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David Limbaugh shares Obama administration ‘scandal brackets’ [pic]!/DavidLimbaugh/status/445402208364806144

The NCAA Tournament match-ups were announced Sunday evening, and President Obama will no doubt be filling out his brackets very soon as he does every year.

David Limbaugh passed along a bracket Obama will definitely not fill out:!/DavidLimbaugh/status/445399796308656128

Ha! The entirety of Congress should be forced to fill that out.!/3arnhardt/status/445401529764171776!/timmyleach2/status/445400847929720833!/HarrietBaldwin/status/445400352066506752!/allovergirl/status/445402231886458880

There’s even room at the lower right for a few more “phony scandals” that might arise (larger version here).


Here’s the new 2014 “Obama Scandal Bracket” created by Jon Gabriel and posted at Ricochet. The version featured in David Limbaugh’s tweet was posted in 2013.

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‘Packs on!’ Dan Aykroyd makes announcement about ‘Ghostbusters 3′!/DawnFortunat/status/446421241256112128

A third “Ghostbusters” movie is now closer to becoming a reality, and today Dan Aykroyd announced his involvement today:!/dan_aykroyd/status/446406047373471745

Sony Pictures has reportedly given a third installment of “Ghostbusters” the green light, and shooting is set to begin next year in New York City.



Dan Aykroyd saddened by passing of ‘brilliant, gifted’ Harold Ramis

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‘You’ve set the stage for a new Holocaust’: David Draiman unloads on lib media!/Kudzu81/status/498097742934441984

In July, Disturbed and Device vocalist David Draiman told “the mainstream media, anti-Semites, propagandists, and attackers of Israel” he’d “had about enough of your bullsh*t.” In a scorching rant, Draiman ripped the media again for fueling a stomach-turning “wave of anti-Semitism.”!/DAVIDMDRAIMAN/status/497895317316976641!/DAVIDMDRAIMAN/status/497896273093996545!/DAVIDMDRAIMAN/status/497897142652903425


‘#TeamIsrael’: 10 celebs using social media to stand with Israel

‘You fall for it’: David Draiman hammers Piers Morgan for claim Israel has a ‘child-slaughtering military strategy’

David Draiman has a kick-ass message for the MSM and anti-Semites [pic]

Full Twitchy coverage of David Draiman

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‘ABC is drunk!’ Affiliate starts year with Halle Berry oops [pics]!/msayles/status/418641004653076480

Well, an ABC affiliate got its first “oops” of 2014 out of the way pretty quickly!!/Cathyt00/status/418640336898899968!/justinpas25/status/418639686509158400

To be fair, perhaps the New Year’s Eve celebrations were extended a bit?!/RatedGiana/status/418660294924042240

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Jim Geraghty reminds NYT of headline they can re-use for Jill Abramson story!/jimgeraghty/status/466723834394320896

Jill Abramson is out as executive editor of the New York Times. The New Yorker reported that one of Abramson’s conflicts with top brass at the paper started after she discovered that her pay and benefits were “considerably less” than her male predecessor.

National Review’s Jim Geraghty helped save the Times’ headline writers some extra work if they decide to do a story:!/jimgeraghty/status/466726885758480384




‘Need to follow some new people’: Jill Abramson’s NYT exit fills Twitter feeds with journo buzz

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‘Transparency’: ‘Media lockdown’ at Biden event in Chicago!/natashakorecki/status/504003995518898176

Some reporters seem like they’re getting a little tired of getting the run-around from the most transparent administration in history.!/natashakorecki/status/504014329315094528!/natashakorecki/status/504015386623631361!/jakemalooley/status/504021289573842944!/natashakorecki/status/504016337648488448!/natashakorecki/status/504019941050560512!/RonSandack/status/504021552888033281

They can’t have people like that participating. That could create a breach in the narrative.!/natashakorecki/status/504029164244971522




Reporter: Obama ‘the greatest threat to press freedom in a generation’

Journalists: ‘Stifling of free expression is happening’ despite Obama’s pledge 


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Vice President Joe Biden guests on ‘Late Night’; Seth Meyers bombs!/jpodhoretz/status/438188744387358720

He’s vice president, not president, so being second in line is just part of the job. Vice President Joe Biden was the second guest on the inaugural broadcast of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” late Monday night.!/kickitupanacho/status/438199430307516416!/Adjustedwell/status/438199212329541632!/BPetrishen_MWDN/status/438195278295085057

Judging from Twitter reaction, there’s only one thing worse than being the second guest on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” and that’s being the host of “Late Night with Seth Myers.”!/stvoraw/status/438188008819666944!/jeremyhood216/status/438193638946795520!/LizMalinowski/status/438187874421571584!/sofargonz/status/438187553871888385!/mavanco/status/438187836739969024!/mcbc/status/438187371616419840!/SkyMansell/status/438187247364354048

Biden “almost” made a big announcement regarding 2016.!/JGuerraTKE/status/438197868193939456

Wait a week, Joe, and maybe Seth Meyers’ job will open up.

