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You Don’t Think Too Much About This… Until You See These Pictures. Then It Hits You Hard.

This series of photographs of primates living in captivity named ‘Behind Glass’ is by Atlanta-based photographer Anne Berry. From South Africa to Belgium she traveled the world to capture photos of apes and monkeys living in small zoos, in hopes of truly reflecting and capturing life on the other side of the glass/barrier. Most of the captive primates in Anne’s photographs look quite sad, but she insists her work is not to advocate against zoos. “I think zoos are doing a better and better job of keeping animals and replicating habitats that don’t exist in the wild anymore,” Berry said. “It’s not the best that you’d like, but it’s keeping species alive.”

The name ‘Behind Glass’ refers both to the glass or boundaries of an enclosure and to the glass of the camera lens. The somber mood of the photographs isn’t accidental either, she shoots them in black and white and uses a wide aperture on her 80mm lens. She does this as the black and white images feel both aged and emotional, each photo clearly showing the solitude of the animal. “I think it makes people have more empathy for them and stop and look at the picture. If they feel sadness and nostalgia, they might think about what’s happening and the challenges the animals face in the wild due to the increasing loss of their natural habitat,” she said. You can Like Anne Berry on Facebook or Visit Her Web Site. Source: Anne Berry  Via LensCulture

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15 Candy Hearts For Your Gay Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s gay.

1. For the gays who are packing:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

2. For the gays who know their strengths:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

3. For the gays who are au naturel:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

4. For the gays who like it a little hairier:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

5. For the gays who are notoriously man-hungry:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

6. For the gays who know giving is receiving:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

7. For the enthused gays:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

8. For the older gays who have the commas in their bank accounts:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

9. For the gay daddies needing love too:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

10. For the gays who ~werk~ accessories:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

11. For the gays who are ready to share their warm bed:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

12. For the gays whose straight friends just won’t stop:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

13. For the gays who are ready to party:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

14. For the gays looking for triple fun:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

15. And for the gays who do it all:

Getty Images/iStockphoto John Ayres

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Obama chewed out for chomping gum at D‑Day ceremonies!/David_Verghese/status/474993307429658625

President Obama was to be on his best behavior at the  70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy today. He almost passed muster, but was that a big wad of gum in his mouth during the solemn ceremony? Twitter seemed to think so.!/drumcorpsminis/status/474996394219278336

Judge for yourself (via Weasel Zippers):


This time the president managed to offend the French as well.!/__Beatrix__/status/474913639636692992


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Sen. McCaskill’s latest Hillary Clinton defense is most absurd yet. And fails …

What sparked that? This absurd defense of Hillary Clinton from Sen. Claire McCaskill:

Oh, of course! Evolving and stuff. Some suspect McCaskill is trying to “evolve” herself right into a job:


She couldn’t possibly have, could she? Ha! Just kidding. We couldn’t even type that with a straight face.

Bingo. And here is a key reason why McCaskill’s absurd spin is an utter fail:

Ding, ding, ding! Nice try, McCaskill. But no cigar. (Hello, Bill!)

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Brit Hume giggles at UK media; Posts best royal baby headline ever? [pics]!/brithume/status/359414035508645888

Fox News’ Brit Hume is traveling through the United Kingdom and is hitting the links while there.!/brithume/status/359344466592661504!/brithume/status/358290108597809153!/brithume/status/358641750341988353

A bonny and braw Scot laddie!!/brithume/status/357532855456370689

Hume isn’t just hitting the links: He’s hitting the funnies, too. UK coverage of the birth of the royal baby tickled his funny bone.!/brithume/status/359600000797388801

And then he posted a photo of an awesome headline and cover from a British mag:!/brithume/status/359707751275982848


Keep the tweets coming, Mr. Hume. Scots wha hae!


Full Twitchy coverage of the royal baby

Full Twitchy coverage of Brit Hume

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Safety first: Check your house for these ‘Feinstein assault weapons’!/BreitTwit1/status/294518279383437312

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s list of “assault weapons” is currently about ten miles long, but why stop there? Here are some more that will no doubt be added in the near future:

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons bad breath

— votermom (D) (@votermom) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Assault Forks, the leading cause of obesity in America……

— AdolfJoeBiden™ (@Bidenshairplugs) January 24, 2013

It’s true.

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons I’m pretty sure high-capacity bunches of bananas are listed…

— Joe Brenn (@JBrenn) January 24, 2013

The bourgeoisie, clearly.#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons

— Darcy (@MrsDigger) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Smaller capacity ice cube trays.Who needs more than 5 ice cubes in a drink?

— Scott Good (@SkidWillie) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons The United States Constitution

— Smitty (@smitty_one_each) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Cheerleaders from Bayonne, NJ, also known as Bayonnettes.

— Emile Husson (@emile_husson) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Anything with “Shooting” or “Iron” in the name…except for “Salad” and “Waffle”

— Breitbart’s Posse (@KentAtwater) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Sharp nail clippers, expired fruit, trigger fish

— Tom Janoski (@tsj_washington) January 24, 2013

High capacity staples 4 more than 20 sheets? RT @mattcvahi: #FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Staplers containing more than 10 staples.

— Kay Brooks (@KayBrooks) January 24, 2013

Movies longer than two hours, because no one needs a film to last longer than that. #feinsteinassaultweapons

— David Goza (@GozaSC) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons PEZ Candy dispensers. Their dispensers hold more than 7 rounds.

— Barackolypse Now (@CzarZellem) January 24, 2013

#FeinsteinAssaultWeapons Whatever she doesn’t feel is necessary for HER protection. #hypocrite #2ndAmendment

— Joe Brenn (@JBrenn) January 24, 2013




Guns don’t kill people, pillows do: #assaultweapon list expands

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