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Why This Guy Takes Forever To Power Wash His Sidewalk Is Incredibly Cool. I Love These.

Home maintenance can be a pain and take hours to complete, but keeping your property in good condition is a must. Power washing can help clean vinyl siding, driveways and sidewalks, but it’s not an easy process. It takes this guy a little longer than normal to power wash the concrete slabs outside of his home, but that’s because he does something awesome while he does it… He isn’t just cleaning the concrete. He is transforming it into larger-than-life artwork.

This is his first attempt at power washer art.

He chalked the outline first, then used the power washer.

He didn’t realize it’d turn out THIS good.

Time for Pikachu! First, the chalking…

“Then you very quickly line out the image. Making sure to make the white areas thinner than normal, and the dark areas fatter than normal. (It is a reduction process, since you can’t add any more aged dirt to fix mistakes.)”

The finished product. (Wow.)

“I wanted to attempt an image with more dark then light, so went with everyone’s favorite robot.”

“This was pretty difficult to get the thicknesses of the eye lenses along with the mouth without taking too much away.”

It took him approximately 30 minutes to create this, including chalk out.

The artist himself (5’10”) for scale.

Chalked out a minimalist storm trooper design.

Making the lines…

Finished and cleaned up!

This also took approximately 30 minutes.

“Being a light and dark process figured a Miyazaki tree spirit would be perfect. Then with Mario Kart 8, made a connection between likeness between the characters, so thought I would give it a whirl.”

“Are we brothers?”

Looks a little messy now.

But it’s all worth it.

“This is by far the hardest power wash out of this whole album. It was smaller than the rest and had the smallest room for error. Start to finish approx 1 hr 30 minutes, including chalking out.”

It would be so tempting to leave it just like this…

Majora’s Mask from the Zelda games. First, a huge chalk outline.

Then, some careful line-making.

Chipping away at the dark.

“If you attempt this, make sure you keep the nozzle at least 6″-8″ away from the ground. I definitely accidentally etched most of Majora’s Mask into our backyard concrete slab. I’m not mad, but as long as the parents don’t notice, I won’t notice.”

It took him approximately 5 hours to complete the mask.

It was so worth it.

Just look at how big this masterpiece is!

And finally, a classic: Frank’s mask from Donnie Darko.

It took about 3 hours to complete this one.

It’s also oversized, like the other mask.

This mask combination was an awesome design choice.

Power washing for the win.

Source: Reddit Whistling while you work can help the time pass, but it’s even more fun if you’re creating something really cool while you work. I’m suddenly inspired to buy a power washer… Share his power washer artwork by clicking on the button below.

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If You Had 20 Guesses, You Still Would NEVER Guess What This Guy Built With Toothpicks. WOW.

It took 100,000 toothpicks, 35 years, and at least one moment when he was like “I think I’ll build the most glorious toothpick sculpture of San Francisco ever created,” but Scott Weaver did just that. Cable cars, Lombard Street, the Golden Gate Bridge–if it’s a San Francisco landmark, Weaver crafted a toothpick version of it. All that’s missing is the fog! As if that weren’t enough, the already impressive sculpture is equipped with winding trails for balls to roll through, hence the piece being named “Rolling Through the Bay.” Check it out!

1.) Here it is!

2.) A military ship in the bay

3.) A San Francisco street

4.) A beautiful old building

5.) One of the Golden Gate Windmills

6.) A bird

7.) The Famous Cliff House

Watch the video to see Weaver’s work in action.

Awesome! I wonder if he used the mint kind. That would be one fresh-smelling city! Share this post using the button below.

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Tired of Boring Old Couches? Spruce Up Your Place With This Human-Sized Nest

You might have heard of a home referred to as a “nest” before, and it can bring up images of either coziness or messiness (or both). Usually, though, the description isn’t literal. Until now.

This couch maybe be a little weird, it takes up a considerable amount of room and it may be a pain to clean, but it’s your very own nest.

The nest itself, as well as the egg pillows, come in a variety of colors. OGE Creative Group The nest itself, as well as the egg pillows, come in a variety of colors.

