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19 Double Duty Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

Inspired by our collaboration with Birchbox.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Use lip balm to tame eyebrows.

Getty Images / Thinkstock


A wax-based balm will keep hairs perfectly in place all day.

2. And use eyeliner to fill in a bold brow.


Just make sure to use a lighter touch than with a regular eyebrow pencil.

3. Use mascara to double as eyeliner for a perfect match.

4. Put hairspray on an old toothbrush to tame flyaways and fight frizz.

This also works with an old blush brush!

5. Substitute brown eyeshadows for bronzers if you run out of either.

Flickr: vchili / Creative Commons

6. Dust baby powder on lashes between coats of mascara to amp up the volume.

7. Mix eyeshadow or blush with Vaseline or clear lipgloss for the easiest DIY lip tint.


Get the full instructions here.

8. Apply Vaseline before spritzing your perfume for a longer lasting scent.

Getty Images/Fuse Arman Zhenikeyev/Fuse/Thinkstock

9. Smooth Aquaphor on split ends to hide them between haircuts.

Getty Images / Thinkstock


10. Or use it for pretty much anything else.

Turn powder blushes into cream formulas, use it as an eye cream or soothe cracked cuticles.

11. Turn your lipstick or gloss into a cheek tint.

Just blend from the apples of your cheeks up to the temples.

12. Substitute conditioner for shaving cream for hydrated skin and smooth legs.

Getty Images/Thinkstock


So tried and so true.

13. Use eye shadow sticks as both shadow and liner.

The lazy girl’s version of the classic smokey eye.

14. Use highlighter or concealer around lips to prevent lipstick from bleeding or feathering.

Getty Images/Vladimir Floyd/Thinkstock

Plus, highlighting above the cupid’s bow gives the illusion of poutier lips.

15. Vaseline or rosebud salve for a dewy glow on your cheeks.

Dab on cheekbones for a more natural look than most highlighters.

16. Mix lotion with old or cracked bronzer for a DIY self-tanner.

In the summer, mix with sunscreen for tan legs without the sunburn.

17. Can’t make it to the salon? Cover roots with mascara or eyeshadow.

Elizabeth Griffin, Kathleen Kamphausen /

Bonus: filling in the part of your hair with a matching color gives the illusion of thicker locks.

18. Keep your manicure mess-free by putting vaseline or Aquaphor on the skin around your nails.

19. Combine clear nail polish with eyeshadow for a custom nail varnish.

This is great for broken eyeshadows or colors you’ve gotten tired of.

The Olsen twins know: double is always better.

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Molly Quinn slated to narrate ‘City of Lost Souls’ for ‘The Mortal Instruments’!/MollyQuinn93/status/182632370833330177

Natalie C. Markey at

We recently learned that “Castle” actress, Molly C. Quinn will return to narrate Cassandra Clare’s “City of Lost Souls.” The actress narrated the previous Mortal Instruments installment, “City of Fallen Angels” with “Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick. Now on Twitter Quinn discusses reading the highly anticipated fifth installment of the International bestselling series.

What is The Mortal Instruments? A series of books:

Amazon files them under horror. There are a number of fan sites, and you can find one here.

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Police sweep LAX terminal after incident; Police say no shots fired!/ryanparkerdp/status/404096462050447360

Police tonight investigated an incident at Los Angeles International Airport in which witnesses apparently heard several shots.!/EricKingNBC5/status/404094630846681088!/bcuban/status/404094770303090688!/GABESPIEGEL/status/404093619901980672!/GABESPIEGEL/status/404097318053376001

Police said a loud traffic accident outside of the terminal might have startled travelers.!/AntDeRosa/status/404096979988254720!/KTLA/status/404096350419050496!/ApplegateTV/status/404096728552329216!/wardy/status/404099078381776896

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If You Think Animals Don’t Have Feelings, Get Ready To Cry Watching This Mom Mourn Her Dead Baby

Do you think animals are without feelings? If so, grab a tissue and prepare to have your mind changed.