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‘Major SNAFU’: Water leak floods red carpet at Golden Globes [pics]!/emglobetrotter/status/422498520940412929

A broken water pipe at the Beverly Hilton prior to the start of the Golden Globe Awards has put a damper on the red carpet:!/NBCNewYork/status/422493811026460673


Possibly “bad news for long gowns” according to Ryan Seacrest:!/RyanSeacrest/status/422481356795285504

How long will it be until a Hollywood celeb blames global warming?

Snarky tweeters want to know “where was Oprah?”!/graedrake/status/422484466292899840

(h/t @Sam7ToHillary)

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‘I hate my life’: Josh Earnest’s face betrays his inner turmoil [photos]!/wkamaubell/status/517404312041824256

It can’t be easy being Josh Earnest these days. He’s got a lot of crap to explain.

It’s part of his job to look calm even when it’s all hit the fan, and bless his heart for trying, but he’s not fooling anyone anymore:

Josh Earnest always looks like what I think I'd look like if I was in charge of explaining everything Obama did.

— W. Kamau Bell (@wkamaubell) October 1, 2014

That … describes it perfectly.

Earnest right now

— Kate (@misskathrynhyde) October 1, 2014

We don’t blame you, buddy.



Twitchy coverage of Josh Earnest

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‘Still bitter after 13 years’: Politico’s Roger Simon has a sad over Bush v. Gore!/charlescwcooke/status/411180166006575104

Hard to believe it’s been 13 years, but what can we say? Time flies:!/BeschlossDC/status/411172677248774144

Apparently time doesn’t heal all wounds. Not for Politico’s Roger Simon, anyway:!/politicoroger/status/411173313105240064

Awww … he and The Nation’s Ari Berman can have a good cry about it:!/AriBerman/status/411154928481337344

Really, guys?!/CatsPolitics/status/411179580817698816

Interesting that the same people telling us to “get over” things like Benghazi and Obamacare are still hung up on the 2000 election.!/CatsPolitics/status/411181559094718465




Politico’s Roger Simon expects something fishy from Rahm Emanuel

Politico’s Roger Simon checking out iPhone’s hot new satire app

Lapdogs of a kennel, stick together: Politico’s Roger Simon says Crowley a credit to her profession

Politico’s Roger Simon: ‘Racism came out of the closet’ at Million Vets March

Douchetastic: Politico’s Roger Simon says America would be ‘saved’ if Cruz, Boehner drowned

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‘Maybe MSNBC will like you now’! April Fools Day comes early for Ted Cruz [pic]!/GunslingerDHTX/status/448846988180615169

Sen. Cruz joined citizens outside the Supreme Court yesterday to show his support for Hobby Lobby and religious freedom:!/charliespiering/status/448525264407236608

Apparently, according to one media outlet, he also switched parties:!/tedcruz/status/448846482272423937

Well, yes. Technically it is. But:!/rachelveronica/status/448846937521799168


Being misidentified as a Democrat has got to suck, but maybe in this case, there’s a silver lining:!/GunslingerDHTX/status/448847136923205633

Ha! There you go!



Twitchy coverage of Ted Cruz

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Maps are hard! CNN’s geography slip-up, flashback oops are hilarious [photos]!/gimbakakanda/status/496934509724831744

Oh dear. This is CNNagain.!/Balkissaide/status/497328836963753984!/Maya__Anderson/status/497111641784188928!/Gidi_Gossip/status/497268476105334784

A reason for the slip-up?!/ThePeoplesCube/status/497171421463052288


Maps are consistently hard for CNN.!/AfricasaCountry/status/497393755566395392!/legit_denmark/status/496806254246100992

Yup. Many Twitter users couldn’t help but be reminded of that hilarious oops.!/yesnicksearcy/status/497423945176334336!/DavidKenner/status/497301669676187648

So there’s that, CNN!


Laugh or cry? Is THIS the reason Nancy Pelosi referred to Africa as a country?

Not unexpectedly! Biden thinks Africa is a country? THIS Obama ignorance is even worse

Geography fail: CNN tries to find Hong Kong, misses mark by 10,000 miles [pic]

Geography is hard! CNN places Ukraine city of Slovyansk in Crimea

Man, geography is hard! CNN misplaces NYC and Boston [pic]

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‘Gold’: Joni Ernst swiftly praised for ‘epic troll of Harkin’!/thesilky/status/529335221431193600

Republican Joni Ernst is running to fill the Iowa Senate seat vacated by the retiring liberal Tom Harkin, and over the weekend Harkin warned voters not to be fooled by the GOP candidate who is “really attractive” and “sounds nice.” Harkin added, “I don’t care if she’s as good looking as Taylor Swift or as nice as Mr. Rogers, but if she votes like Michele Bachmann, she’s wrong for the state of Iowa.”

Ernst has responded to Harkin, though not directly:








‘This race looks like it’s decided’: Des Moines Register poll shows Joni Ernst at 51 percent

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