Israeli-based OGE Creative Group, has developed a human-sized bird’s nest, complete with colorful, egg-shaped pillows, as a “fusion of furniture and playground,” with the idea of using the unconventional lounge space as a way to help people be more creative. 

The egg pillows can be arranged for optimal lounging comfort. OGE Creative Group The egg pillows can be arranged for optimal lounging comfort.

The round wooden nest comes in four sizes, with the smallest seating two to three people, and the largest with a 15-foot diameter and space for 16 people. Party nest! The wooden section comes in a variety of colors as well, so your nest can be in harmony with the rest of your decor. 

If I walked in and saw this in someone's house, I'd have a new best friend. OGE Creative Group If I walked in and saw this in someone’s house, I’d have a new best friend. The nest and pillows can be color-customized to match any decor. OGE Creative Group The nest and pillows can be color-customized to match any decor.

Designers Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr say that the nest’s use is open-ended, and it’s up to the customers to use it however they like. “Its powerful, yet simple concept and intriguing character needs no explanation or user manual: Ready to be used, ready for playing or working in. Simply jump in and enjoy.”

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This Skeleton Rocking Chair Will Make For A Terrifying Addition To Your Home.

I don’t take home decorating too seriously these days. But if there’s one thing that I know will tie any room in my house together, it’s a hand-carved wooden skeleton rocking chair.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these pictures below and then try to tell me that this wouldn’t look stunning in every room in your house.

Here it is. The magnificent skeleton rocking chair.

It might look a little morbid at first, but just imagine how comfortable it must be.

Plus, you’ll look really cool sitting in it.

If the skeleton didn’t sell you on it, then how about the dragons on the bottom? So cool.

Legend has it that famous horror actor Vincent Price ordered two handmade skeleton rocking chairs from Europe right before his death. Sadly, they didn’t make it there in time.

This model of skeleton rocking chair is allegedly a replica of the chairs Vincent Price ordered.

Via: Tumblr

I’m sold. My place could use a few more pieces of creepy furniture. Now if only I could find a store online that sold these chairs, I’d be all set. 

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These 27 Artists Created Something Amazing Using Ballpoint Pens.

It’s amazing the kind of art some people can make just using everyday objects. Take for example these 27 amazing artists. They reached into a normal desk drawer and pulled out a ballpoint pen. Then, they proceeded to make the coolest art I’ve ever seen.

All of their drawings were done using ordinary ballpoint pens, and a few markers. If you’re feeling untalented by the time you reach #24, you’re not alone. 

1.) Walter White from “Breaking Bad.”

2.) My favorite show of all time.

3.) How did the artist get those eyes to be so expressive?

4.) She’s beautiful.

5.) Miley Cyrus.

6.) This is unreal.

7.) Getting a grip.

8.) Squidward from “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

9.) The shadows on this one are great.

10.) Creepy twins from “The Shining.”

11.) Hugh Lowry, AKA Dr. House.

12.) Harry Potter.

13.) Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

14.) Spiderman looking amazing.

15.) Vampire Weekend album cover drawn on a Starbucks napkin.

16.) This one seriously looks like an Instagram photo.

17.) Martin Scorsese.

18.) Holding her tight.

19.) Truth.

20.) Cat time!

21.) Woman in blue and red.

22.) Beautiful.

23.) Davy Havok from the band “Afi.”

24.) How is this even possible?!

25.) Straight from nature.

26.) Abstract pen art.

27.) Looks good enough to drink.

(Via: Ebaum’s World)

Maybe it’s time to sign up for some art classes? These creations are beyond incredible.

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This is Why the Day of the Dead Festival May Be Better Than Halloween.

Halloween has just passed and I’m sure everyone enjoyed the festivities and candy. What a lot of people don’t know, though, is that the Mexican holiday of Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, also passed over the weekend. Many Americans might not know about this holiday, but it is gaining popularity in the States recently. This is why next year you should maybe try to celebrate the Day of the Dead as an alternative to Halloween, or maybe even in conjunction with Halloween.

1.) You can make beautiful artwork on your face.

1.) You can make beautiful artwork on your face. happyplace

2.) If you don’t have time for the make up, you can wear a mask.

