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The 13 Most Remote Islands In The World

From the beautiful to the downright bleak, these are the most remote places on earth. Inspired by the Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands by Judith Schalansky.

1. Bear Island/Bjørnøya (Norway) / Creative Commons / Creative Commons / Creative Commons


The southernmost island in the Svalbard archipelago, Bear Island is so bleak its highest peak is called Miseryfjellet. It spans 178 sq km but has no full-time residents apart from the handful of people who man its weather station.

2. St Kilda (United Kingdom) / Creative Commons / Creative Commons / Creative Commons


The most remote part of the British Isles, St Kilda, itself an archipelago, is 60km west of Harris, in the Outer Hebrides, and 160km away from mainland Scotland. It’s been uninhabited since it was abandoned by 36 islanders in 1930 after struggles with illness and food shortages, leaving behind eerie empty cottages and streets.

3. Tristan da Cunha (United Kingdom)


Flickr: michaelclarke / Creative Commons

Flickr: michaelclarke / Creative Commons


Tristan da Cunha’s capital is called Edinburgh of the Seven Seas – but the name is the only thing one of the most isolated communities in the world shares with its urbanised, cultured namesake.

Lying 2,770km from the Cape of Good Hope, the island contains 29 souls who battle the harsh conditions all year round. But at least there’s a UK postcode, TDCU 1ZZ, which means they can order things from Amazon.

A shoutout also to the wonderfully named Inaccessible Island, which is 45km to the south-west.

4. South Keeling/Cocos Islands (Australia) / Creative Commons


Flickr: aussieskibum / Creative Commons


More than 1,000km away from Java and 2,000km from Australia, this collection of 27 coral atolls and two islands has a combined population of no more than 600.

After Charles Darwin landed here on the HMS Beagle, he wrote: “I am glad we have visited these islands: such formations surely rank as the most wonderful objects of this world.”

5. Tromelin (France) / Crfeative Commons / Creative Commons


Tromelin, a tiny French-owned island 450km east of Madagascar and no more than 7 metres above sea level, hides a tragic past, as Judith Schalansky writes. In 1760, an East India Company ship, the Utile, was shipwrecked there en route to Malaysia. After two months, the 120 French sailors had built a boat, set sail and were never seen again.

The 60 slaves who arrived with them, however, stayed behind. Some 15 years later, when a ship arrived to rescue them, just seven women and a baby remained.

6. Easter Island (Chile) / Creative Commons

Flickr: ndecam / Creative Commons

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, isn’t somewhere you visit unless you really want to go there – it’s one of the most remote islands in the world, lying 3,600km from the Chilean mainland.

There are 887 mysterious maoi statues, each weighing about 14 tons, some of which were re-erected after being toppled by warring groups on the island. It’s thought there may have been 20,000 native islanders there at one point – but after war, disease, and deforestation that number fell to 3,000.

7. Pitcairn Islands (United Kingdom)

Flickr: cr01 / Creative Commons

These islands have about 50 permanent inhabitants yet they also have their own internet top-level domain, .pn, and their own website. The hardy islanders are the descendants of the mutineers from a merchant ship who arrived in 1790 and their Tahitian companions.

8. Raoul Island (New Zealand)

Flickr: lancea / Creative Commons


Flickr: lancea / Creative Commons

Flickr: atonglee / Creative Commons


New Zealand’s Department of Conservation sends a manual to the volunteers who go to the island to assist the conservationists there for up to six months a year: “It takes a special person to cope with living on an island as remote as Raoul. …

“The area is actively volcanic and earthquakes are a regular fact of life. The terrain is very steep and rugged.”

9. Floreana (Ecuador)

Flickr: adavey / Creative Commons


Flickr: 31867959@N04 / Creative Commons

Flickr: augustuspics / Creative Commons


Part of the Galapagos Islands, Floreana has a 100-strong population and is 1,000km from Ecuador. There is one hotel and one phone on the island.

10. Macquarie Island (Australia)


Flickr: globalcitizen01 / Creative Commons

Flickr: globalcitizen01 / Creative Commons


If you like penguins, you’d love it on Macquarie Island. But you’ll have to travel 1,070km from New Zealand to get there. Halfway to Antarctica, it’s controlled by the government of Tasmania and was made a World Heritage site in 1997. There are no more than 40 people living there at any one time.

