Bristol Palin guest appearance on DWTS makes haters’ heads explode!/ComedianJReid/status/273617303504044032

Earlier this fall, we got used to posting about the weekly rounds of haters bashing Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars. Then, Bristol got voted off and we didn’t think we’d have to do any more of those. We were wrong. Bristol was back for one last encore on tonight’s finale — and apparently that was enough for haters to get her name trending.

Bristol Palin was supposed to be on Horizontal Dancing with the Stars All Stars. #mixup

— Ramsey Merritt (@ramseytalks) November 28, 2012

Someone please throw a brick at bristol palin ..get off the stage…you werre voted out

— Tori Surette (@torisurette) November 28, 2012

Yuck! Bristol Palin is trending. why the fuck are we having to hear about her. I mean who even cares… I can’t stand her

— Samantha Iglesias (@JLSammyIglesias) November 28, 2012

Just told my wife that Bristol Palin should fuck a caribou. No laughs.

— MajorLongJohn (@MajorLongJohn) November 28, 2012

WHY is Bristol Palin trending? Didn’t her teenage blue waffle traumatize us once ALREADY??? #RussiaIsAlaskasNeighbor #Bahahahahaha

— Lola-Azrai™ (@Mermaid_Napalm) November 28, 2012

Luckily, there were also plenty of supporters, one of whom did a nice job turning the haters’ frenzy back in their faces.

I’m going to take this opportunity while Bristol Palin is trending to say she is awesome and you should read her book, Not Afraid of Life.

— Caleb Parke (@CalebParke) November 28, 2012

As for Bristol, all we can say is that anyone with this many haters is probably doing something right.

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