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NFL announces season opener!/AdamSchefter/status/184731676621017088

3,892 Hours til we get this party started!!!! #Giants vs #Cowboys

— pat hanlon (@giantspathanlon) March 27, 2012

Why Cowboys-Giants? NBC says their Jan. 1 game was its most-watched primetime game ever and most-watched on any network in 15 yrs.

— Dan Graziano (@DanGrazianoESPN) March 27, 2012

From ESPN:

The Super Bowl champion New York Giants will host the Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium on Sept. 5 to kick off the 2012 regular season, the NFL announced Tuesday.

The game will be played at 8:30 p.m. ET and televised by NBC.

The regular season has started on a Thursday since 2002, but the league moved this year’s opener up a day to avoid a conflict with President Barack Obama’s planned speech at the Democratic National Convention.

According to the league, it hasn’t played a game on a Wednesday since Sept. 22, 1948, when the Rams faced the Lions.

It is the ninth straight season in which the defending Super Bowl champion will host the NFL Kickoff game.

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Report: Sen. Feinstein ‘will have lots of assault weapons’ as she unveils gun ban bill; Update: Pics added!/DanaBashCNN/status/294435811926106112

Aw, isn’t DiFi special?

Dianne Feinstein, Chris Murphy and fellow gun-grabbing lawmakers are scheduled to introduce a new ban on “weapons of war” at 11 a.m. on Thursday. Everyone ready for gun control theater?

According to CNN’s Dana Bash, Feinstein got special “permission” to parade assault weapons (also known as deadly “devises”) at her dog and pony show. Did she get the OK from the same people who gave David Gregory the green light to place himself above the law?

Oh yay, Feinstein to be flanked with “assault” rifles today during her presser at 11 am. DC police gave her permission.

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) January 24, 2013

A cocksure David Gregory will show up driving a tank. RT @hmfearny: Feinstein will have “assault weapons” with her today at the presser.

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) January 24, 2013

No word on whether DiFi will actually define “assault weapons,” but if her preview was any indication, the rough translation is “guns that offend my aesthetic sensibilities.”


DiFi’s exhibit:

Weapons on display at the presser to announce Sen. Feinstein’s assault weapons ban…

— Melanie Mason (@melmason) January 24, 2013

Waiting for introduction of new #guncontrol legislationin Senate Dirksen bldg…

— Carrie Johnson (@johnson_carrie) January 24, 2013

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Baby, you’re a piece of work: Katy Perry shows how ‘climate change is hurting kids’ [video]

Move over, Bill Nye. We’ve got ourselves a real scientist!

Still skeptical about man-made climate change? You won’t be after you hear from someone who really knows about this stuff:

Wow. We had no idea she was so well versed in the ways of science.

Well, that’s it. We’re convinced!

That was cute, Katy.

Sorry, but she was told there would be no math.


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This Sweet Baby Was Born With A Rare Disease That Makes Him Look Like An Elderly Man

Progeria is a rare medical condition that affects only one in eight million babies born every year.

Unfortunately, this disorder is as severe as it is rare. Progeria is a devastating condition that changes the outcome of every life it touches.

The beautiful souls that live with progeria, like the little one in the video below, walk through life facing more challenges than anyone ever should.

This disease is caused by a malformation in genetic material. This photo shows just a tiny portion of this genetic mix-up by comparing a normal nucleus (left) with nucleus found in someone with progeria.

While this is a simple visual representation, the actual DNA discrepancy is deeply complex and profoundly affects the life of the carrier.

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBM_BTF’); });

The bodies of children with progeria age far faster than average. Not only do they experience visual signs of aging, but they also fall victim to health issues normally associated with the elderly.

Kidney failure, heart problems, cataracts, and bone and joint dysfunction are common among those with progeria. Due to their warp-speed aging process, these children usually do not live past their preteen years.

While progeria is hard to read about, it’s even more heartbreaking to see with your own eyes.

