choose the right dive near you.

Get it for iOS.

10. London Market Guide

Touchstone Pictures


The London Market Guide includes details on over 80 markets across the city, so when you’re bored of Borough and Portobello, you can find a cosier, more affordable place to browse close to home.

Get it for iOS.

11. MyTime London


For the latest on popups, streetfood, gigs, art, and events, MyTime is your new best friend. You’ll get the lowdown on upcoming events and popups, plus tips on upcoming trends before the break the mass market.

Get it for iOS.

12. My Real London


This user curated guide system is brilliant for discovering hidden gems and proven experience provided by other Londoners. If you’ve moved to a new area or just visiting, it’s ideal for finding local haunts and favourites and skipping the crowded tourist spots.

Browse guides here.

13. Blue Plaques

Warner Bros


You’ve surely seen blue plaques monumenting notable Londoners and events on your way to the shops or work, but following their trail all over the city will give you a unique historical view of the city. This helpful app will help you locate plaques nearby and plan routes through over 1700 plaque sites.

Get it for iOS, or check out the similar Blue Plaques of London for Android.

14. Hype


With Hype, you’re always the first in the know on upcoming events and trendy spots in your area. You can plug your preferences into the app, as well as skim other areas of you’re out for the night, and receive exclusive invites and tips on where to go.

Get it for iOS.

15. New Gourmet London


New Gourmet curates the top 50 start-up restaurants in London every year to keep you hip on fresh eats and tasty new trends.

Get it for iOS.

16. Street Stories

Warner Bros


The Guardian’s fascinating Kings Cross Street Stories app guides you through a historical tour of the Kings Cross and Angel areas, including audio and interactive maps.

Get it for iOS and Android.

17. Horrible London


Discover the dark underbelly of London’s creepier side with Horrible London. The app will guide you through London’s most haunted areas and grisliest histories.

Get it for iOS.

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‘So many jokes’: This Bill Clinton quote about Hillary is begging to be taken out of context

According to Bill, everything Hillary touched, she made better.

Taking the quote seriously, he must’ve forgotten about these:

Not to mention her campaign, which is taking on more water with each passing hour. The better quote would be: “Everything she touched ended in disaster.”

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