2.) If you don't have time for the make up, you can wear a mask. happyplace

3.) You can make a statement with your costume.

3.) You can make a statement with your costume. happyplace

4.) It can be a couple’s activity.

4.) It can be a couple's activity. mrcostumes

5.) You can look pretty sexy.

5.) You can look pretty sexy. imgur

6.) It isn’t just for one day. The Day of the Dead celebration is October 31, November 1, and November 2.

6.) It isn't just for one day. The Day of the Dead celebration is October 31, November 1, and November 2. imgur

7.) You can add some flair to your costume.

7.) You can add some flair to your costume. happyplace

8.) You can make an elaborate costume that is also incredibly badass.

8.) You can make an elaborate costume that is also incredibly badass. imgur

9.) You can get married.

9.) You can get married. imgur

10.) Celebrities get in on the action.

10.) Celebrities get in on the action. dailymail

11.) It’s a family activity.

11.) It's a family activity. neonmamacita

12.) It is meant to pay homage to all of the deceased in your life.

12.) It is meant to pay homage to all of the deceased in your life. punditfromanotherplanet

13.) It can double as your Halloween costume.

13.) It can double as your Halloween costume. happyplace

14.) You can still dress as an animal if you want as well.

14.) You can still dress as an animal if you want as well. imgur

15.) You can step outside of your own culture and experience something different.

15.) You can step outside of your own culture and experience something different. imgur

16.) You can get your car involved.

16.) You can get your car involved. imgur

17.) It’s just as scary looking as Halloween, if not more.

17.) It's just as scary looking as Halloween, if not more. pixgood

Next year, give The Day of the Dead a whirl and see if you like it. If you’re feeling really ballsy, you should go down to Mexico and have an authentic experience. 

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These Movie Makeup Transformations Hardly Seem Possible. Wow.

While the actors and directors get most of the credit in movies, there’s so much more going on behind the scenes. Set designs, camera work and costumes all come together to create a movie. Not only that, but productions would be nothing if not for the makeup. Movie makeup can change an actor in subtle or intense ways. Makeup creates or enhances various characteristics and effects, from fantasy elements to gore.

It can transform actors into just about anyone–or anything. Here’s a list of some of the best makeup through the ages of cinema. Take a look!

1.) Rebecca Romijn as Mystique in X-Men (2000)

Actress Romijn spent up to 12 hours a day in the makeup chair to achieve Mystique’s scaly blue look. While it certainly looks like she’s naked, she’s actually wearing silcone prosthetics over two-thirds of her body, which were applied before a full-body airbrushing to achieve the solid blue hue. We don’t even want to think about how long it took to get outof the makeup. Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique took a slightly different approach with a bodysuit.

2.) Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie (1982)

Hoffman said he would only take this role if the makeup was good enough for him to pass as a woman in everyday life, not just in the world of the movie. The rigorous transformation included skin tightening treatments and prosthetic teeth. The results were so good that Hoffman fooled his own daughter, and the costume also made him more aware of how he, as a man, viewed women and how women are viewed in public, which made for some personal growth

3.) Jeff Goldblum in The Fly (1986)

To get the effect of a gradual transformation, makeup artist Chris Walas actually started with Jeff Goldblum’s final fly form and worked backwards. There were seven stages of mutation, all completed in only three months. There’s a total of five pounds of prosthetics at work here

4.) John Hurt in The Elephant Man (1980)

The prosthetics for Hurt’s portrayal of Joseph Merrick, the real-life figure behind this biopic involved 15 separate pieces, and was created using a cast of Merrick’s head as well as Merrick’s actual skeleton. The makeup was so impactful that after it, the Academy Awards began including a category for Best Makeup.

5.) Boris Karloff in Frankenstein (1931)

This was the movie that made a big square head with neck bolts the signature look of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster for years to come. Because of technological limitations of the day (no silicone or latex), makeup artist Jack Pierce built up Karloff’s face and head using gum, cotton and surgical glue. In total, Karloff wore 35 pounds of makeup and costume for this role. Karloff himself contributed to the look as well; by removing his dental plate, he created the dent on the right side of his face, rendering it asymmetrical.

