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I Can’t Decide If This Is Morbid Or Beautiful. Look At The Photos And Judge For Yourself.

Russian photographer Maris Ionona-Gribina has a gift. But whether that’s good or bad, you’ll be the judge. The way she memorializes the dead is intriguing to say the least. You’re about to see why.

“I found these dead animals during bicycle rides to the sea in the summer. I wanted to find a way to save them for world of art. They were so unprotected… One or two days more and they would be eaten by worms.”

“I remembered my childhood. When I with my brother found a dead mole, bird or bug we buried them on the border of a forest.”

“And we decorated the grave with flowers and stones. Why we did it that way? Probably it was a children’s curiosity, our first studies of mortality.”

“In this project I work with my childhood memories and with the subject of life and death.”

“All animals died naturally or after accidents with cars. The flowers were gathered near dead animals and in my garden.”

What’s the verdict? In the end, we’ll take this as a beautiful attempt to give peace and beauty to these fallen animals. And we can only hope to have such dedication from those around us when our time comes. If you want to see more of Maria’s work, check out her website and see what else she has up her sleeve. Source: Muybridge’s Horse via Bored Panda

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Don’t Go Trick-or-Treating at These Houses. In Fact, Don’t Even Walk By Them.

Let’s talk about Halloween Hesitation. You know the feeling: you’re out trick-or-treating and you come to a house whose porch is dark. You’re not sure if they’re participating in the free-candy fest. There’s no decorations, no bright lights, and no bowl of candy on the porch.

Best case scenario: they just don’t like to decorate, but if you knock, you will receive a bounty of delicious candy. Worst case scenario: they hate Halloween and having fun.

Guess which camp these people are a part of.

1.) Good enough for me.

2.) The use of colors really communicates the message.

3.) Run, don’t walk, away.

4.) Not worth the risk.

5.) Unnecessary, but I applaud the craftsmanship involved in installing a trap door.

6.) Jeeze, I like my face the way it is. Kinda.

7.) Time to move to another town.

8.) Live wires are always a great way to ward off unwanted solicitors.

9.) That narrows it down quite a bit.

10.) This homeowner’s just trying to be real. Gotta respect that. Also, I doubt anyone would be mad answering the door if it was a girl scout cookie delivery.


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Glenn Greenwald fascinated by ‘so little’ sympathy for Gitmo detainees!/ctsa/status/474305564902580224

Edward Snowden superfan, author and former Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald believes there are forgotten people in the debate about Bowe Bergdahl who are deserving of sympathy but not getting enough:!/ggreenwald/status/474294254076825600

Let’s get this question out of the way quickly:!/thelidlives/status/474294462425096192

No joke apparently.!/mooretommyh/status/474303256584142848!/CLEguru/status/474296399580758016

The following was asked:!/YouTooCongress/status/474294587612467200

Greenwald responded this way:!/ggreenwald/status/474294851442204673

If it makes Greenwald feel better, there does appear to be some sympathy for Gitmo detainees:!/jalepanos/status/474295307304321025!/HumbertoOhana/status/474300907543601152



Brad Thor has an unsettling reminder about the Gitmo recidivism rate

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The Alphabet According To Karen Walker

M is for Mood Elevators.

1. A is for Assface.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Assface [noun]: a person whose face looks like a butt.

2. B is for Beaverhausen.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Beaverhausen [noun]: where the beaver lives; handy to use as part of an alias.

3. C is for Chanel.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Chanel [noun]: rich people clothes.

4. D is for Designated Drinker.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Designated Drinker [noun]: a friend who is never sober.

5. E is for Emotions.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Emotions [noun]: feelings only weak people experience.

6. F is for Frosted Glass.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Frosted Glass [noun]: the ideal vessel for a cocktail.

7. G is for Gin.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Gin [noun]: broth for drunks.

8. H is for High Road.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

High Road [noun]: the route you take when you’re high.

9. I is for Immortal.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Immortal [adjective]: the ability to live forever, usually through a pact with the devil.

10. J is for Juice Boxes.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Juice Boxes [noun]: cheap wine for adults.

11. K is for Karen Walker.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Karen Walker [noun]: the oldest, drunkest, most fabulous woman on Earth.

12. L is for Look.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Look [noun]: the exhausting act of directing one’s gaze toward something.

13. M is for Mood Elevators.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Mood Elevators [noun]: happy pills.

14. N is for Nobody.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Nobody [noun]: any person who is not Karen Walker.

15. O is for Outside.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Outside [noun]: a location separate from your mansion.

16. P is for Pretend.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Pretend [verb]: the act of feigning interest in Grace Adler’s life.

17. Q is for Quack.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Quack [noun]: harsh sound used to shut people up.

18. R is for Regret.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Regret [verb]: a feeling often associated with alcohol.

19. S is for Slap.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Slap [verb]: to hit someone with an open hand in order to show them who’s boss.

20. T is for Tact.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Tact [noun]: sensitivity in dealing with humorless people.

21. U is for Under the Sink.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Under the Sink [noun]: a place to store and find prescription drugs.

