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‘OMG, are you kidding me???’: Tour bus graphics gone wrong [pic]!/RebelJohnson/status/514557629621092353

If it was me, I'd find a different way to promote my Dallas-based tour bus company. #JustSaying

— Mike Glenn (@mrglenn) September 23, 2014

“Big things happen here?” Really? That’s the slogan you chose to go along with that picture?

@mrglenn Uh…yeah. That would seem to be a good idea.

— GlenninVirginia (@GlenninVirginia) September 23, 2014

@mrglenn "Excuse me driver, where's my seat on this tour bus?" "It's back…and to the left."

— Mike Glenn (@mrglenn) September 23, 2014

@mrglenn <facepalm>

— bfwebster (@bfwebster) September 23, 2014

@TxAgSheepdog @mrglenn Even the placement of the door handle is just plain wrong.

— Mark Bahr (@markbahr) September 23, 2014

@mrglenn "Mr. Mayor, here's a great idea. Let's put MLK's face on every Memphis city bus and with the words, 'Huge events happen here.'"

— Joel Engel (@joelengel) September 23, 2014

@mrglenn No words…

— Gene A. Boehman (@gaboehman) September 23, 2014


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You’ll Never Guess What’s Inside This Otherwise Normal Looking Cave. Hint: It’s Not A Monster.

Caves and other natural land formations are wonderful places to visit while you’re on vacation. Their beauty (and maybe all of their creepy inhabitants) are a great example of nature’s power. However, there is a cave just outside of the city center of Trinidad, Cuba, that unlike almost every other cavern. This cave is just a short walk away, on a nondescript path. No matter how plain it looks from the outside, once you visit it, you’ll never forget it.

The cave is located about 10 minutes away (walking) from the city center.

You follow this nondescript path.

Then, you’ll come to a tree. When you do, you’ve arrived.

This is the cave – and the home of Disco Ayala.

After paying $3 (which includes a drink), you go down a flight of stairs.

And then you go through a tunnel…

THIS is waiting for you on the other side.

This beautiful, natural cave is a large nightclub.

This is the bar, where you can buy drinks for $3.

There are limited tables and chairs.

However, most people just want to be out on the dance floor anyway.

The disco is spread out in the cave, you can see the DJ booth here and video screens.

There are also two other, smaller dance floors.

It’s a strange place, but a fun one.

The club has been around for more than thirty years, consistently drawing locals and tourists.

About 3,000-4,000 people can fit in this cave at once.

Disco Ayala has 5 dance floors (3 small ones) and 3 bars.

It’s open from 11:00pm – 3:00am, 7 days a week.

Each night around 1am, there is a show on the dance floor.

Source: Alain Sojourner If you want to explore the cave during the day time, you may be able to convince a security guard on duty (with the help of a few bucks) to let you look around inside. Also, be cautious on the walk to the club. Although it’s a relatively safe area, it’s always a good idea to walk with a group on dark roads at night. Have fun partying like no one else does. If you visit Disco Ayala, you may have trouble convincing people the pictures are real. Share this awesome place to explore by clicking below.

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Derby fans rip Tom Hammond’s appearance!/jason_hickey/status/198857789219667968

NBC Sports anchor Tom Hammond is anchoring the 2012 Kentucky Derby. Consensus is building that Hammond’s makeup job was a total bust.

NBC has to ease up on Tom Hammond's makeup. Hats and horses! Place your bets! It's Derby time! #kentuckyderby

— A Kesh (@akesh) May 5, 2012

Disappointed in Tom Hammond's make-up artist this year. He needs more #latherhimup

— BG (@TrueBenGammon) May 5, 2012

#KentuckyDerby host Tom Hammond is a handsome woman who should fire his makeup people.

— Chris Cardinal (@chriscardinal) May 5, 2012

And Derby coverage has begun…does anyone else think Tom Hammond looks a little scary in hi-def this year? #yikes

— Steve Rose (@RosesAreRojo) May 5, 2012

Dear Tom Hammond, you look like you moonlight as a clown…and last night was a rough one.

— Andrew Emerson (@blandyblemerson) May 5, 2012

Woah!!!! Is Tom Hammond wearing too much mascara???