The video below shows a sweet baby boy with progeria who was born in Bangladesh recently.

At first, local doctors were puzzled and didn’t know what to make of him…

But there’s no confusion here. Not only is he just as lovable as any other infant, but I’m willing to bet that he’ll grow to be far braver than most of us could ever hope to be!

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Research Finds Bargain Shoppers Have An Awful Mindset While Hunting For Deals

Whether you’ve worked in retail or other customer service-related jobs, you’re sure to have experienced the wrath of rude, irate customers who don’t seem to see you as a human being.

Unfortunately, that’s the name of the game when it comes to dealing with shoppers who want their problems fixed right now or just need someone as their own personal punching bag. To make things worse, some customers will behave even more rudely towards employees who work at thriftier stores. In a recent study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, researchers from the University of British Columbia found that shoppers at discount retailers are more likely to view employees as “less human” than those who work at more expensive establishments.

As the study authors explain, when consumers see lower price tags, sales and discounts, they adopt a “price conscious mentality,” meaning “a singular focus on getting the cheapest deal.” It may be great for customers, but not so great for the workers, as the researchers learned.

The first part of their study involved asking participants to interact with a rude customer service representative via live-chat, with the option of lodging a complaint. Those who went in with the above-stated mentality were 18 percent more likely to give a rating that would lead to the employee being punished versus when they didn’t adopt the bargain-hunting mentality.

In another experiment, participants were shown photos of flights attendants wearing uniforms from the discounted airline Ryanair, the pricier Lufthansa airline, or just neutral uniforms. In the participants’ reviews and comments about these people, the researchers found fewer “humanizing” words describing Ryanair employees than Lufthansa employees.

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Now Wonkette ridicules Ted Cruz and his ‘backwards’ shotgun

Gizmodo must have thought it had a great scoop the other day when it discovered video (from CNN) showing gun rights advocate Sen. Ted Cruz carrying his shotgun “backwards” while pheasant hunting. Talking Points Memo picked up on the story as well, also accusing Cruz of holding his shotgun backwards.

Wonkette didn’t publish its piece on Cruz and his disregard for gun safety until today, likely because executive editor Kaili Joy Gray managed to wring out more than 900 words to author apost entitled, “Ted Cruz Doesnt Care If He Accidentally Blows Off Someones Head With A Shotgun.”

It’s that same photo we saw yesterday, of “Cruz demonstrating how to ‘accidentally’ kill someone, maybe in that farmhouse not far behind him. Oops, bang bang, sorry, kid youre dead.”

“Anyone who has had even a second of firearm safety training can recite the rules for you,” continuesGray, who then links to Gizmodo’s piece as the definitive authority on safe firearms handling.

Wow, Cruz is such a numbskull he managed to break a shotgun while hunting! Time for a scathing follow-up post.

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These Incredibly Meta Moments Captured In Photos Will Leave You Staring…

The definition of “meta” — referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre; self-referential.

Simple enough, but things can get Inception-level confusing when you think about it too much. And there are some tricky people out there who like to do that on purpose just to mess with our brains. It’s very effective. Take a look.

1.) “What would you like on your vanity plate?” “Vanity plate.”

2.) James Franco is James Franco’s biggest fan.


3.) Pizza inception. GIMME.

4.) This guy who’s very proud of his looks.

5.) This repeat offender.

6.) Macauley Culkin one upped Ryan Gosling.

7.) Meta pug level 1…

8.) Extreme meta pug level 2.

9.) I’ve heard of “four eyes” but now there’s “four ears”??

10.) Nicolas Cage embraces his internet fame.

11.) The news reporting the news reporting the news reporting the news.

12.) Stern warning from the man himself.

13.) Spock on Spock style.

14.) Graffiti of graffiti.

(via Smosh.)

Don’t think about it too hard, your mind might just explode. (It kind of gave me a headache.)

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