6.) All the Apes in Planet of the Apes (1968)

It wasn’t just makeup for one, but for hundreds. Makeup artist John Chambers invented a new type of foam rubber specifically for this film to allow for a naturalistic range of motion. Because of the sheer number of actors who needed to be ape-ified, Chambers hired pretty much all the makeup artists in Hollywood, delaying many other films as a result. The makeup here was updated in the 2001 remake, but owes a lot to the original.

7.) Marlon Brando in The Godfather (1972)

This is one of the more subtle looks, but in that way, it’s even more incredible. No one thinks of Don Corleone as being a costume, but consider that Brando was only 47 in this role, while the character was considerably older. Brando refused to wear prosthetics, and so the decades were added to him using makeup alone. The only thing added to his face are dental devices called “plumpers,” meant to fill in sunken areas of the mouth (see Karloff’s makeup for the opposite effect) that created the signature jowls–and speech.

8.) Charlize Theron in Monster (2003)

Theron gained about 30 pounds for this role, and makeup artist Toni G also fried Theron’s hair and bleached out her eyebrows to make her into serial killer Aileen Wuornos. In addition Theron’s face was sprayed with a mixture of tattoo ink and marble fixture to create the rough, worn-out looking skin, but the only prosthetics were dentures and eyelids.

9.) Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street (2012)

This super-meta remake featured Johnny Depp in a serious disguise that renders him unrecognizable for much of the film. This might have been a spoiler.

10.) Doug Jones in (2006)

The Faun’s costume involved a full body of makeup and prosthetics topped off with 10-pound horns, and bottomed off with eight-inch lifts and fake legs. Jones’ real legs were digitally edited out. But besides the makeup and the CGI, this costume also used animatronics for subtle, naturalistic movements. The ears and eyelids were remote-controlled, so they could be operated from off-screen while Dog Jones acted out the rest of the Faun’s movements.

There are plenty of other notable uses of makeup in cinema, from the effects in the 1925 version of The Phantom of the Opera, which supposedly made movie-goers scream, to the aging of Marion Cotillard in La Vie En Roseand plenty more. 

Images via CineFix


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Oh That? It’s Just a Giant Emerging from the Earth in My Yard. No Big Deal.

If you were in Budapest earlier this month, you might have found an enormous stone giant heaving himself up from the very Earth in Széchenyi Square. But he was actually an invited guest, and a very popular one. 

The sculpture, whose title translates to “popped up,” seems to emerge in front of some of Budapest’s historical buildings.

The giant, with an expressively heaving face suggesting the force with which he crawls out from underground, is an installation piece by Hungarian artist Ervin Loránth Hervé. He was installed at Széchenyi Square for the Art Market Budapest, which took place earlier this month. After that, the piece was installed in Ulm. 

The passing car gives an idea of the sheer scale of this installation.

While it looks like it’s made of stone, the statue, called Feltépve (literally, “popped up”), is actually made of polystyrene and can be moved fairly easily. Artificial grass adds to the effect that it’s emerging from the ground. 

While it looks like weathered stone, the sculpture is actually made of polystyrene.

“My goal was to show people that pieces of contemporary art can be integral parts of a city, that they can become one of its building blocks,” Hervé says. He explains in an interview that currently, he’s not satisfied with what he calls the “statue culture” of Budapest, and hopes that he can help usher in a new era of sculpture in the city. 

So far, his work has been well-received. Despite the less-than-friendly face, the locals have taken a liking to the statue. Hervé encourages interactions between viewers and the sculpture, calling it “selfie compatible.”

Visitors interact and pose with the sculpture, which the artist encourages.

While this piece is rendered in earthy, naturalistic tones, Hervé says that his next pieces will be in brighter colors that will contrast with the city’s historical buildings. While he appreciates the city’s history, he’s an advocate of modernizing the arts culture here, as well as making it public. “”I say that many more contemporary sculptures should be displayed on the streets of Budapest. I’m positively sure that not only tourists would love them, people living in the city would too. Let’s dare to create!”

Via My Modern Met|Funzine|We Love Budapest

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These Lighthouses Aren’t Just Beautiful, They’re Strong, Too.

