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Lindsay Lohan demands streetlight on Sunset be fixed!/Ally_Wags/status/203700544706064384

Lindsay Lohan is demanding change. She’s taking on Los Angeles County, speaking up for what she believes in as a taxpayer. She wants things to be better. She wants things to improve. She wants that darn light on Sunset to BE TURNED BACK ON, AND NOW.

La county, tax payer contacting, a light just went out on sunset just by hillcrest #fixit

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) May 19, 2012

Like moths to a flame, hecklers popped in to let the part-time actress, part-time lawbreaker know how they really felt.!/RosemaryOBrien/status/203745100285751296

your bullshit has wasted so many tax dollars lol RT @lindsaylohan La county, tax payer contacting, a light just went out on sunset #fixit

— Ryan O'Connell (@ryanoconn) May 19, 2012

@lindsaylohan "La county, tax payer contacting, a light just went out on sunset just by hillcrest " How do they know you didn't steal it?

— The Dabos (@JoeyDips) May 19, 2012

You cant be serious? YOU WASTE OUR MONEY RT @lindsaylohan: La county, tax payer contacting a light just went out on sunset just by hillcrest

— Jessica Douglas (@JessJos) May 19, 2012!/KaliKitti420/status/203716344875724800

It's called a phone 😉 RT @lindsaylohan: La county, tax payer contacting, a light just went out on sunset just by hillcrest #fixit

— amplified (@amplified) May 19, 2012

Ouch. Seems like there are citizens who think we have some bigger problems to fry than burnt-out streetlights.

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Bette Midler: Is it ‘hypocritical to be pro-life and anti gun control?’!/mosesmosesmoses/status/322410256388993025

The wind isn’t just beneath her wings; it’s between her ears.

Midler can’t wrap her head around the idea that being against abortion and in favor of the Second Amendment aren’t mutually exclusive:

Is it me or does it seem hypocritical to be pro-life and anti gun control?Just putting that out there…

— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) April 11, 2013

Just putting it out there, huh? Allow us to just put some stuff out there:

.@bettemidler then explain the 400+ children killed last year in gun controlled

— hello moxy (@hellomoxy) April 11, 2013

@bettemidler Is it hypocritical to favor killing the innocent, and not the guilty?

— Lester Burnham (@BroodingPelican) April 11, 2013

Its our Right2Life & Liberty @bettemidler Is it me or does it seem hypocritical 2be pro-life & anti gun control? Just putting that out there

— cherie lee (@1littleangel2u) April 11, 2013

@bettemidler Armed security protects you. And that’s OK. But then you shouldn’t wonder why others deserve to protect their own lives.

— Melvin Udall (@Melvin_Udall_) April 11, 2013

Using @bettemidler‘s logic, she is pro-rape for supporting gun control. Guess Amanda Collins deserved it, eh Bette?…

— Rachel Veronica (@rachelveronica) April 11, 2013

@bettemidler I oppose people using guns to kill innocent people–but I do support a person’s right to own a gun to protect herself.

— C. L. Paur (@clpaur) April 11, 2013

@bettemidler So its okay to slaughter the un-born as some perceived right; but an actual right as per the Constitution is silly?

— Daniel LaMalfa (@cbyfrmhll) April 11, 2013

Maybe the laws just need a little tweaking:

@ibuymyownshit @bettemidler Maybe if abortion doctors used guns.

— Nation of Reason (@nationofreason) April 11, 2013

@bettemidler What if abortions were performed with guns?

— Hugo Hackenbush(@MangyLover) April 11, 2013

@bettemidler Seriously, if guns were used to perform abortions, wouldn’t you want them free and taxpayer provided, even to minors?

— Hugo Hackenbush(@MangyLover) April 11, 2013

Well, Bette? What say you?

Here’s what we think: we think that being pro-life means believing in protecting life. The Second Amendment helps to make that possible:

@bettemidler It’s pro-life to defend myself and my family with a gun.#2ndamendment

— AngelaCalabro (@AngelaCalabro) April 11, 2013

@bettemidlerBeing able to protect one’s self and family IS pro-life!

— Mary Bredlau (@BredlauMary) April 11, 2013




Bette Midler: Gun owners aren’t the wind beneath my wings

Bette Midler asks how much more death we’ll have at the hands of House Republicans

Midler mentions muskets, still meddling in gun control debate

Fact-challenged Bette Midler: ‘NRA only has 60,000 followers’

Bette Midler losing hope that hard-hearted cowards in Senate will pass assault weapon ban

As assault weapon ban languishes, Bette Midler pities ‘soon-to-be-slain’

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As another Obama scandal breaks, Newsweek devotes cover to … Watergate?!/Dannypace/status/520319456023556096

As Twitchy reported, Rolling Stone, the magazine for “Boomer fossils” that was once obsessed with the Watergate break-in, is now running a cover story by Paul Krugman calling President Obama “a historic success.” As if that weren’t enough, the magazine is promising a list of “55 numbers that prove President Obama has accomplished more than you may realize.” Good lapdogs!

