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‘The Tomahawk of Justice!’ Elizabeth Warren stars in comic book [pic]

Superman? Batman? X-Men? Eat your hearts out:

More from The Boston Globe:

Storm Entertainment, which publishes Female Force, a comic book series about empowering women, has released Female Force: Elizabeth Warren in print and digital. The product description of the 24-page book written by Michael Frizell and illustrated byVincenzo Sansone and Chris Canibano says: From modest means to the Massachusetts Senate, Elizabeth Warren has proven herself a powerful advocate for the middle class. Her plainspoken approach and dogged attacks on Wall Street have resonated with voters looking for someone who understands the crush of debt and the shackles imposed by student loans. STORM is proud to present this graphic nonfiction portrayal of her rise to power.

“Female Force” is fine and all, but wouldn’t this be better?

That’s more like it!

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This Little Girl Knows Exactly What To Do If Her Brother Ever Leaves…OMG I Can’t Stop Laughing.

Sibling rivalry is very serious business — and no one is taking it more seriously than this little girl. Unfortunately, her hilariously elaborate plans were foiled when her parents discovered the unusual to-do list in her notebook. I would probably be disturbed if I wasn’t laughing so much.


(via: Reddit)

Pink carpet and hammering everything he loves. Now this is a girl with her priorities in order.

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16 Sex Toys That Are Better Than A Boyfriend

Attention everyone: The vibrators are evolving. Bye, relationships.

1. Afterglow Intimate Massager

Afterglow / Via

This doctor-designed vibrator uses light technology to increase blood flow to your genitals. Plus, it comes pre-programmed with an eight-minute vibrating playlist for your vagina. Penises…don’t do that.

Get it here for $199.99.

2. PicoBong Transformer

PicoBong / Via

This bendy little guy actually knows more positions than your last hookup.

Get it here for $129.

3. We-Vibe 4 Plus

We-Vibe / Via

It’s a wearable vibrator that hits your clitoris and your G-spot at the same time. Plus, it comes with an app that you or a partner can control from literally anywhere with Wi-Fi. Can a human appendage give you an orgasm from a mile away? Didn’t think so.

Get it here for $179.

4. LELO Siri 2

LELO / Via

This handheld vibe knows you don’t like distractions when you orgasm. It works with the noise around you (like your sex playlist or that freaking car alarm that won’t quit) to help you get off to the beat.

Get it here for $129.

5. INA Wave

LELO / Via

They made a vibrator that can actually mimic that “come here” finger motion that your partner does to hit your G-spot. So basically, ban men and don’t look back.

Get it here for $199.

6. Crave Duet 8 GB Luxe

Crave / Via

This toy knows — and accepts — that size doesn’t matter. Also, it doubles as a flash drive, so it’s already more helpful than your last Tinder date.

Get it here for $219.

7. LELO Ora 2

LELO / Via

DIY oral sex. Good job, science.

Get it here for $169.

8. kGoal

Minna / Via

It’s a kegel trainer that rewards you with vibration. So basically it uses orgasms to encourage you to work out. If your partner did this IRL, you probably wouldn’t be together much longer.

Get it here for $149

9. My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Mascara

The Screaming O / Via

Can some guy fit in your makeup bag and give you an orgasm? Nope.

Get it here for $14.97.

10. OhMiBod Blue Motion

OhMiBod / Via

Discreet enough to keep in your pants when you’re going to a club…or grocery shopping. Plus, you can record a vibration pattern that was particularly amazing and play it again later. Real genitals just can’t be trusted to be that consistent.

Get it here for $129.

11. TROJAN Vibrating Multi-Thrill

Trojan / Via

What has three different sensations and a vibrating bullet? Not a man.

Get it here for $29.99.

12. Revel Body SOL Sonic Vibrator

Revel Body


It massages, vibrates, and provides underwater suction. This thing is basically an excuse to call out sick from work.

Get it here for $139.


Fifty Shades of Grey Official Collection


Will they ever stop making new and improved versions of the rabbit-style vibe? Probably…when penises come equipped with clitoris-rubbing bunny ears.

Get it here for $99.99

14. Screamin’ Demon

The Screaming O / Via

It’s almost like a tiny little vulva, but with vibrations and horns. Human anatomy kinda can’t compete with that.

Get it here for $17.95.

15. JimmyJane Form 5



Who knew your labia actually needed some vibrating TLC, too? Actually, wait, this vibe knew.

Get it here for $145.

16. The Ultimate G Vibrator

The Ultimate G Vibrator


I mean, come on. Just look at that thing. Penises are running scared just thinking about it.

Get it here for $49.48

Disclaimer: This post was mostly* meant to be sarcastic.

Obviously not everyone WANTS a boyfriend in the first place, and, in a more general sense, human connection is a wonderful and fulfilling thing. But so are machine-powered orgasms. Not to mention, the two don’t need to be mutually exclusive. That said, sometimes you just want to do you. And that’s also a perfectly acceptable way to spend an afternoon.