11. Takuu (Papua New Guinea) / Creative Commons


Anthropologist Richard Moyle from the University of Auckland, who studied families on Takuu, a string of islets 200km east of Bougainville, said in 2005 that the atoll community would not sustain human life for much longer due to rising sea levels, meaning that Takuu culture could die out.

“Takuu families living elsewhere in Papua New Guinea will take in as many as they can,” he said, “but with no single resettlement location, I can’t see Takuu continuing to function as a community.”

12. St George Island (United States)

Flickr: 176wg / Creative Commons


If Alaska isn’t remote enough for you, try the Pribilof Islands. St George Island’s 112 souls is one of the biggest communities of Aluet people.

But it’s really run by the 2.5 million seabirds and hordes of seals. There’s not much else, other than “treeless, tundra-covered hills”.

13. Niue


This independent island nation has 1,300 inhabitants and is in “free association” with New Zealand, from which it is a 2,400km journey.

Since 2003, the island has provided free Wi-Fi, and in 2001 it introduced coins featuring Pokémon characters that are legal tender. The government there is hiring.

All but one of the islands here feature in the Atlas of Remote Islands, by Judith Schalansky, published by Penguin.

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Maps are hard! CNN’s geography slip-up, flashback oops are hilarious [photos]!/gimbakakanda/status/496934509724831744

Oh dear. This is CNNagain.!/Balkissaide/status/497328836963753984!/Maya__Anderson/status/497111641784188928!/Gidi_Gossip/status/497268476105334784

A reason for the slip-up?!/ThePeoplesCube/status/497171421463052288


Maps are consistently hard for CNN.!/AfricasaCountry/status/497393755566395392!/legit_denmark/status/496806254246100992

Yup. Many Twitter users couldn’t help but be reminded of that hilarious oops.!/yesnicksearcy/status/497423945176334336!/DavidKenner/status/497301669676187648

So there’s that, CNN!


Laugh or cry? Is THIS the reason Nancy Pelosi referred to Africa as a country?

Not unexpectedly! Biden thinks Africa is a country? THIS Obama ignorance is even worse

Geography fail: CNN tries to find Hong Kong, misses mark by 10,000 miles [pic]

Geography is hard! CNN places Ukraine city of Slovyansk in Crimea

Man, geography is hard! CNN misplaces NYC and Boston [pic]

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Obama to hit the beach after next inauguration!/GPollowitz/status/476471030014541826

Tackling the tough questions about college affordability and student loan debt today on Tumblr, President Obama was asked what he’d be doing once he was out of office. It looks like any charity work will have to wait a few days at least.!/samsteinhp/status/476469970964983808!/Emily_DeRuy/status/476470104629063680!/LoganDobson/status/476470763751763968!/MikeUehlein/status/476470850838069249

Obama will be dreaming from his prison cell about
drinking from a coconut on a beach after R's capture
the Senate midterm and prosecute him— Federal Spy Guy (@FederalSpyGuy) June 10, 2014



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Huntington GE149BUT Review

Huntington Telecaster copy for very affordable price, but rather well made. I’d rate it around like Cozart (fine in certain versions) or Spectrum (decent), a few of which are fairly great regardless of the price tag. The Huntington Tele is a normal design, but with curved edges and quite mild neck and body. The gloss poly body is really a layup of many pieces and the throat is solid walnut, not actually completed as we’re accustomed to viewing. String through body and most of ferrules required a dab of glue at the holes and are all pleased with the entire body. Strong saddles I enjoy using smooth Allen screws to get height/tilt. Volume and tone controls plus a 3way Tele change with hat knob. Standard Tele pickup kind. Tuners are standard (not Kluson design) and are rather smooth, which can be fine. Strap and cable included and it arrived from a plain black gig bag decorated in a white foampaper sleeve along with wellboxed.

‘9’ to get a rather well made Tele backup at $84 and $20 to send using a snug fitting neck/pocket and an adequate nut to correct and fairly excellent bridge/saddles nicely equipped with cheap chrome is a deal.

