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This Incredible Paralympics Ad Proves A Powerful Point About Being A Real-Life Hero

While olympians in general are absolutely incredible, paralympians are particularly inspiring.

Not only do they have to qualify, but they must do so with what most people see as physical limitations. That being said, watching them in action proves that they have absolutely zero limits. This British advertisement for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio is proof positive of that fact.

The word “can’t” isn’t even in their vocabulary.

Okay, I was pumped about all this before, but now I’m losing my mind. These athletes are amazing!

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6 Foods You Eat All Of The Time That Will Probably End Up Poisoning You. Oops.

Before you get too happy or hopeful, remember one thing: everything in this world is probably trying to kill you. People, animals, weather and accidents are just a few of the things that could end our lives prematurely. But what about food? One thing most people don’t think is trying to kill us are the foods we eat everyday. Well now it’s time to add one more thing to the list.

Here are six foods you probably eat everyday that could potentially kill you if you’re not careful. (You can thank us later.)

1.) Wild Almonds.

This delicious snack food can actually be deadly if eaten in the wild. Humans typically eat sweet almonds, as opposed to wild almonds (which taste bitter). Besides tasting bad, these wild almonds also contain a very unhealthy dose of cyanide. 

The next time you’re stranded in the woods and tempted to eat the almonds you find there. Don’t do it. 

2.) Apples.

Yes it’s true, every one’s favorite fall time fruit can actually kill you. Of course, apples are only dangerous if you eat a whole lot of apple seeds. When your body digests the seeds, it sort of accidentally turns them in cyanide. Eat too many, and well you get the idea. 

3.) Tomatoes.

Did you know tomatoes are members of the nightshade family? AKA the family of sorta poisonous plants? (Yep, I had no idea either.) The tomato itself is not necessarily bad for you, but stay away from its leaves. They’re full of harmful tomatine. Yuck. 

4.) Kidney Beans.

Make sure you’re properly boiling your kidney beans. If not, then you might accidentally ingest a little toxin known as phytohaemagglutinin. It’s about as fun for your body as it is for you to say out loud. 

5.) Potatoes.

Not all potatoes will kill you, but green potatoes will. Potatoes turn green if they are left out and exposed to light. First you’ll vomit profusely, then if you keep eating, you’ll have a heart attack and die.

In addition to green potatoes being dangerous, the leaves from potatoes will kill you. Believe it or not, people have actually died from drinking potato leaf tea.

6.) Cherries.

Despite their deliciousness, cherries will kill you if you give them the chance. To avoid that terrible fate, just stick to eating the fruit. Don’t eat the seeds, or leaves.

(Via: Thrillist)

Watch out for those apples as we’re heading into prime apple picking season. Walking through an orchard might seem adorable, but if you eat a fistful of apple seeds? You’re probably going to have a bad time.

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Rockies ace Jeremy Guthrie: Belieber!/JGuthrie46/status/208797324703563776

Jeremy Guthrie is doing his best to make sure he sees the 18-year-old Canadian singer in concert.

And he isn’t ashamed one bit.

In fact, the pitcher even posed with a group of fellow Beliebers a year ago. Some fans are pleased with Guthrie’s music choice.

The fact that @JGuthrie46 likes the music that he does makes him even more my favorite! 

— Sam. (@samchez_) June 2, 2012

…and then there’s those who weren’t.

@JGuthrie46 lol yeah I think your only adult male with those problems

— Jillian Souza (@JillSoPhotos21) June 2, 2012

@JGuthrie46 yeah because you know screw getting your pitching game together

— ron (@mafy19) June 2, 2012

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NYC Health Commissioner on Ebowla patient: ‘He did attempt to self-isolate’!/wisnefski/status/525470871201513473

Did New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene commissioner Mary Bassett really say that? Yes, yes she did.


And what does “self-isolate” mean, exactly?





Protip for Dr. Bassett: When even Piers Morgan knows you’re full of crap, it’s bad.


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14 Mixed Messages All ’80s Kids Got From Cartoons

And they wonder why we’re so screwed up.

1. It’s alright that your boyfriend cheats on you.




Strangely, Jerrica never seemed to have much of an issue that her boyfriend, Rio, was having an affair with her alter-ego Jem.

2. It’s totally cool to take a controlled substance that gives you crazy energy and causes you to, literally, bounce off the walls.

Walt Disney Television

Clearly the Gummiberry Juice that the Gummi Bears made was some sort of crazy meth — which might explain why Duke Igthorn really wanted it.

3. It’s perfectly OK to terrorize senior citizens.

Cookie Jar Group

Cookie Jar Group


Poor retired Mr. Wilson, he just wanted to live a peaceful quite life, but Dennis and his gang felt the need to torment him. And even worse, Dennis’ parents seemed perfectly cool with that.

4. No one ever gets hurt in gun battles.


For as many battles as the G.I. Joe Team got in with Cobra Command, no one ever seemed to get wounded. Maybe the fact that they were such bad marksmen was the reason they could never take down Cobra?

