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The New Season Of #AHS Is Called #AHSHotel & It Will Feature #LadyGaga

Little Monsters rejoice!

FX has confirmed to BuzzFeed News that Season 5 of American Horror Story will feature Lady Gaga.

And Mother Monster herself tweeted the news…

…Along with a short teaser.

And in it, she revealed that Season 5 will be called American Horror Story: Hotel.

Twitter/Lady Gaga

Twitter/Lady Gaga

Twitter/Lady Gaga



Twitter/Lady Gaga

Twitter/Lady Gaga


Is it October yet?

Twitter/Lady Gaga

Twitter/Lady Gaga


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‘ShamWow girl?’ MSNBC’s Alex Wagner: Obamacare’s not an abject failure, guys!!/philipaklein/status/393099426861813760

Psh. As if!

MSNBC’s worked too hard to cultivate its lapdog status, and it’s not ready to throw that away. Not on Alex Wagner’s watch!!/NowWithAlex/status/393096415762591744

It’s working just fine! All is well!!/redsteeze/status/393101437376692226!/noprezzie2012/status/393107502067240960

She’d make a great Obama sidekick!!/EEElverhoy/status/393103664698494977

That’s a good little lapdog.



Obama: Obamacare is ‘more than a website’; Citizens? That’s the problem

Squee! Media lapdogs swoon over Obama’s batik shirt

MSNBC anchor: Righties sure are sensitive about voter ID and minority disenfranchisement

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Stop Spending Money On Fancy Camping Stoves And Grab A Tin Can Instead

Plenty of us love camping, but for those of us who hate leaving our creature comforts behind, it can be a challenge.

Especially when it comes to chowing down. While building fires and making them last is great if you know how to do so without spending six hours rubbing sticks together when you ultimately forget your lighter, lots of people opt for mini grills and camping stoves to save themselves a few headaches.

But what if I told you that you could reach the same end with an old can? If you want to learn how to recycle, save money, and lighten your camping load all at once, check this out.

First thing’s first: Grab a large can of some sort. If you shop in bulk, you probably have a few of these around the house.

You’ll also need some wires and a bit of cardboard. You could even use old hangers! Shape them into rectangles and roll some cardboard around one of the short sides.

After that, cut two flaps into the can that you can later roll around the handles.

Use a hammer and nails to punch ventilation holes into the can.

This is what it should look like after that!

Finally, put the handles you created around the flaps. You now have ourself a tin can stove!

Much lighter (and much cheaper) than anything you’d find at Home Depot, am I right?

Happy camping!

For more details, click here.

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Meghan McCain tries to talk unemployment numbers, hilarity ensues!/hale_razor/status/215249100088672257

Meghan McCain, who is only famous for being the daughter of Senator John McCain, had another rough night tonight.  It seems she had some trouble figuring out the correct unemployment numbers:

Apologies, I said the unemployment rate was at almost 9%, I have been corrected that it's 8.5%.

— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) June 20, 2012

*8.2% – regardless of my mistake, my point remains. President Obama should be worried about being re-elected given where the economy is.

— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) June 20, 2012

Everyone had a good laugh over that one:

@hale_razor @McCainBlogette Is the rate half empty or half full?

— jomitter (@jomitter) June 20, 2012

Meghan McCain is technically just an idiot, but I'm rounding up and calling her a moron.

— Stefan (@Stefan_MK1) June 20, 2012

Math is hard. RT @McCainBlogette: Apologies, I said the unemployment rate was at almost 9%, I have been corrected that it's 8.5%.

— James Taranto (@jamestaranto) June 20, 2012

BREAKING RT @McCainBlogette: . . . President Obama should be worried about being re-elected given where the economy is.

— Michael Cohen (@speechboy71) June 20, 2012

Later she huffed:

If me blocking you on twitter is a noteworthy moment in your life – you maybe should reassess your priorities….

— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) June 20, 2012

Presumably this was in response to the buzz over best-selling author of “Fast and Furious” @KatiePavlich’s glee at getting blocked:

@KatiePavlich @McCainBlogette There is only honor in that. Well played Katie, well played. #usefulidiotneverwas

— Dave McCreary (@DaveMcCreary) June 20, 2012

@KatiePavlich what did you do to get @mccainblogette to block you? Did you point out that she is vapid, obtuse, nescient, insincere or all 4

— Tim Ryan (@TimRyan33) June 20, 2012

@KatiePavlich You inspire me. RT @KatiePavlich @McCainBlogette blocked me….+1

— CyberCipher & Collie (@CyberCipher) June 20, 2012

@KatiePavlich Congratulations! #badgeofhonor

— Daniel Wanke (@danielwanke) June 20, 2012

Poor Meggie Mac, she just makes it way too easy!

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Virgin Atlantic makes woman change out of military uniform!/richardbranson/status/310421869415264257

2/2 our team made a mistake in following that advice. The @virginatlantic people involved are mortified and have apologised profusely.

— richardbranson (@richardbranson) March 9, 2013

Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson took to Twitter today to denounce as a “terrible mistake” that a Royal Navy helicopter technician was made to change out of uniform before boarding a flight to the United States.

Petty Officer Nicky Howse told The Sun newspaper, “when I got to the departure gate I was taken to the side by the flight supervisor and they said I wasn’t allowed to fly in uniform and had to wear a sleep suit.” Howse says she was told that her combat fatigues could be seen as a threat by other passengers.

Branson blamed airport security for giving his staff bad advice and says the people involved are “mortified.” Will an apology suffice?

@richardbranson That don’t cut it.Step up, man up, make it right whatever it takes.This is NOT going away.#RNPO #Fail

— LaughingWolf (@LaughingWolf) March 9, 2013

I see @richardbranson is tweeting his pitiful sorrows after humiliating one of our soldiers, only after all went viral shame on you and G4S!

— Five Mountains (@Five_Mountains) March 9, 2013

Shame on you @virginatlantic @richardbranson for making one of our servicewomen remove her uniform #disgusting #proudofoursoldiers

— Lady Pea (@pennyolewicz) March 9, 2013

@richardbranson @virginatlantic would have been a great response with two additional letters: EX. As in “the EX-Virgin staffers involved…”

— Diana Allocco (@dianamee) March 9, 2013

@richardbransonYou need to fire some…

— (@instapundit) March 9, 2013

Richard Branson needs to personally fire the thugs at his company who did…

— Ezra Levant (@ezralevant) March 9, 2013

@richardbranson I’ll stick with @united, who treat our service people well all the time (instead of in reaction to all around stupidity)

— Kevin Whited (@PubliusTX) March 9, 2013

@laughingwolf @richardbranson nothing in the free world runs smoothly without veterans. Nothing. Not a good group of people to make angry.

— Mike (@CopTheTruth) March 9, 2013

@richardbranson @virginatlantic public humiliation of RN Petty Officer ? This is no way 2 treat our Armed Forces !

— Heather Smart (@gemini2359) March 9, 2013

@chaosanmayhem: @richardbranson @virginatlantic The very least you can do, is give PO Howse 2 VIP 1st Class tickets 4 life is a good start

— LaughingWolf (@LaughingWolf) March 9, 2013

@richardbranson And why do you suppose it happened in the first place? Any ideas?

— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) March 9, 2013

Some are willing to cut Branson some slack.

@richardbranson @virginatlantic Straight explanation, straight apology. Huge respect for that Sir Richard. Top #Leadership #Virginatlantic

— Mike Pannett, author (@MikePannett) March 9, 2013

@richardbranson @virginatlantic Great NOT to hear “it was best intelligence available” or “spontaneous reaction to a video” Well done SirR.

— Tim Bannigan (@Cunever1949) March 9, 2013

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Michigan’s vaginas gather on the Capitol steps to celebrate one another!/LOLGOP/status/214731037945769984

Yes, you read that correctly. Last week, pro-abortion state legislator Lisa Brown claimed she was cruelly asked not to use the word “vagina” on the House floor when discussing proposed pro-life legislation. The horror!