— Clint Bubba O'Neil (@Bubba_ONeil) May 5, 2012

Looks like @NBCSN slathered far too much makeup on Tom Hammond. #DerbyOnNBC

— Tom Kopacz (@TomKopacz) May 5, 2012

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Rich Lowry: Shooting suspect showed signs of mental illness

Authorities are still saying very little about accused Planned Parenthood shooterRobert Lewis Dear, including any speculation on a motive for the shooting. However, reporters are nowtracking down former neighbors of Dear and learning some very strange things. National Review editor Rich Lowry has tracked down some of the more interesting revelations reported by ABC News and the Washington Post.

Hang on, there’s a Part 2.

Hood isJohn Hood, who lived in a mobile home next door to Dear in the small town of Walterboro, about 50 miles west of Charleston.

The Washington Post has also talked to former neighbors of Dear, many who wished to remain anonymous.

Ted Cruz did offer his prayers for Colorado Springs in a tweet today, but other Republicans have yet to weigh in.

Lowry has compiled what information has so far been uncovered about Dear at National Review.

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Kid Caught With Makeup All Over His Face…Swears He Didn’t Do Anything

The first rule of being a kid is when backed up against a wall: deny, deny, DENY!

It doesn’t matter if you’re actually the one responsible for whatever catastrophic event that sent your parents over the rails, simply pass the blame on to an unknowing scapegoat. That always seemed to work for me!

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); });

Unfortunately for three-year-old Hux, he was caught red-handed (literally).

After his mom noticed that the room he was “watching TV in” was a bit too quiet, the toddler emerged covered in lipstick and mascara. Knowing full well about the unspoken rule of denial, when asked if he had been playing with makeup, he tries pinning the blame on his sister.

Unfortunately for Hux, I don’t think he got away with it this time, but maybe he could come teach all of us a quick makeup lesson or two.

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‘You’ve set the stage for a new Holocaust’: David Draiman unloads on lib media!/Kudzu81/status/498097742934441984

In July, Disturbed and Device vocalist David Draiman told “the mainstream media, anti-Semites, propagandists, and attackers of Israel” he’d “had about enough of your bullsh*t.” In a scorching rant, Draiman ripped the media again for fueling a stomach-turning “wave of anti-Semitism.”!/DAVIDMDRAIMAN/status/497895317316976641!/DAVIDMDRAIMAN/status/497896273093996545!/DAVIDMDRAIMAN/status/497897142652903425


‘#TeamIsrael’: 10 celebs using social media to stand with Israel

‘You fall for it’: David Draiman hammers Piers Morgan for claim Israel has a ‘child-slaughtering military strategy’

David Draiman has a kick-ass message for the MSM and anti-Semites [pic]

Full Twitchy coverage of David Draiman

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‘Oh dear God, someone needs fired!’ Brooks Brothers line horrifies [photo]!/VodkaPundit/status/375585880376741888

Oh, the humanity. A simple “no” does not even suffice.!/ericinva/status/375586595727884288

Brooks Brothers’ “Buffalo Check” line horrified PJ Media’s Vodkapundit and others on Thursday:!/danielwanke/status/375589216023220224

While he may have been stunned into speechlessness, other Twitter users did not hold back. Take it away, Twitter snarkers!!/TPANick/status/375593973420535808!/MzRebecca06/status/375586433823559680

Seriously, who is responsible for this atrocity?!!/djuliette/status/375586366304030720

Hey! That’s an insult to Scotland.!/MangyLover/status/375586499557097473!/BoreGuru/status/375587637970468864!/Zaggs/status/375588751038087168

And an excellent exit question:!/KatMcKinley/status/375588986502123520

Heh. We thought it was the DMV, but Brooks Brothers “Buffalo Check” is clearly now in the running.

FYI, Brooks Brothers offers fashion advice on Twitter:!/BrooksBrothers/status/375663700889595905

Dude. Maybe they aren’t really the people to ask. Just saying.

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OUCH: Conservatives hand John Harwood his ASS for whining that Trump called media ‘fake news’

Full disclosure, this editor would prefer it if Donald Trump would tweet a little bit LESS or a bit MORE smartly … however, this tweet about the fake news over the last week is absolutely spot on. The media can’t get out of its own way in its efforts to find some way to impeach Trump because they don’t like him. That’s the reality of journalism in 2017.

Trump is right.

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