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ESPN scoop: ‘Oscar Pistorius violated basic firearms rules’!/ESPNNewYork/status/306510457349500928

ESPN BREAKING NEWS: “Experts” say Oscar Pistorius “violated basic firearms rules” when he shot his girlfriend. Good thing the experts were around to make this call:

Even if Oscar Pistorius is acquitted of murder, firearms and legal experts in South Africa believe that, by his own account, the star athlete violated basic gun-handling regulations and exposed himself to a homicide charge by shooting into a closed door without knowing who was behind it.

TV’s Andy Levy and others offer their expertise on ESPN’s crack reporting.

Uh yeah he shot his girlfriend RT @espnnewyork: Oscar Pistorius violated basic firearms rules, experts say

— Andy Levy (@andylevy) February 26, 2013

Just the experts? RT @espnnewyork: Oscar Pistorius violated basic firearms rules, experts say

— Sonny Bunch (@SonnyBunch) February 26, 2013

Thank God for experts RT @andylevy: Uh yeah he shot his girlfriend RT @espnnewyork: Oscar Pistorius (cont)

— John Greene (@Libertexian) February 26, 2013

@espnnewyork No, ya think?

— Tom Hoffman (@MrThomasHoffman) February 26, 2013

Sigh. “Real reporters.”

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Politico’s Glenn Thrush: By cutting Ray Rice, Ravens cut income to his wife!/Mattfobrien/status/509076889399726081

While some wondered what the cutting of Ray Rice by the Baltimore Ravens would do to their fantasy football teams, Politico’s Glenn Thrush was confronting another “inconvenient truth”: By terminating Rice, the Ravens were also cutting the income of Rice’s wife, “whom they now care so deeply about.”!/GlennThrush/status/509075624288612352

And what an income!!/pinkbunny70/status/509089702759391232!/felizestatriste/status/509086300432236544!/brad_dallas/status/509077402375712768

That aside, plenty were appalled by the message Thrush was sending.!/davesplash/status/509080932343504896!/KatieDTW/status/509076865936809984!/jaredbkeller/status/509085615829581825!/grimcity/status/509090127927205888!/belleslettre/status/509089943986372608!/smokinjoe/status/509088485995606016!/JimmyOnFire__/status/509086924821512194!/RWFreeman/status/509084976638611456!/SamSheehan/status/509095241623015424

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Are Your Clothes Sizes Are Going Up? Don’t Worry, Those Numbers Mean Nothing

Have you ever wondered why your clothes seem to be one size at one store and and completely different at others?

So did Deena Shoemaker, who was cleaning out her closet when she realized just how dramatically different the sizes on her pants were. As a camp counselor, church youth group leader, and mentor, Shoemaker has worked with teen and preteen girls for years and has heard their heartbreaking stories of insecurity. She decided to post a picture of herself wearing many sizes to Facebook in hopes that those she’s mentored over the years would see that some silly number on a tag does not define them.

“I remembered all the times I’ve heard girls say they’re ‘fat’ because they went up a pant size, or talked about all the diets they’ve been on,” Shoemaker told The Huffington Post.

“I’ve tried telling them it’s not true but they never really seemed to believe me. All the pieces fell into place for me when I saw my own pants. The lies they were believing were coming from something so commonplace that they didn’t even recognize it as the source of their hurt.”

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Body-positive plus-size model Tess Holliday posted the image below in response to critics who say she doesn’t “look” like a size 22. In fact, sizes fluctuate so much that Holliday wears sizes between large and 4X!

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‘Why isn’t this a national headline?’: Chicago’s bloody Memorial Day weekend!/slone/status/339015326433939456

More awful carnage in Chicago this weekend.!/StephenFleming/status/339020689124241408!/sgtbetsysmith/status/339055630570647552

The grim, gangland death toll in Chicago rises again.!/dixieldodd/status/338879769032663040!/MaryForbes14/status/338147812753678336!/pastorsadler/status/339060353491161088

Paging Musket Morgan.!/BONDTRDER/status/338302441722368001

Reality bites.!/michellemalkin/status/320237193442504705


Chicago sees 5th murder of 2013 as Ill. Dems push for statewide gun control laws

Inconvenient reminders about Chicago’s bloody gun-control failure

Chicago asks Twitter to solve gun violence problem in 140 characters

Rapper Shyne headed for Kanye West-style meltdown on President Obama over ‘genocide in Chicago’

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Got $8 milk? Americans ponder price spike if US goes over ‘dairy cliff’!/ravimoss/status/284793939783979009

Earlier this evening, President Obama introduced us to “ordinary folks” who get things done on deadlines. Our representatives have an opportunity to join that group if they manage to pass an extension to the expired U.S. farm bill by Monday. If they don’t? Government price controls on dairy products revert to a structure implemented in 1949, and milk prices could spike by an estimated $3 a gallon.

Some are calling it the “dairy cliff” or “milk cliff,” and no one’s happy about it.

So, milk will cost you $8, and if you’re lucky, you might score a box of stale Twinkies off of eBay for $50. Oh, and your paycheck could be smaller thanks to the expiration of the Bush tax cuts.

Legislators are reportedly working out a short-term extension tonight and hope to vote Monday, the last day of the year.

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