The heartbreaking video below of a mother sea lion mourning her dead pup proves that humans aren’t the only ones to experience grief and loss. The footage was captured in San Diego, California, by wildlife campaigner Andrea Else Hahn, who believes that the dead pup was born prematurely before she stumbled onto the scene.

Hahn first spotted the grieving mom one day in March of this year, and when she returned to the location the next day, she was surprised to see that the sea lion still hadn’t left her baby’s side.

The mother’s grief is palpable as she howls, cries tears, and thrashes about in the sand next to her dead pup. This distressing scene speaks volumes about animals and their emotions.

Read More: When A Good Samaritan Found A Baby Sea Lion In The Road, He Did The Right Thing

When it comes to love for our children, humans and animals have a lot in common. Share this video with your friends and family to help encourage the humane treatment of animals everywhere.

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Colombian female cyclists unveil ‘worst uniform fail in sports history’!/SexiestLyingWit/status/511329609850552320

The Colombian women’s cycling team unveiled its new uniforms over the weekend, and a curiously placed flesh-colored strip had plenty of people doing a double-take.

What da!? –> Colombian women's cycling team's uniforms make it look like their lady bits are in plain sight!!

— Perez Hilton (@PerezHilton) September 15, 2014

NO. RT @marieclaire: THESE are the uniform's the Colombian women's cycling team has to wear.

— Stephanie Buck (@StephMBuck) September 15, 2014

This is an actual real thing. The Columbian Women's Cycling team uniform.

— Heidi MacDonald (@Comixace) September 15, 2014

The Colombian Women's Cycling uniform is bad. So, so bad. –

— Jose Javier Garde (@jose_garde) September 15, 2014

"Cycling uniforms should feel like a second skin, not look like it." Well, these cycling uniforms are awkward.

— MontserratBiedermann (@montserratlj) September 15, 2014

A joke? A statement? Whatever it is the Colombian Women's Cycling uniform is bad. –

— Tim Fuell (@timfuell) September 15, 2014

Dear Colombian womens cycling team uniform designer. You. Had. ONE. Job.

— Debbie Schipp (@debbieschipp) September 15, 2014

Colombia's women's cycling jerseys are unintentionally vagina-like via @sbnation AVOID This Uniform maker.

— jerry seltzer (@jeryseltzer) September 15, 2014

New female Colombian cycling uniform, although i could swear it's *ahem* the Brazilian one.

— To Whom Concerned: (@CormacCor) September 14, 2014

Columbian women's cycling team uniform. What the… I don't even… WTF? #unintentionallyNSFW

— mlschreiber (@mlschreiber) September 15, 2014

Well that Columbian cycling uniform is certainly unfortunate.

— Rebecca (@preciousthings) September 15, 2014

Is this a prank? Nope, but it is the most unfortunate uniform ever #ColumbianUniformFail

— Jerry Doyle (@jerrydoyle) September 15, 2014

This Is the Worst Uniform Fail in Sports History the uniform is terrible! But is ColOmbia not Columbia ignorants!!!

— rfajardomd (@rfajardomd) September 15, 2014

UCI President investigating Colombian women's team uniform, describing it as "unacceptable" – #cycling

— Rick Eyre (@rickeyre) September 15, 2014

The Telegraph reports that “Brian Cookson, the president of cycling’s world governing body the UCI has described as ‘unacceptable’ a cycling kit that makes female riders look naked, promising his administration is ‘on the case.’”

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She Nursed A Woodchuck Back To Health And They Adorably Became BFFs

Animals always have a way of finding themselves in some pretty extreme predicaments.

These often lead to situations that leave them with nowhere to turn, unless they’re spotted by a kind-hearted individual. In some cases, wild critters must endure days of pain and danger until they are finally found, and even then, it is usually too late.

But when this family found a blind woodchuck, they knew exactly how to give it a second chance at a normal life.

When a family discovered a wild woodchuck in their backyard, unable to move, they assumed the worst until they attempted to move the critter with a shovel and noticed her moving.

After discovering that the woodchuck was still alive, they knew right away that it would be in their best interest to contact local wildlife rehabilitator, Molly Ryan.

Once in Molly’s care, the woman wasted no time doing everything she could to help nurse the critter, whom she had named Coco, back to health.

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