In the meantime, while the Washington Post is breaking news on the latest secret service scandal and its suppression by the White House until after the election, Newsweek has decided to devote its latest cover to … Watergate?

All the scandals in the Obama WH & what does Newsweek do a cover on? Watergate. Smh

— Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) October 9, 2014

The Watergate scandal was a whole lot wider and Deep Throat a whole lot deeper than you think —

— Newsweek (@Newsweek) October 9, 2014


@Newsweek hello 1973 wants their news stories back!

— Curtis Ohl (@omniohl) October 9, 2014

"Remember when the press was still willing to do investigative reporting rather than being Administration lapdogs? We do." @KatMcKinley

— BattleSwarm (@BattleSwarmBlog) October 9, 2014


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‘Totally messed up’: Did Canadian hockey fan don blackface at Sochi game? [pic]!/JenniCook94/status/436217543603539969

Team Canada beat Latvia 2 to 1 earlier today in the men’s hockey quarterfinals, but while most viewers were watching the scoreboard, New York Times contributor Ben Rothenberg was watching a guy in the stands:!/BenRothenberg/status/436216949111287808

Assuming the photo is genuine, aside from the fact that the guy in question has Subban’s number on his jersey, Rothenberg doesn’t offer any evidence that he’s actually Canadian. Nevertheless, tweeters were upset by what they saw:!/PhilaDOOPia/status/436217471553785856!/katangus/status/436219341730639873!/ronindotca/status/436217932557725696!/rohanmexico/status/436219291588116480!/tcote/status/436218563062276096!/josefinaperez/status/436218464601001985!/DoubleEmMartin/status/436217590130941952!/thehazelbelle/status/436217648796692480

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These Hotels Are Haunted, But You Can Still Check In… If You Dare.

The “Tower of Terror” is a popular attraction at Disney World. Its basic concept is that there was once a very successful hotel that, in the midst of its glory days, had something truly tragic happen and now ghosts lurk its halls (plus, dropping its riders from really, really high up).

If that sounded enjoyable to you, you’re in luck! There are real hotels that have similar stories out there. Unlike the fictional hotel in the ride, instead of becoming crumbling shadows of their former selves, these haunted hotels are still taking guests! Check them out!

1.) The Hotel Chelsea in New York City has had some super famous guests, including Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan, but its INfamous for its haunts. Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistol’s girlfriend died here and she is said to appear along with Sid himself, who overdosed on heroin shortly after her death.

2.) One night long ago on the 19th floor of the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Maryland, a young girl committed suicide. She is said to still roam the halls in a cream dress and playing with her red ball. The elevator also mysteriously stops at the 19th floor sometimes, even when nobody pushed the button.

3.) It is said that Marilyn Monroe is still staying in a room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, 52 years after her death. There is even a suite named after her there you can rent out and presumably hang out with her (probably still beautiful) ghost.

4.) The Seven Sisters Inn in Ocala, FL is haunted by seven spirits. Two of them are the founders of the inn, Emma and Ben Rheinauer. There are also four children ghosts and apparently one ‘flirty’ gentleman from the 1950s making this haunted hotel creepy in a different kind of way.

5.) Also in Florida, the Casa Monica Hotel in Augustine is haunted. A man hung himself in room 511 and ghost children have been heard running through the halls. Some of the staff won’t clean certain suites because of ghostly figures that still occupy them.

6.) Hotel Galvez is the infamous home of their ghost, “The Lovelorn Lady”. A lady checked into the hotel to await her fiancé to return from sea. He never did, for his ship sunk off the coast of Flordia. She hung herself out of grief, but is said to still be waiting for her lover to return to her to this day.

7.) The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’. Here, ghostly guests are said to hold parties in the ballroom and even steal people’s luggage. I mean it could be ghosts, or, like, they just have one bellhop who doesn’t give a crap his job at all.

8.) Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, Washington is still inhabited by its original owners, Chester and Anna Thorne. The room that is now the bridal suite has Anna’s original bedroom mirror and utterly-creeped-out brides claim to see the lady of the manor’s reflection behind them when peering into it.

I don’t know anyone would stay at a hotel named “Lord Baltimore” anyways. It sounds the place where a creepy, castle vampire baron would live. If you know someone going on vacation and they need a place to stay, give this a share on Facebook.

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