Barack Obama at the DMZ in Korea

From LA Times:

Obama met with South Korean and U.S. troops, and like presidents before him, stood in a camouflaged  bunker peering through binoculars to inspect the rough, wooded mountains of a nation that has frustrated the West for decades.

The president is in South Korea to attend a global summit on securing loose nuclear weapons. But as his Sunday schedule shows, the status of the rogue nuclear program in North Korea is likely to outshine the formal agenda. The DMZ visit was his first stop.

Stars and Stripes has the North Korean response:

North Korea has moved a long-range rocket to its northwestern launch site in preparation for a launch next month, South Korean officials said Sunday, as Pyongyang pushes ahead with plans that Washington says are a cover for testing long-range missile systems.

Other tweets:

Here's that view, of "Propaganda Village," which NoKo calls "Gi Jong Dong."

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) March 25, 2012

Obama scans tense Korean DMZ, North mourns Kim Jong-il

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) March 25, 2012

In show of force amid standoff with North Korea, Obama makes symbolic visit to Cold War relic DMZ: -JM

— The Associated Press (@AP) March 25, 2012

US President was behind a bulletproof glass screen when he peered through binoculars into DPRK today. #Korea

— Steve Herman (@W7VOA) March 25, 2012

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