On Wednesday I spoke against a sweeping new anti-choice bill. This bill attempts to over-regulate women’s health clinics to the point that many could no longer offer abortions. Among other things, the plan would require doctors to make funeral arrangements for fetal remains after miscarriages.

What??? Abortions wouldn’t be readily available? And “fetal remains” would be treated as if they were actual babies? Human babies? No wonder Brown was so outraged!

As it turns out, Brown was probably just playing the victim card; Republicans didn’t take issue with “vagina” but rather her allusion to rape by the House Speaker at the time.

Facts notwithstanding, though, in response to such a blatant violation of womyn’s rights, the vaginas of Michigan decided to organize and show those mean old Republicans that vaginas are people, too. Also, vaginas!

#MI voters: the #MIVagina gag is just the latest of @SpeakerBolger's fascist tactics. The best thing G. Romney did for MI, he tramples.

— Bill Cole (@grumpybozo) June 18, 2012

Lori Lamerand of @mippadvocates encouraging all attendees to call @onetoughnerd to tell him to stop this legislation. 517-373-3400 #MIVagina

— Chris Savage (@Eclectablog) June 18, 2012

I Wonder when was the Last time a #Republican male had #vagina?? #vaginagate #VAGP2012 #MIVagina

— Physical Heat (@pheat69) June 18, 2012

One thing for sure: @MIHouseGOP vaginas are squeaky clean. #BunchOfDouches #MIVagina

— Bob Dehnhardt (@bobdehn) June 18, 2012

I don't think that people without vaginas should be able to legislate for those that do. #MIVagina

— Amy Nightingale (@_g_AMY) June 18, 2012

It's a veritable smorgasbord of #MIVagina and #MIvaginasigns

— Chris Savage (@Eclectablog) June 18, 2012

Hearing someone shout "CUNT!" from the steps of the State Capitol is a pretty amazing experience. #MIVagina

— T (@goesto_eleven) June 18, 2012

Beg your pardon?

"There is nothing dirty or disgusting about the place where all life comes from."

— emptywheel (@emptywheel) June 18, 2012

My Vagina is life giving 2 wondrous creations. Did you write a #VaginaBlog #SayVagina #MiVagina #PositiveChanges #Love

— Morgan Dragonwillow (@MDragonwillow) June 18, 2012

Funny how childbirth is suddenly being celebrated as natural and wonderful by the same women who crusade for abortions on demand.

Planned Parenthood photo of people at performance of Vagina Monolgue at #MICapitol #MIVAGINA

— Cherie Boeneman (@crbones) June 18, 2012

#MIvagina #anotherreasontorise with my boyfriend and some pretty powerful vaginas at the MI capital building

— RJ Equality Ingram (@RJEquality) June 18, 2012

Best t-shirt so far: "Recreational Gynecologist" #MIVagina

— Chris Savage (@Eclectablog) June 18, 2012

Normally, we’d be really weirded out by a shirt like that. But, well, it was sighted at a vagina-fest, so the person wearing it just really respects women in a totally non-perverted way, right?

The Michigan ACLU also handed out these super-fashionable t-shirts to 1000 lucky attendees:

Everyone was feelin’ the love tonight!

Hey, let’s get the kids involved!

The generation arr gathering at #MIVagina

— emptywheel (@emptywheel) June 18, 2012

Another child who's smarter than Jase Bolger: pro-vagina AND pro-labor. #MIVagina

— emptywheel (@emptywheel) June 18, 2012

But why stop at kids? Dogs have vaginas, too, dontcha know!

RT @emptywheel: Canine vaginas represent! #MIVagina //HAHA, gotta love it!!

— Rattus (@AlvinsMom) June 18, 2012

The reading of The Vagina Monologues is underway on the steps of the Michigan state Capitol. #MIVagina

— Chris Savage (@Eclectablog) June 18, 2012

As a special treat, Rep. Brown and State Sen. Gretchen Whitmer performed some of the readings themselves. Ooo!

