An Anonymous Man With An Epic Beard Just Showed Santa Up. What He Did Is Fantastic.

No, he isn’t Santa. He’s actually just a bearded employee at Forced Performance, a car part retailer. However, he’s about to make countless children happier than Saint Nicholas could himself. In the spirit of Christmas, this non-Santa bearded man headed to a Toys R Us. Once he arrived, he filled cart after shopping cart with toys…

He bought them ALL (receipt for proof).

The employee was on a mission: to make children happy with an ENORMOUS Toys for Tots donation.

From Barbies to basketballs, he had it all covered.

It’s not Santa’s sleigh, but this truckload of toys is guaranteed to make some children happy.

We love seeing individuals and companies giving so generously during this time of year. If you get a chance yourself, donate to Toys for Tots, a wonderful organization that gives to children in need.


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