Bob Beckel defends Biden on Libya by claiming 9/11 could have been stopped!/Commando1129/status/256869766382379009

Bob Beckel outraged co-host Dana Perino on Friday’s edition of “The Five” by making a 9/11 “truther” remark in defense of Joe Biden.

Stuck for a defense of Biden’s debate lie that the White House wasn’t told that the consulate in Benghazi, Libya, needed more security, Beckel went for the “Blame Bush” defense.

Video clip: @danaperino fumes after @robertgbeckel refuses to take back 9/11…

— johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) October 12, 2012

Fox has the video here.

“They didn’t hold people … intelligence committees for 9/11, their failure to tell people what was going to happen, because it could have been stopped if they had,” Beckel mumbled.

“That’s outrageous and you should take it back,” Perino exclaimed.

@robertgbeckelwow i can’t believe what i just heard you said…9-11 could have been stopped by the Bush Admin.ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?

— Joseph Hicks (@Photoguy242) October 12, 2012

Bob Beckel is an embarrassment to the five. And what he just claimed about 9/11 is despicable. Get rid of him! @fnthefive #FoxNews @foxnews

— Debra Carlin (@DebiC37936) October 12, 2012

What did Bob Beckrl just say? Intel knew about 9/11 ahead of time? #truther #theFive #foxnews

— Tom (@tweets4tom) October 12, 2012

@danaperino Beckel has completely lost it. He is basically blaming the Bush admin for 9/11. he has become a truther, plain and simple.

— Dale Morvaji (@dmorvaji) October 12, 2012

WOW, Bob Beckel stoops to conspiracy theory & blames Bush admin for the attacks of 9/11/01. Deflecting Responsibility IS the Left Strategy

— Tom (@flatspaddler1) October 12, 2012

Bob Beckel on The Fivejust said the Intelligence community knew about 9/11 and could have stopped the WTC terror attack? @seanhannity

— Curt (@clgoetsch) October 12, 2012

Bob Beckel is so outrageous he can’t defend the Libya mess he goes to George Bush & 9/11. libs are shameless & hope they lose big time.

— Efrosina (@Efrosina) October 12, 2012

Beckel ‘ s out of line. Perrino’s right pre 9/11 FBIcouldn’tshare infow/ CIA by decree ofClinton Admin #foxfive

— GDeavers (@gdeaves) October 12, 2012

Beckel is venturing into truther territory. More unhinged as Obama inches closer to defeat.

— John Monahan (@John_Monahan) October 12, 2012

@davidlimbaugh When Dana came back from that last segment she looked like she’d been crying. What Beckel said about 9/11 was diabolical.

— txchick4mitt (@txchick4mitt) October 12, 2012

Fox, you must realize by now that you have a huge intelligence failure on “The Five.” You might want to do something to stop it before someone gets hurt.

@davidlimbaugh Beckel just lied that Bush knew about 9-11 & could’ve prevented it! I thought @danaperino was going to jump across the table!

— J Ritter(@JERitt) October 12, 2012

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