Audio — 7 That I need to wait around for as it isn’t yet played. 7′ is exactly what I expect if it’s decent. I’ve off the neck and off strings, so I will plug it in and lightly tap on the pickup with alloy like I alter the tone and volume knob and then listen to the change. I hear every controller is completely silent, and it is a fantastic sign. I find that using some of. 047 and. 056 uf caps accessible is handy. An extremely bright guitar may use the. 056 to cut off more drops. Look at placing the quantity at approximately 78 and the tone at approximately 47 to get a sense for things to do, if anything else. Place the amp quantity and basstreble configurations to get close and then fine tune the treble/bass together with all the tone control and typically about 89 about the quantity is a ‘sweet spot’. 7 or 8 will ‘clean up’ the noise. Think about including a 4way Tele change if the guitar is still a keeper or not (that creates resale a lot simpler and opens up that ‘equally pups in string’ powerful bluesy sound). It’s simple to wire as much as a normal US type 4way out of Allparts. And in Case You Have a mediocre amp, think about a secondhand speaker… I perform with a ’74 Princeton Reverb are fender acoustic guitar good is available at Bestacousticguitar.

(ultra wash) and the inventory speaker has been ordinary. However, a Weber and after an adequate Eminence really made it remarkable enough for local specialists to ask me about the Sky. And a good guitar into a fantastic amp beats the opposite. Do not be frightened of a great solid state contemporary amp (Fender Frontman 25R for instance).

The saddle screws that I choose to hardly under the upper and then shim the neck pocket as necessary following the nut slots are near fix (3rd fret evaluation is press at stake 3 along with the strings over the frets 12 should hardly have a gap and also ‘clink’ with almost no space beneath). The neck is just 1 bit and raw, but rather well smoothed. I wash on 1 coat of mild gloss polyuretnane, gently sand once well dried, then a last coat afterward quite fine sand (such as 1000 grit) and then rub hard with a garbage wash Ts hirt to buff smooth.

The neck plate is jagged but not much and it truly isn’t a major thing. Not certain yet about the change functionality nor capacitor, but a brand new cheap switch could be quieted with a shot of electronics cleaner. I anticipate a 8tab cheapie and ‘dime baskets’ along with also a cheapie capacitor. Pickups generally have to be increased to cause a few ‘woofiness’ and then reduced gradually to receive a balanced tone. I put the middle twist of this bridge pickup to tilt down it slightly off parallel to your system (to decrease that sharp trebly tone).

And that I take a little wipe of ChapStick on the throat wood screws to create screwing in simpler and smoother (adhering screws direct to crewdriver slide and complete scars and much more wood harm placing off the throat and on for shimming work). I locate 13 business cards in the back 1/3 of this pocket will pay for most shimming needs. It simply requires some practice taking a look at the neck/body angle to evaluate the amount of shims. I’m rating this ‘9’ originally for the guitar itself… it sounds neatly fashioned (such as with a system) and the entire body wellshot in gloss poly along with also the setup of hardware is neatly done.

Overall Impression — 9 A Tele is a flexible guitar and will cover so many things using an adequate pickup set, that I speed any Tele as a ‘8’ unless it’s actual issues. This one is well made from cheap materials along with the pickups could be OK or fair… I will know shortly. But be ready to acquire a used pair of Tele pups and that I utilized Tele and Strat pickups out of Rose (Rose Buff Beauty are their flagship Strat collection) which are extremely affordable and damn pleasant tone and quite wellmade and wrapped. I discovered that passive Tele/Strat pickups may use any outdated capacitor of the required value (.047 or even .056 uf)… Lively electronic equipment is another issue.

This guitar requires the nut slots cut down closely with nut slot documents and also do NOT do it yourself unless you’re shown how and operate gradually. As soon as you cut too heavy, then you need to replace the nut. This endeavor would be for a setup man unless you’re convenient and have pals that are setup men for living (such as I do). It is possible to find out what to do if you’ve got good hands and aren’t clumsy. Just be honest with your self and when in doubt… Take it into a setup man.

Tweets in Space project will beam Twitter messages 22 light years away!/pamstucky/status/249192394409508865

Today’s flyover by the space shuttle Endeavour had what seemed like all of California tweeting about space, but tonight’s Tweets in Space project will allow anyone to tweet into space.

As part of the International Symposium on Electronic Art in New Mexico, a team will collect and compile all tweets with the hashtag #tweetsinspace made between 10:30 and 11 p.m. Eastern tonight. The tweets will then be transmitted later this year via a high-powered radio messaging system to the exoplanet GJ667Cc. The target is 22 light years away, meaning it would take at least 44 years to receive a response from plugged-in alien life.

A quick roundup of top tweets shows what we already suspected from our first look at the project back in May; we don’t have a lot to say, do we?