Bravo to the great D women of the Michigan legislature tonight, watching the Vagina Monologues on the steps of the Capitol –

— Jennifer Granholm (@JenGranholm) June 19, 2012

Pretty sure this has never been uttered on the grounds of the state Capitol before: "If you love vaginas, you have to love hair" #MIVagina

— Chris Savage (@Eclectablog) June 18, 2012

Who knew 5,000+ people could be so quiet? The reading of The Vagina Monologues at the Michigan Capitol #MIVagina

— Chris Savage (@Eclectablog) June 18, 2012

@rebekahwarren explained the clitoris to ~5,000 people during a reading of The Vagina Monologues #MIVagina #iwantone

— Chris Savage (@Eclectablog) June 18, 2012

Hope the kiddies were listening!

@ceceliamorgan I would swell with pride. My daughter and I speak very frankly, frankly.

— Chris Savage (@Eclectablog) June 18, 2012

@EveEnsler leads the crowd at the Michigan Capitol chanting "VAGINA! VAGINA!" #MIVagina #p2

— Chris Savage (@Eclectablog) June 18, 2012


CUNT CUNT CUNT!!! I HAVE REDEFINED CUNT #MIVagina #vaginamonolougues

— Nurse Rotten (@Nichole_Lindsey) June 18, 2012

Oh yeah. That lady’s got the right idea. Share the magic of this day with Bill Maher. Because nobody appreciates women as much as he does.

I stand with Michigan vaginas. #MIVagina

— Rachel Parker (@RachelPNParker) June 18, 2012

Vaginas brought you into this world and Vaginas will vote you out! #MIVagina via @TwitPic

— word34 (@word_34) June 18, 2012

At #MIVagina with @EveEnsler and Michigan representatives and many many other vaginas taking back the Capitol!

— Karis G-M (@karisroses) June 18, 2012

NO man should be allowed the vision or company of a #miVAGINA untill ALL republicans reverse thier idiot laws. This includes both parties.

— Loco_NUTT (@LOCO_NUTT) June 18, 2012

Have vagina, married a vagina, admire vaginas, support vaginas, want a relationship with a vagina? Get down to the MI Capitol NOW. #MIVagina

— Lucia1835 (@Lucia_di1835) June 18, 2012

And there you have it. What it all boils down to is that to the left, women are defined by their reproductive organs. Maybe it’s just us, but the idea of women being indistinguishable from their girly bits seems rather misogynistic, no?

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You Can Make A Gigantic Area Rug For Under $30…Here’s How!

Finding a cheap and chic area rug is pretty difficult. But when Stephanie of A Scoop of Sherbert saw a friend’s DIY creation, she knew she’d found a solution to this tricky task.

All you need are some carpet squares, creativity, and a roll of carpet seam tape!

First things first, she needed a ton of carpet squares.

Stephanie recommends shopping around at a bunch of carpet stores. They generally will have plenty that you can buy for cheap — she got hers for $1/piece!

Following her friend’s original inspiration, the crafter taped all her pieces together with duct tape…

But when she went to flip the massive carpet over, it didn’t go so well. The failed first attempt didn’t cause her to give up, though.

She started fresh, arranging her squares in a new pattern.

Stephanie says that you may not get all the same color, but keeping with the same texture and carpet type will help it look like a seamless piece.

Instead of duct tape, this time she found a carpet-specific adhesive!

var OX_ads = OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push({ slot_id: “537251602_56eb95e4b79e4”, auid: “537251602” });

You peel off the white film to reveal the sticky side, then use it to bond your carpet squares together.

Instead of flipping all the squares over, she placed them one at a time, right side up, simply sticking one side and then the other in place.

What a great fit!

If you don’t want it to slide around, just put shelf liner under it.

What a cool look! You’d never know this wasn’t from a fancy home store.

(source A Scoop of Sherbert)

What a beautiful result! It just goes to show that with a little trial and error, you can make something so perfect and affordable for your home.

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