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He Was Punished By His Owner In The Cruelest, Most Insane Way…Your Heart Will Break

It’s easy to get frustrated with our little animal friends, but even at their worst there’s absolutely no excuse for the amount of pain this poor pup was subjected to. At just six-weeks-old, like many young puppies, he chewed on something he shouldn’t have — his owner’s phone.

Instead of behaving like a rational human being, the cruel owner doused the tiny animal with boiling hot water and tossed him out of the fourth story balcony of his apartment in Chengdu, China. That could have easily been the tragic end of this sad story, but luckily someone came by to offer the kindness this sweet boy so desperately deserved.

Warning: the images of his wounds are extremely graphic.

Yan Yingying found the scalded pup lying on the street and immediately rushed him to a vet.

They did the best they could to stabilize the poor thing, now going by Tuffy, but he needed more help than the local clinic could provide.

So Yingying brought him to the skillful folks at Animals Asia about an hour’s drive outside of Chengdu.

Though the staff members had seen plenty of cases of abuse and trauma cross their path, they had never seen anything this barbaric and heartbreaking.

His body was covered in so many blisters that he couldn’t even close his eyes to sleep.

Slowly, thanks to an amazing team of doctors, Tuffy started to get better.

Injections and grafts from a small portion of skin by his scrotum that was untouched by the water gave the little guy a second chance.

Yingying would frequently visit Tuffy while he recovered, and once he was well enough, she brought him home to stay with her forever.

Large sections of his fur still haven’t grown back, but generous strangers have donated adorable new coats to keep him warm.

Despite all that he’s been through, Tuffy is finally the happy, playful pup he was born to be.

(via The Dodo)

It’s incredible that such a small dog could have so much strength and determination to get well. Thank goodness for the kind humans who outweighed the cruelty of another to give this cutie a second chance at finding trust, love, and happiness.

Visit Animals Asia’s website to make a donation and help them save more lives just like Tuffy.

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‘I know how to fill a bustier’: Bette Midler asks if she should give Congress a go!/GailUpp/status/489525547584610304

Has Bette Midler decided to stop just sounding off about politics on Twitter and put her money where her mouth is?!/BetteMidler/status/489457421182840832

Well, that’s … something.!/MavisMartin/status/489457744890822656

And what basis would that be, exactly? It probably doesn’t matter, seeing as even if Midler were serious, she likely wouldn’t have much political wind beneath her wings. The only wind we can find is between her ears. And maybe between this guy’s:!/PaulLiederbach/status/489457804185706496

President Bette Midler? There’s a thought exercise we’d rather sit out on.



Twitchy coverage of Bette Midler


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Astronomers Have Found A Super Saturn Outside Our Solar System

If Saturn had the other planet’s rings, we’d be able to see them in our sky alongside the moon!

1. Astronomers say they’ve found a new exoplanet with a ring system 200 times bigger than Saturn, BBC News reports.

Ron Miller / Via

This artist’s rendition shows what the rings would look like around the planet J1407b, which is about 434 light-years away. In the new analysis to be published in the Astrophysical Journal, the U.S. and Dutch scientists posit that at least 30 rings surround the exoplanet, which is a planet that orbits a star outside our solar system.

Discovered in 2012, it’s the first ring system outside of ours. Like Saturn’s rings, a gap in the rings might indicate the formation of a satellite. Saturn currently has 53 moons with nine awaiting confirmation — and the potential birth of a new one may add another tally.

2. If Saturn’s rings were replaced with those from J1407b, they would be even bigger than the moon in our sky.

M. Kenworthy / Leiden / Via

The rings would be about 14 times the diameter of the moon, to be exact, and we could probably see them during the day. The researchers estimate that the planet is between 10 to 40 times the size of Jupiter. (To give you a sense of that grandiosity, if Earth were a nickel, Jupiter would be a basketball, according to NASA.)

The finding is a part of the United Kingdom’s SuperWASP observatory, which depends on celestial objects to pass in front of their star to collect data. Light flickers through the debris in the rings, which Discover magazine likens to sunlight in the windows of a moving train or bus.

This particular planet’s eclipses lasted for almost two months, causing its 16-million-year-old host star to dim on and off, lead researcher Matthew Kenworthy told BBC News. You can watch a little video of the exoring mapping here.

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The New Tinder Service Will Charge You More Money If You’re Aged Over 28

Tinder Plus will charge you three times more if you’re older than 28.

1. A new service offered by Tinder allows users to use the app when they travel abroad and reverse right-swipes — but it’s charging significantly more money to people over the age of 28.

2. According to the Evening Standard, users under the age of 28 will be charged £3.99 a month if they use Tinder Plus, but those over the age of 28 will be charged £14.99.

Although the app will remain free, the option to make unlimited right-swipes will no longer be available unless users sign up to Tinder Plus. The new service will also hide ads, which are being introduced later this month.

According to Tech Crunch, the paid version will be available for under $10 in the US.

  1. Would you pay for this service if you’re over the age of 28?

    1. Yes! Tinder is a great place full of wonderful, non-creepy people!
    2. No. I’d rather spend that extra money on wine.

The New Tinder Service Will Charge You More Money If You’re Aged Over 28


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