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What This Brother And Sister Duo Can Do On Normal Roller Skates Left The Judges Speechless

One of the best parts of being a kid is just hanging out with family and friends.

Generally, kids don’t have responsibilities to be anxious about (unlike silly adults). That’s why they can feel free to come up with awesome dance routines, play games, roller skate, and just waste time in epic fashion. During their own hangout sessions growing up, brother and sister Billy and Emily discovered they had an incredible talent.

They spent years dedicating their time to becoming better and better on wheels. Now? They can perform a routine that’ll make you speechless.

Their routine might make you dizzy.


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Fore-ward! With nothing else pressing, Obama plays golf with aides!/globeglen/status/267305882373722113

Second verse, same as the first. Now that the Man of the People is done rubbing elbows with Jay and Bey, looks like there’s not much else on his plate. Time to hit the links.

And once again, President Lady Parts has no ladies in his foursome.

Pool, from Andrews: “Pres Obama playing golf with three White House aides: Eugene Kang, Joe Paulson and trip director Marvin Nicholson.”

— David Joachim (@davidjoachim) November 10, 2012

Fore more years! Fore more years!

Shorter Obama: “I’ll get right on that economy, just as soon as I work on my short game.” #golfThanks Vagina Voters!

— LMH (@laurenmarie10) November 10, 2012

Hey America.People in NY and NJ still do not have power. What is Obama doing today, playing golf?

— MomsMotivated (@MomsMotivated) November 10, 2012

Obama playing golf today instead of holding a press conf. when will America say no more playing golf until we get answers? @markknoller

— Karen Braun (@SpunkyBraun) November 10, 2012

Victims of Hurricane #Sandy, put your fears to rest. Your #president is back on the job… at the #golf course.…

— David L Pipkin (@daviddlpe) November 10, 2012

@gretawire: Surprise! Obama playing golf, planning nxt trip. Well Nero fiddled while Rome burned, we should expect no less from our Emperor.

— Dana (@dpwbeach) November 10, 2012

@michellemalkin Obama out playing golf again today…check box on Sandy relief & fiscal cliff!

— Gary Tapperson (@Tappersong) November 10, 2012

And my family member still has no power and is living in a hotel #Sandy

— Peaches (@BuckheadPeach) November 10, 2012


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Parents celebrate ‘huge step forward’ in fight to keep baby’s gender off ID, allow child to discover it

Straight guys this weekend received more dating advice than they likely wanted about their supposed “right” tobe exclusionary of trans women partners, but parents of a baby in British Columbia are hoping their child’s health ID is the first step toward achieving a universal human right to be free of assigned gender labels from Day 1.

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An Itty Bitty Black Bear Found Something He Really Likes Playing With In The Backyard.

Living near the wild forests can bring a whole host of creatures to your doorstep. From foxes and eagles, to even bears, you’ll never know what you might find lurking outside your door. Perhaps the one thing you didn’t expect is for their children to show up as well. Or to have the same joy and fun that your children have as they play with your toys.

That’s why these videos are priceless captures of the true joy of life existing all around us. They aren’t to be missed.

If you liked that one, we KNOW you’ll enjoy this one even more!

So, aren’t you wondering who might be stumbling through your backyard?…

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If You’re Looking For Something Terrifying To Do, Why Not Explore An Abandoned Jail?

While we don’t encourage people to explore run-down buildings, when they do — and subsequently share their photos — we can’t help but be in awe of what these daring adventurers find…

To get to an abandoned prison in Burwash, Ontario, Redditor trishm and her friends needed to sneak past an army base in the middle of night — and that was just the beginning of their journey.

When they entered the insanely creepy building, they were greeted with graffiti, decaying walls, and a claustrophobic feeling most likely shared by the inmates that once served their time there.

See that super ominous looking structure? That’s exactly where they were headed!

The Burwash Industrial Farm (also known as the Burwash Correctional Centre) was built in 1914. Between then and when it closed in 1975, the jail held anywhere from 180 to 820 inmates.

When the nearby Highway 69 was built, signs were posted warning drivers that any hitchhikers could very well be escaped convicts.

“Welcome to Hell!” Cheery.

Using inmate labor, a small town was built for the guards, prison staff, and their families. The town housed around 1,000 people and featured a church, post office, and even a public school.

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In 1966, convicted murderer Wayne Ford and two other inmates successfully escaped the prison. They walked 16 miles before stealing a car and driving to Toronto (which was more than 200 miles away).

The three were eventually caught and transferred to maximum security facilities.

Here’s one of the prison’s cells complete with a rather uninviting mattress. Feeling sleepy?

Trishm believes that this room was probably used for solitary confinement.

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Just a razor blade…and blood! No biggie.

Since Burwash’s closure, the government has proposed many projects for the facility, including turning it into a maximum security prison and even an Angora goat farm.

In 1980, the land was parcelled off to the Canadian National Defense Department, the native Burwash people, and a few others. It’s also used for an annual music festival.

Nearly all of the Burwash facilities have been demolished, except for this building, known by the prison as “Camp Bison.”

In 2012 Burwash’s access to Highway 69 was cut off. The only road to it now is a decommissioned one leading to Highway 637.

Trishm claims she saw a ghost while exploring the prison, and I don’t think I can dispute this claim, seeing as how I personally would never go anywhere near this place!

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Game Commissioners Said They Couldn’t Help This Bear, So A Few Locals Saved The Day

In Perry Township, Pennsylvania, locals saw something that was equal parts saddening and strange. When they first noticed that a black bear was in their midst, their first instinct was to leave the area as quickly as possible.

But then they realized that something upsetting was going on — something so awful, it made them walk right up to the animal. Watch what happened when they approached it.

Here’s the worst part. Until these citizens stepped up, nothing was being done to help that poor bear. Game commissioners said that there was nothing they could do. Fortunately for the bear, these heroes were on its side.

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Mic DROP: Ben Shapiro OWNS Lefty (Commie?) Vice writer Eve Peyser for glorifying Communism

Leftist (Communist?) staff writer for Vice, Eve Peyser, felt that Yale Republicans throwing a barbeque so CLOSE to the supposed hunger strike (where they eat when they’re hungry) was super evil. We even covered it. Peyser said she wanted to die because the barbeque was SO CRUEL. Yeah, we know … millennials.

Later, after getting slammed left and right all over Twitter for her silly tweet, Peyser doubled-down on silly and tweeted this:

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