Anthony Weiner clears the air on Carlos Danger: ‘It was just a joke’!/NowMediaScott/status/363010398363987968

A joke, huh?!/reidpillifant/status/362947516557303809

This morning, Univision’s Satcha Pretto asked Weiner to explain why he chose to give his alter-ego a Hispanic name. Here’s what Señor Danger had to say:

“It was a joke in my personal life between me and one person,” Weiner responded. “I’m not going to comment about the information that that person has chosen to release. They can do whatever they want. They can try to harm me in any way they want.”

Aside from ignoring Pretto’s question about stereotyping:!/RBPundit/status/363009799480283137

Weiner couldn’t even summon a halfway decent explanation as to what the heck he was thinking when he decided to start sexting with strangers in the first place.!/BrieSpangler/status/363014402477277185

So, who’s the real joke?!/GregMitch/status/363016733000339456

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