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Elections have consequences: Greta Van Susteren asks about Obama voters’ regrets!/gretawire/status/315894017437085699

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren asked her followers if they know anyone who voted for President Obama and regrets doing so.

@gretawire I have has several friends confess to me that they would NEVER have voted BO if they knew what Obamacare was going to cause.

— annieoakley (@annie_oakley2) March 24, 2013

@gretawire yes, since sequester.

— Debbie Cipollina (@Debcipollina12) March 24, 2013

“@gretawire: do u know anyone who voted for Pres Obama 2012 and now regrets it? tweet @gretawire your answer”Yes

— Chuck Plum (@ChuckUmeboshi) March 24, 2013

@gretawire I know several who voted for Obama and I regret their vote #greta

— Remus Redbone (@Remus_Redbone) March 24, 2013

“@gretawire: do u know anyone who voted for Pres Obama 2012 and now regrets it? tweet @gretawire your answer”Hundreds a lot were young ppl

— Karen Binder (@klbinder) March 24, 2013

@gretawire oh yes. .MANY!!!!

— justgetitright5 (@justgetitright0) March 24, 2013

@gretawire No. But I know some with Obama buyer’s remorse. #greta

— Elissa Diane O’Brien (@irishoperaghost) March 24, 2013

.@gretawire Does regret of living with people who voted for Obama count?

— eikonklast (@eikonklast) March 24, 2013

@gretawireYes, Michele.

— Sandra Berg (@SCFGirl) March 24, 2013

She also asked if any Romney voters are glad he did not win.

do u know anyone who voted for Gov Romney 2012 and is now glad he did not win? tweet @gretawire

— Greta Van Susteren (@gretawire) March 24, 2013

We doubt you can find many, if any, Romney voters who wish they would have voted for Obama.

Are you joking? @gretawire

— JesusLovesMe (@This_I_Know) March 24, 2013

@gretawire LOL

— Lisa Thompson (@LTommy256) March 24, 2013

@gretawire Not me, still think he would have done a great job.

— ktimmreck (@ktimmreck) March 24, 2013

@gretawireNo I don’t. But I know a lot of Obama voters who are sorry they voted for Obama

— Ricodeebababa (@ricodeebababa) March 24, 2013

@gretawire NO!

— Joe Nicastro (@njnicastro_joe) March 24, 2013

@gretawire Um, NO. Everyone I know wanted the Marxist STOPPED, no matter who the Republican candidate was.

— Magna Vita (@Magna_Vita) March 24, 2013

@gretawire not one

— linda chambless (@classicmom48) March 24, 2013

@gretawire not a one!

— Michelle(@Visco7) March 24, 2013

@gretawire absolutely NOT! I’ve heard some regret from Obama supporters! I’d like to smash any BHO peeps—why can’t they see/hear?

— hoosierchap (@hoosierchap) March 24, 2013

#gretawire. Don’t know one person who is glad Romney did not win. All I speak to regret him not winning.

— Teri Hunter (@Teritee66) March 24, 2013

One thing we know:  Elections have consequences.


Crushed unicorn dreams: ‘Why is my paycheck less’ turns to Obama vote regrets; ‘I should have voted Romney’

You built this: Hashtag Teachable Moment for regretful Obama voters

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This Kid Just Started Walking Off The Field, But He Was Pulling The Best Trick Play Ever

In an amazing display of brawn and brain, the quarterback of this peewee football team just pulled off an incredible trick play. Instead of running a normal play, he caught the snap and fooled everyone. The payoff? Peewee poetry in motion.

Just when you think he’s quitting football forever and walking off the field, he turns and does something so awesome.

It’s not too hard to score when there’s no one around to tackle you! Smart move, my man.

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Boom! Ted Cruz hits back at Sebelius’ whiny hot mic grumbling!/SenTedCruz/status/395592159895633920

Game over. Sen. Ted Cruz wins.

As Twitchy reported, the Secretary of Health and Human Services was caught muttering “don’t do this to me” under her breath as the poor baby readied herself for yet another grueling question from the House Energy and Commerce Committee. All about her: Don’t do this to me me ME!

Well, right back atcha, doll.!/RBPundit/status/395592905177325569!/pbrokaw/status/395594248117944320

Make. This. Happen.!/mchelldryjanski/status/395593243896713216

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The “Gossip Girl” Cast Reunited At The Oscars And It Was Perfect

Your favorite Upper East Siders, together again. XOXO.

1. We all remember Gossip Girl, the flawless show that inspired millions across the globe to move to NYC to live the Blair and Serena way of life.

2. And say daily prayers that we’d meet our very own Chuck Bass or Nate Archibald while galavanting across the Upper East Side.

3. The days when Queen B ruled the UES were truly a treasured time.

4. And while we’ve all missed our favorite New York socialites, some of the cast finally made the world right again and had a mini reunion after the Oscars.

5. And it was almost too much for our little hearts to bear.

6. Oh, and as if it couldn’t get any more perfect, Lily and Rufus are basically a couple IRL.


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Kristen Bell proposes to Dax Shepard after DOMA ruling; Gets Twitter handle wrong!/rowan_celeste/status/349898338704949248

Actors Kirsten Bell and Dax Shepard have said they would not wed until same-sex marriage is legal in California. After the Supreme Court’s ruling today, Bell popped the question on Twitter.!/shanshii/status/349899999175376896

Unfortunately, Shepard’s official Twitter account is @daxshepard1. @daxshepard is an account with the default egg avatar and zero tweets.!/cumberbro/status/349899118136672258!/TheKeeHup/status/349898988268421121

Or maybe it’s @daxshepard’s lucky day! Nah. Bell deleted the tweet with the wrong handle and sent the proposal again.!/IMKristenBell/status/349901645343232000


Awww. He said “yes”!!/daxshepard1/status/349922270799601666

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