22. V is for Vodka.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Vodka [noun]: alcohol, for when there is no gin.

23. W is for What’s This?

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

What’s This [phrase]: a question to which Grace rarely has an answer.

24. X is for Xanax.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Xanax [noun]: anxiety medication used by Karen as a security blanket.

25. Y is for You Know.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

You Know [phrase]: a way to clue your friends in on your hobbies.

26. Z is for Zoo.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

Zoo [noun]: a place to poke bears.

NBC / Warner Bros. Television / Via

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Amanda Carpenter: Senate staffers think not reading omnibus bill is hilarious!/ZaffoZaza/status/423553988303155200

You’d think, you’d hope, that senators would want to know what’s in that $1.012 trillion omnibus spending bill they’re considering, but it seems their staffers can’t even be bothered with that. Amanda Carpenter, senior communications adviser for Sen. Cruz, has gotten wind of what the staffers are up to, and it should seriously piss you off:!/amandacarpenter/status/423552651817938944!/amandacarpenter/status/423552962263519232

Pardon? Earlier this week, the Heritage Foundation sat down to do the work that Senate staffers evidently refuse to do. And, lo and behold, Heritage discovered earmarks galore.!/JHillVA/status/423553043573899265

Don’t we know it.



Twitchy coverage of Amanda Carpenter

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The Definitive Ranking Of “SpongeBob SquarePants” Characters By Hotness

♫ If nautical crushes be something you wish… ♫

15. Mermaid Man

Nickelodeon / Via

Why You’re Thirsty: He’s a superhero who can control creatures of the sea. Automatic sexy points.

His Downside: That outfit. It must go.

14. Barnacle Boy

Why You’re Thirsty: He’s also a superhero, but he’s respected by lots of villains. Which makes him exponentially more impressive.

His Downside: His crankiness is off-putting AF.

13. Karen Plankton

Nickelodeon / Via

Why You’re Thirsty: She’s completely honest, and is a great, supportive wife to her off-the-rails husband.

Her Downside: Her bossiness and sarcasm causes for a lot of friction in her relationships.

12. Gary the Snail

Nickelodeon / Via

Why You’re Thirsty: He tends to surprise others with his intelligence. Plus, he could serenade you with his musical talent.

His Downside: His extreme stubbornness can sometimes be obnoxious.

11. Squidward Tentacles

Nickelodeon / Via

Why You’re Thirsty: He’s got a confidence that no one can rival. And musical aspirations that could potentially go somewhere…if he finds more talent somehow.

His Downside: His apathy can make him a real drag to be around.

10. Sheldon Plankton

Nickelodeon / Via

Why You’re Thirsty: He’s a business owner and also grew up an outcast, so he’s ~misunderstood~. Which is totally adorable.

His Downside: His criminal record is beyond cringeworthy.

9. Mrs. Puff

Nickelodeon / Via

Why You’re Thirsty: She’s got a great sense of style, and believes in people that don’t even have faith in themselves sometimes.

Her Downside: She literally blows up when frustrated or nervous.

8. Eugene Krabs

Nickelodeon / Via

Why You’re Thirsty: Like Plankton, he’s a business owner, which shows major determination. He’s also a former cadet in the Pacific Navy. Military sea creatures = dreamy.

His Downside: His greediness and obsession with money usually translates to being cheap.

7. Patrick Star

Nickelodeon / Via

Why You’re Thirsty: He’s adorably ignorant to most things, but in a way that you want to help him instead of getting frustrated. He’s also an amazingly loyal friend.

His Downside: He’s not the smartest starfish in the sea by any means.

6. SpongeBob SquarePants

Nickelodeon / Via

Why You’re Thirsty: His overall positive outlook on every single aspect of life makes him really fun to be around.

His Downside: He’ll never be able to drive you anywhere. And you wouldn’t want him to.

5. Pearl Krabs

Why You’re Thirsty: She’s athletic, and definitely knows what she wants.

Her Downside: Completely unlike her father, she has no sense of control when it comes to spending, so she comes off as extremely spoiled.

4. The Flying Dutchman

Nickelodeon / Via

Why You’re Thirsty: Rugged men are so dreamy. Seriously. Plus, who doesn’t like a friendly dude?

His Downside: While he can easily bond with others, he’s also capable of being a straight-up asshole. Also, he’s a womanizer. No, thank you.

3. Sandy Cheeks

Nickelodeon / Via

Why You’re Thirsty: Any squirrel who is that good at karate is definitely swoonworthy. She’s also not afraid to tell it like it is.

Her Downside: Sometimes her attitude can get the best of her.

2. Larry the Lobster

Nickelodeon / Via

Why You’re Thirsty: Who hasn’t had a crush on the lifeguard at the pool?

His Downside: Everyone knows he has bad B.O.

1. Fred (AKA the “My Leg!” and “My Eyes!” Guy)

Nickelodeon / Via

Why You’re Thirsty: He could definitely rev up your fryers.

His Downside: Absolutely nothing.

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