5. You might have a long lost sibling out there that you might want to hook up with.

Warner Bros.

I think it’s safe to say that He-Man and She-Ra were the original Jaime and Cersei Lannister. And don’t act like you didn’t ship it.

6. It’s OK to harm someone as long as you’re doing it because of love.

Seriously, that Care Bear stare was NO JOKE. The Care Bears might have seemed like cuddly harmless creatures, but they weren’t above taking you down.

7. If a crime happens, you should help solve it.

Walt Disney Television

The Rescue Rangers were always snooping in on the police and taking on cases that probably should’ve been handled by actual law enforcement — or at least professional rodent law enforcement.

8. It’s perfectly safe to leave toddlers unsupervised for several hours.

Like who in the hell was raising all those Muppet Babies?! ‘Cause it sure as hell wasn’t Nanny — who never seemed to be around.

9. You should love money more than anything else.

Walt Disney Animation / Via

Sure, Scrooge McDuck had a rather large extended family, he was even raising his three grandnephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. But what he seemed to care for the most was his vast fortune and his Number One Dime.

10. If you’re the only female in a situation, expect to get harassed, constantly.

Poor Smurfette, those perpetually horny Smurfs seemed to never give her a second to breathe.

11. It’s normal for a creepy adult to hang out with a teenage girl.

A creepy poltergeist adult to be exact. Let’s be honest, Beetlejuice and Lydia’s relationship was clearly a (paranormal) episode of To Catch a Predator waiting to happen.

Also, why weren’t Lydia’s parents just a little more concerned with the fact that she was very obsessed with the occult?

12. Being a super-rich teenager gives you permission to be ruthless and mistreat those who are not as well off as you.

Mill Creek Entertainment

Beverly Hills Teens was perfectly suited for the ’80s, the decade of excess. The show featured rich spoiled teenagers that in between attending high school, spent all their time living a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous wet dream. Of course the show’s true star was Bianca Dupree, who was the series’ resident villain who used her money to scheme against her friends and be cruel to her chauffeur Wilshire.

13. It’s fine to keep secrets from adults.

Yeah having a dinosaur friend like Denver would be cool, but having it possibly kill one of your friends, not so cool.

But, you know, don’t let your parents know ‘cause they might take your dangerous friend away.

14. You should strive to be irresponsible and constantly stoned.

The Jim Henson Company / Via

Those Fraggles were high-as-fuck 24/7, and they did nothing but lay around, have the munchies, and share in each others trippy dreams.

On second thought, those hippie Fraggles were onto something.

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Report: 9-alarm fire rages in Boston neighborhood; Some injuries [photos, video]!/littlegormie97/status/507317998525624320

Reports of a major fire in Boston:!/jaysvoboda/status/507289158482931714!/PetesWire/status/507295469111083009!/cargillcreative/status/507316952399093760!/stacos/status/507312629581611008!/mediccole/status/507313292583636992

Injuries have been reported:!/SteveGrzanich/status/507317161187368960!/PetesWire/status/507301682636943360

Prayers for all involved.!/jeanmgriffin/status/507311909654507520

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Five reported injured in another Louisiana chemical plant explosion!/MsBWeiss/status/345693321852772352

Just one day after a fatal explosion at a Louisiana chemical plant, another explosion has been reported at another chemical plant, this one in Donaldsonville, La.!/ChristinePHorn/status/345695801256865792

WBRZ reports:

Emergency officials reported another plant explosion in Ascension Parish this evening.

Five people were injured, two critically in the explosion at the CF Industries Plant in Donaldsonville according to Acadian Ambulance.

The CF Industries Plant makes phosphorous and nitrogen, according to the company’s website.!/RennaW/status/345698780303216640!/gramofthehill/status/345695653172748288

* * *


Would you believe the Baton Rouge Advocate published a story in May about how the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, had residents worried that something similar could happen at the CF Industries Plant in Donaldsonville? Tonight’s incident was nowhere near the scale of the West explosion, but it did claim at least one life, according to authorities.!/ScottWalker6/status/345723524180217856!/ScottWalker6/status/345724592322654209

Twitchy will update this post as details become available.

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Zou Bisou Bisou: Hot retro song of the day!/MadMen_AMC/status/184303777598291968

On vinyl, no less:

Heads Up: AMC just released Jessica Paré's version of Zou Bisou Bisou on a 7-inch vinyl. #Want

— Allan Steiner (@allansteiner) March 26, 2012

It’s all the rage. For a day, anyway:

great….now im singing Zou Bisou Bisou all night…. #MadMen

— Questlove Gomez (@questlove) March 26, 2012

Zou Bisou Bisou is trending. #loveit

— toban allison (@tobanallison) March 26, 2012

For my fellow "Mad Men" fans — the original version of "Zou Bisou Bisou":!

— matt (@OKmattcarney) March 26, 2012

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