#tweetsinspace Never gonna give u up Never gonna let u down Never gonna run around and desert u Never gonna make u cry Never gonna say gb

— AntiS3curityOPS (@AntiS3curityOPS) September 21, 2012

What if we tweet something sarcastic but the aliens don't have a sense of humor? #tweetsinspace

— Tulleuchen (@tulleuchen) September 21, 2012

#tweetsinspace aliens r cool & stuff

— Connor Jack (@ConnorJack8) September 21, 2012

#tweetsinspace please send help! love from, earth

— Liz Solo (@lizsolo) September 21, 2012

We're not as dumb as our tweets make us seem #tweetsinspace

— Zachary J. Burke (@Zachjburke) September 21, 2012


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‘Gold’: Joni Ernst swiftly praised for ‘epic troll of Harkin’!/thesilky/status/529335221431193600

Republican Joni Ernst is running to fill the Iowa Senate seat vacated by the retiring liberal Tom Harkin, and over the weekend Harkin warned voters not to be fooled by the GOP candidate who is “really attractive” and “sounds nice.” Harkin added, “I don’t care if she’s as good looking as Taylor Swift or as nice as Mr. Rogers, but if she votes like Michele Bachmann, she’s wrong for the state of Iowa.”

Ernst has responded to Harkin, though not directly:








‘This race looks like it’s decided’: Des Moines Register poll shows Joni Ernst at 51 percent

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Giants receiver Odell Beckham’s shoes are definitely in the Christmas spirit [photos]

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is not going to be outdone in the cleats with a festivespirit category. Check out what he wore for today’s game between his team and the Carolina Panthers.

Beckham’s opponent in today’s game, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, made his own fashion statement with the shoes he wore before the game.

Shoes seem to be getting more attention in the NFL today than the games.

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Conservatives to House GOP: Get with the PR program!!/DrewMTips/status/286516269702868993

I’m in awe of the GOP’s ability to turn doing the right thing (no Sandy pork) into a PR disaster.

— DrewM (@DrewMTips) January 2, 2013

House Republicans are taking major heat for scrapping the pork-padded Sandy relief bill, and while many conservatives (and their wallets) are grateful that the bill is currently stymied, they remain appalled at the GOP’s stunning lack of damage control:

The media has always been liberal. The GOP has not always been PR-inept.

— Jim Antle (@jimantle) January 2, 2013

They’re urging the Republicans to up their PR game and either shape up, or ship out:

If GOP House wants to make a principled stand against Sandy bill pork, I get it. But they’re just getting pummeled w/out any counterattack.

— Philip Klein (@philipaklein) January 2, 2013

@philipaklein Doesn’t the GOP always get pummeled without any counter attack? This is their primary problem. Zero PR/Crisis Management.

— Sheryl (@sav01) January 2, 2013

@kevinboyd1984 You would think politicians would know they need a PR company. Hello GOP??

— AJ(@SeeTac7) January 2, 2013

Republicans in the House are PR idiots. No press conference about why the Sandy Relief Bill didn’t get voted on? REALLY?!

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) January 2, 2013

Republicans- it’s ok to be proactive vs reactive! Learn PR please! GOP you are killing us!

— Brian McCarty (@brianmccartydfw) January 2, 2013

@rachelaring you are right on. They are a PR nightmare and do not communicate the message well nor in a timely manner. #gop #tcot

— LibertyCallsYouOut (@dwightrobertsjr) January 2, 2013

Republicans, this isn’t hard. Send out a press release about what is actually in the relief bill: not relief. #protip

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) January 2, 2013

Please have a press conference and read line by line each piece of pork that would not go to a Sandy Victim maybe in this news cycle @gop

— Amy(@CAAmyO) January 2, 2013

GOP, you can’t scrap a Sandy relief bill without explaining why. How many times do you have to lose public opinion before you wake up?

— Jedediah Bila (@JedediahBila) January 2, 2013

@jedediahbila Amazing the ignorance of the GOP. Use a good PR firm if they can’t do it themselves or fire the ones they have!

— CalFreedomMom (@CalFreedomMom) January 2, 2013

We #fail at optics/msg’g “@jedediahbila: Senate Dems stuffed Sandybill to brim with pork.GOP doesn’t plan on doing any PR to clarify.Typical

— Morgan (@mhwestbrook) January 2, 2013

Republicans are in ANOTHER PR disaster. It’s getting really freaking old. Learn 2 play 2 game or get out of office for others to replace you

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) January 2, 2013

House Republicans have become quite adept when it comes to shooting themselves in the foot. They’d be wise to take conservatives’ advice — it certainly couldn’t hurt.

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