*Excluding No. 13, because holy shit.

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Rapper B.o.B. has a tip about people angry about how you spend your money!/bobatl/status/287669738962812928

Hip-hop artist B.o.B., winner of a Fox Teen Choice Award for “Best Hook Up Song,” has some awfully libertarian-sounding financial advice for his followers, who seem to concur.

There’s no word if B.o.B. discussed the definition of “your money” with the president when he appeared as part of the Gen44 Summit Kick Off Concert, organized by the Democratic National Committee to reach out to young — ahem  — low information voters.

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‘Your system is broken’; Californians have had it with Blue Shield!/IlyseSF/status/420380636998664192

As Twitchy reported yesterday, Obamacare insurer Anthem Blue Cross has been inundated with vituperative tweets complaining about payments not going through, waiting on hold for hours before being hung up on, and having to pay out of pocket for prescriptions. It now appears that Anthem Blue Cross was just the tip of the customer service disaster iceberg. At least one other large Calif. insurer — Blue Shield California — is receiving similar complaints.!/NotDalia/status/420632893103144960

Only 48 minutes? She’s one of the lucky ones.!/AstroDeLage/status/418905665218686976!/dbodnariuk/status/417794379059699713

At least they got put on hold. Some consumers didn’t even get that far:!/KarenMartinOpEx/status/419270195966795776

The whole mess is enough to make someone sick:!/shannonseek/status/420289445221236736!/dschach/status/419271135952257024!/kellymuses/status/420646433868349440!/LetaSoza/status/420684933946806272!/ElbowTidwell/status/420597262591332352!/shannonseek/status/420375638508204033!/danielletbd/status/416291252926033920!/ryanbot1/status/420348633578348544!/JohnEJohnsonCFA/status/420310758577029120!/msteinborn/status/420032563709616129!/feliciahom/status/418883942326878208!/brooksdunn/status/419216405020409856!/MacauleyKaren/status/419210437293387776!/barrykwok/status/417753733993209856!/jeniferdann/status/418840799443312640!/twizznerd/status/418829078284611584!/NikkiLee_/status/418475254604779521!/ecgladstone/status/418101044975910912

We thought Obamacare meant not having to worry about insurers canceling your plan. Silly us:!/frankielaguna2/status/420579620967022592

Pretty much everyone in California has about had it. Even YouTube stars:!/TayZonday/status/418101993450663936

A reality TV star:!/ScoutMasterson/status/420733136767442944

A best-selling author:!/annaafterparty/status/420287598355947520

And a PR guru:!/LauraGlu/status/416629864683167744

The insurer has repeatedly apologized:!/TeamShieldBSC/status/420228267589656576

However, not everyone is in a forgiving mood:!/KarenMartinOpEx/status/420605976794763264!/KarenMartinOpEx/status/420661596453498880!/ryanbot1/status/420605660980449280!/jokerizwild/status/420424013995712512!/jeniferdann/status/419184905591865344

Well, some of us expected something like this.

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Fabolous: Zach Morris and Slater go harder than modern-day rappers!/CapotheFave/status/205389097387302912

Hip-hop fans may remember the days where certain beefs were the running headlines of the industry: Nas vs. Jay-Z, Biggie vs. Pac, Ice Cube vs. N.W.A. These were real feuds, with more than a couple diss songs to fuel the fire.

Those days have long since passed, and with them, real hip-hop beefs are practically non-existent. Fabolous ranted on his Twitter today, poking some fun at modern day rap battles:

Like somebody gotta get stomped at the BET awards for me to believe in #HipHopBeef again…

— Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) May 23, 2012

Now beefin isn't mature at all..but after niggas make entertaining songs about what they'd do & if they see em.. It would only b right..

— Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) May 23, 2012

Bcuz the same conversation being had after the #HipHopBeef could've happen b4, if we're being mature..

— Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) May 23, 2012

I'm old school I guess.. I'm just not wit PUBLIC shit talkin followed by PRIVATE apologies…

— Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) May 23, 2012

Tell us how you really feel, Fab.

The rapper even went as far as to compare current hip-hop feuding to the characters on the comedy Saved by the Bell:

Zach Morris swinging on Slater in the Saved By The Bell MTV commercial > Hip Hop Beefs

— Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) May 23, 2012

Like at least Zach & Slater had a fight.. Was prolly back friends by the end of the episode.. But at least it WENT DOWN.. LMAO

— Fabolous (@myfabolouslife) May 23, 2012

You’d think the lack of violence currently happening in the hip-hop community would be a positive (as that’s where a decent number of old-school beefs ended), but is Fabolous suggesting something different? Does he miss the days of drive-by’s and fisticuffs?

