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Projection: Sexist Jim Carrey tweets that gun owners are ‘shooting blanks’!/JimCarrey/status/316847433508343808

Bless his heart. What about women, Jim? Are we “shooting blank” eggs? Do we have fancy womb envy? Wait, we forgot: Women don’t count to libs. Silly Julias! Get back in the kitchen and make Jim a sammich!

His full tweet:

March 27, 2013 Owning a handgun or a shotgun is 1 thing bt if u need more fire power than that, it means you’re shootin’ blanks in the bedroom. ;^•

Aww. Someone is suffering from “compensation” projection. And, you know, lack of originality. He’s parroting his own foul ‘Cold Dead Hand’ song, which included oh-so-edgy lyrics about “compensation.” He also doubles-down on the repugnant accusation that if you are a gun owner, you don’t care about children.

@jarredhardinger Jarred, if shooting targets wth your AR-15 is more important 2 u thn the safety of school children it’s time 2 wake up! ;^

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) March 27, 2013

Not only sickening, but tiresome.  He continues with the penis tweets.

This licence plate is from the death car of Bonnie and Clyde. Barrow was known to be impotent. He compensated with v…

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) March 27, 2013

His full tweet:

March 27, 2013 This licence plate is from the death car of Bonnie and Clyde. Barrow was known to be impotent. He compensated with violence.

And he brings home the trifecta of “simpering tool,” as Greg Gutfeld would say, with a predictable bit of Smarter Than You jackassery.

Gun control is not a class war being waged by the so called liberal elite and even if it ws the best weapon isn’t an…

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) March 27, 2013

Full tweet:

March 27, 2013 Gun control is not a class war being waged by the so called liberal elite and even if it ws the best weapon isn’t an AR-15. It’s a book! ;^}

Suck it up, ladies! Protect yourselves with a book! Books: The new “rape whistle.”

Twitter users call out the gun-grabbing, and penis-obsessed, nut.

@jimcarrey jim,very difficult + dangerous 2 shoot deer withhand gun unless your name is joe pesce. But again tks for calling me impotent

— Jeff voegtli (@damitdutch) March 27, 2013

@jimcarrey I don’t question your need to be protected by armed guards.I can’t afford a guard, so we women must protect OURSELVES. #tcot

— Water_Bored (@ShelleyMGO) March 26, 2013

@jimcarrey ur a bit obsessed wth penis size & sperm count. Want to ban cars that exceed spd limit? Large sodas? #banitall #guncontrol

— Michael T (@SDMNugent) March 27, 2013

@jimcarrey your obsession with penis size is perplexing. We’re over here talking crime stats, constitution, etc, and you’re “omg tiny dicks”

— charliefoxtr0t (@charlietoxtr0t) March 27, 2013

Can you stop making dong analogies to gun ownership @jimcarrey ? You’re only proving Freud right.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) March 27, 2013

.@jimcarrey Wait…Michael Moore said people owned guns due to racism. Now I’m confused. Is it penis size, sterility or racism? All three?

— 365conservative (@365conservative) March 27, 2013

They also call him out for his sexism.

@dloesch @jimcarrey What about women who own guns? What dopes Jim Carrey have to say about us. And, he probably has a small whatever…

— Mary Anne(@maryannemercog) March 25, 2013

@jimcarrey Not all gun owners have dicks, idiot. A lot of us are women, you do remember what a woman is don’t you?

— Wacko Bird Suz (@SuzieWilliams) March 27, 2013

@sunnyright Do u think @jimcarrey realizes that men aren’t the only ones who use firearms?Does he think young women have penis envy? #sexist

— Kerri (@kerri1ann) March 27, 2013


@jimcarrey Are you aware that rifles are easier for women to handle – lighter with less recoil and easier to aim?

— Nicki (@Nicki_F) March 27, 2013

He doesn’t care. In fact, he does want women impotent in one way: By being unable to defend themselves.

And speaking of impotent … how is the cowardice going, Carrey? Still cravenly running away from the challenge issued by the cast of “The Five”?

@jimcarrey speaking of impotent, what’s your decision on attending #TheFive ‘s grownup table?

— bobbi85710 (@bobbi85710) March 27, 2013

We are waiting. Of course, the wait will be long. Poor Jim isn’t man enough to fight like a girl.


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This Mare Lost A Baby — Then She Met A Little Orphan And They Healed Together

Last summer, veterinarian Dr. Patrick Brogan was called to a farm to assist a mare named Zindita that was about to give birth to her baby.

But when the horse fertility specialist reached the farm near Utrecht in the Netherlands, he said he “saw that she was struggling. There was no way the mare would be able to get [her foal] out.” Unfortunately, he realized that the foal had died in utero after he helped deliver it. “[Zindita] was so sad and such a sweet horse,” he said.

Two days later, Brogan heard from a colleague about a filly whose mother had just died. He decided to put the two together, and when he did, something amazing happened.

Even though mares can be aggressive when introduced to foals that aren’t theirs, Zindita took to the baby as if she were her own.

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This Is What Post-Pregnancy Bodies Actually Look Like

BuzzFeed News interviewed the woman behind a beautiful body project.

1. Five weeks after giving birth, Jade Beall took a candid photo of herself with her son and shared it with friends and family online.

Jade Beall Photography

2. What she didn’t expect was for the photo to go viral, be shared tens of thousands of times, and completely change her life.

“The photo was of me with my son, breastfeeding, just holding him completely bare, both of us,” she told BuzzFeed News. “I had rolls in places I never had in my life, I had dark circles under my eyes, I was raw, and I didn’t photoshop any part of the photo to make me look different than I actually did right then.”

3. The positive reaction to the photo led Beall to start A Beautiful Project.

Jade Beall Photography

Jade Beall Photography

Jade Beall Photography

5. “Many women resonated with the photos and wanted to be photographed,” she said. That’s when she realised she could help mothers celebrate, and love, their post-pregnancy bodies.

Jade Beall Photography

Jade Beall Photography

Jade Beall Photography


7. For the project, the 35-year-old Arizona-based photographer took hundreds of women and featured un-photoshopped snaps of them alongside personal stories of how they built their self-esteem.

Jade Beall Photography

9. Mothers who described themselves as “wrinkly” and “fat” were now being encouraged to embrace their beauty “just as they are”.

Jade Beall Photography


10. “The reaction has been rad,” Beall said. “I have made friends and photographed women all over the world.”

Jade Beall Photography

Jade Beall Photography


12. She added: “I have helped hundreds if not thousands of women feel seen while inspiring the beginning of a practice of self-love and sisterhood.”

Jade Beall Photography

13. You can find out more about the project on Facebook and the Beautiful Project website.

Jade Beall Photography

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