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See what domestic abuse belittling Wasserman Schultz said about GOP, women!/gelnails2012/status/507358060726059008

Yes, that is the truth every day. But what sparked that particular reply? Oh, just this:!/matthewhurtt/status/506845496540139520

The article is as utterly absurd as you’d expect. But Debbie wanted to make sure y’all didn’t miss it.!/DWStweets/status/506834656894136320

She totally loves women, you see.!/DWStweets/status/507240410390224896

Milwaukee? Hmm, is that where said this?!/TPCarney/status/507258082624544768

That’s right. As Twitchy reported, Debbie Wasserman Schultz further exposed herself as the loathsome hack that she is when she pretty much said Gov. Scott Walker beats women. The GOP has a woman problem? Take a look in the mirror, woman-user Debbie.!/BiasedGirl/status/507254647526920192

Amen. But to the disgraceful Debbie, the end justifies the means. Even if the means are abused women.!/AFutureFree/status/507499284858961921!/ConservativeLA/status/507261078452322304

Dear Debbie: That’s not true. Contrary to your obvious belief, women can and do think for themselves.!/JHassTN/status/507292465657696256

And here is an exit question for those “feminists” who heart Debbie and the Dems:!/bethanyshondark/status/507300603291525124

We’re waiting.


‘Right on!’ Scott Walker capitalizes on Wasserman Schultz’s smear campaign

Can you guess how DNC responded to Wasserman Schultz’s Scott Walker slander?

‘Shut up, Debbie’! Wasserman Schultz suggests Gov. Scott Walker beats women

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Woman Celebrates Her 80th By Going Skydiving…And Then The Worst Thing Happens

Skydiving is an activity for the brave. That’s why it’s on a lot of people’s bucket lists. It’s something that many want to do before they die, but are too afraid to attempt.

When Laverne turned 80, she decided to bite the bullet and cross it off her list. Unfortunately for the octogenarian, everyone’s worst nightmare came true when she slipped out of her safety harness and began falling to Earth.

What an extremely horrifying scene! I’m sure she won’t be trying to jump out of a plane ever again. But her daredevil streak isn’t over…

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These Little Fried Balls Of Heaven Have Officially Become My New Favorite Snack

I’m pretty sure that it’s been scientifically proven that bacon makes everything taste better.

But what happens if you add cheese and puff pastry to the mix? Well, you’ve got a recipe for glorious, heavenly appetizers that almost everyone will love.

(Sorry, vegans and vegetarians, this one isn’t for you!)

You might want to get a tissue to catch any drool…

Here’s the recipe breakdown (because we know you want it in writing):

  • 10 cubes of mozzarella cheese
  • 5 Pillsbury biscuits (cut in half)
  • 10 slices of bacon
  • 10 wooden skewers
  • Canola oil

Wrap the biscuit dough around a cheese cube, then do the same with the bacon and the doughy orbs. Stick a skewer through and repeat. Fry them in canola oil that’s heated up to 350 degrees. Flip them over to cook the bacon and dough through entirely. Serve and devour!

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