Fans and followers of the Brooklyn native agreed on the current state of affairs, having some fun with the subject:

@myfabolouslife is lowkey comming at drake and common for their #HipHopBeef lol

— E (@Free_Manny92) May 23, 2012

@myfabolouslife reminiscing on those good ole #HipHopBeef days…I feel ya buddy

— Check The Cypher! (@RatedRamz) May 23, 2012

@myfabolouslife #HipHopBeef is a lost art. Its a shame that 10 yrs from now, ppl will say that so-and-so had the best beef over twitter…

— D.J. Mante (@DM_Cool) May 23, 2012

Consider this an open challenge, rappers. Fabolous demands you step up your game. Beef it up, guys. Let’s just hope for Fabolous’ sake, he doesn’t personally get what he asked for.

How bout u be the one on the ground? RT @myfabolouslife somebody gotta get stomped at the BET awards for me to believe in #HipHopBeef again

— Donte Douglas (@D_Dougie) May 23, 2012

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You Probably Do This Every Day And You’re Just Making Yourself Look Silly.

It’s embarrassing being a human. We do stupid things all the time (at least I do). It’s common to get caught up in doing something we wish people didn’t see, things we wish we could hide from the public and things we wish would have never happened. Once you’re mortified, it sticks with you for life.

Unfortunately, these things do happen and they happen a LOT. You have no idea how many people are actually clumsy or just plain dumb. This list is here to remind you that, hey, what you’re doing is just embarrassing. SO STOP IT.

1.) Getting Caught Sniffing Your Arm Pit.

You had to check to see if it was you, and now everyone will think it was.

2.) Running Into A Spiderweb And Freaking Out.

These invisible menaces will make even the most poised person look like a lunatic once they begin swatting at their faces.

3.) Being Afraid Of A Shadow

Something catches the corner of your eye, what is it? A rat? A bug? I’M RUNNING! Oh wait…it was just a shadow.

4.) Pushing An Elevator Button That Has Already Been Pushed.

“Oh you already pushed it? Well, I’m going to push it again because I don’t trust you, even though it is lit.”

5.) Having Spaghetti Dangling From Your Mouth.

No matter how much you think you have it, you don’t and now you are forced to do that weird slurp-up thing.

6.) Freaking Out Around A Bee

No one else will see the bee most likely, and when you tell them a bee made you freak out, they will probably laugh at you. Deep down though, they know they’d do the same thing.

7.) Having Your Skirt Blow Up

Not everyone’s “Marilyn moment” is as sexy as Marilyn’s.

8.) Wearing A Shirt With A Stain On It

You pick out a shirt in the morning, walk down the street and think you’re looking good and then you look down and notice you have a giant BBQ sauce stain.

9.) Farting In Yoga

They tell you it’s natural and that everyone does it, but you know you’ll never believe them.

10.) Doing The Pee-Pee Dance

It is a weird tick, but we just have to do it. Does anyone even know if it helps relieve the pain of having to pee?

11.) Getting Caught Singing In The Shower

You think you’re alone and then you get out of the shower and your roommate tells you that you had a glorious rendition of “The Dark Side Of The Moon” from the Mulan soundtrack. *Gulp*

12.) Using A Machine At The Gym Wrong

Oh the muscle-heads get a kick out of seeing you do this one, right? You’d beat them up but first you need to get strong and to get strong you need to FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE THIS DAMN MACHINE!

13.) Eating Something That Is Too Hot

You think to yourself, “This chicken noodle soup can’t be THAT hot.” Then BAM! Your tongue is ablaze with chickeny wrath.

14.) Singing The Wrong Lyrics

That’s why karaoke has the words on the screen for you. You always thought the words to “Dirty Deeds” by AC/DC said something about a “Thunder Jeep.”

15.) Tripping Up The Stairs

If you fall down the stairs, people are concerned for your well-being. If you fall up the stairs, people think you are stupid.

16.) Walking Into A Glass Door

Nothing like the thud of thick glass doors on your face to make you feel inadequate in ways you never dreamed of.

17.) Doing The Fart Shuffle

You know what I’m talking about. When you have a little bit of fart left between your cheeks and you have to get it out, you begin to find creative ways to walk or stretch those legs so you can get that fart bubble to burst.

I this post can best be summed up by this image right here. Never forget these words you are about to see.

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Adrianne Curry lectures Twitter about civility!/AdrianneCurry/status/238286310744408064

D-List celebrity Adrianne Curry’s offense at over-the-top attacks on herself, President Obama, and Mitt Romney really don’t go hand-in-hand with her prior attacks on conservative Christians, including her statement that if Jesus Christ were alive today he would do a particularly offensive act at the Vatican.

Here are a few of Curry’s oh-so-civil tweets today:

Morons are saying we should ask Clinton what his def of rape is.He banged power hungry sluts,That is NOT rape.He is just..well..NASTY #cigar

— Adrianne Curry (@AdrianneCurry) August 22, 2012

Politicians themselves promote all the slander&hatred against each other like 6th grade scheming little girls. Grats, you're lil bitches

— Adrianne Curry (@AdrianneCurry) August 22, 2012

Such a sensitive soul.

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