A lighthouse may look out of place when the sky is blue and the only thing crashing down on the shore are the sun’s rays. But when there’s a storm coming in, a lighthouse seems right at home, battling it out against the wind, water, and gray. Without their beams of light, many would be lost forever. Without their strong bases, lighthouses would get swept into oblivion.

From bottom to the top, a lighthouse is an incredible tower that amazed more than lost sailors for years. Take a look at what these beacons of light are often up against.

St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse, Michigan, U.S.

San Esteban De Pravia, Spain

Porto, Portugal

Andros Island, Greece

Bretagne, France

Ostend, Belgium


Klein, Curacao


Cantabria, Spain

East Sussex, England

Victoria Beach Lighthouse, Laguna Beach, California, U.S.

Lysekil, Sweden

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Brest, France

(H/T EarthPorm)

What impressive structures these are! You don’t have to be a mariner to be thankful that these beautiful lighthouses are around. Now I want to brave this storm we’re having and see how my local lighthouse is holding up.

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Take the Traditional Definition of a Witch and Apply It To These People, And…

The term “witch” pops up a lot around this time of year. It usually calls to mind images of wicked ladies in pointy hats, à la Margaret Hamilton in The Wizard of Oz. You might also think of the Salem with trials of 1692, in which 19 people were executed in what’s now viewed as an instance of mass hysteria. But really? The term has been around for a very long time, and has carried with it a variety of connotations and historical baggage. It has been applied to men about as equally as it has to women. But now, when you think of a witch? You think of a woman.

Back in the day, (and for some of these, we’re going way back) religion, science and magic often occupied the same nebulous space. Things that would later be explained via science were viewed as magical phenomena. Magic and religion, depending on the culture, were synonymous.

Being a religious leader, performing “magic” or “miracles” and studying the sciences didn’t have the delineation they have today. All were viewed in varying levels of value and veracity over the years. Based on this definition, many people across history could be classified, in the anthropological sense, as witches. If you believe in that sort of thing.

Now that the history lesson is out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the unexpected people who, because of their teachings and practices, can bear the label “witch.”

1. Plato

Plato is today best known as one of the founders of Western science and philosophy, but he was also a believer in mysticism. To him, magic and/or religion and science were not opposites. He embraced both the religious aspects of his world along with the foundations of early empirical science, and himself supported a “mystical approach to the soul and its place in the material world.”

2. A lot of saints. 

Traditionally, saints are required, prior to being considered saints, to perform three miracles. That is, to work magic, or what was thought of as magic in their time. Saints like Joan of Arc, Clare of Assisi and Hildegard von Bingen (pictured) claimed or were claimed to have visions of events far off in both time and space, while Teresa of Avila promoted a method of meditation that supposedly allowed adherents to experience other dimensions of existence, which sounds a bit like astral projection. There are plenty of other tales of bizarre saintly activity, much of it that would be pretty terrifying by today’s standards. 

3. Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus is pretty well-known for performing miracles like turning water into wine and creating an endless buffet, as well as walking on water and healing people via touch. There’s also a tale where he brought someone back from the dead. While the rest of his magic was well and good with his contemporaries, evidenced by the celebratory language of the Bible, but his foray into necromancy even had them referencing witchcraft. Necromancy was also the Witch of Endor’s bag, and that figure has caused controversy over the place of magic in the Bible. 

4. Pythagoras

Now known mainly for his theorem, Pythagoras was actually the leader of a mystical cult in the ancient Greek world. The cult held that numbers held divine properties that could provide humans with knowledge of magical realms. The cult was fairly well-established, and had a temple located in southern Italy, as well as a set of complex rituals. 

5. Jezebel

While her name today evokes the less-than-savory, Jezebel has the distinction of being one of the few people in the Old Testament with an actual historical record. She was a queen and ruler in northern Israel, in addition to being a priestess. As such, she would have been the leader of both the political and religious facets of her country. She was married to King Ahab, but, as evidenced by the fact that she bore her own royal seal, she would have had the power to make her own political decisions. It’s possible, though, that her success as a pagan and female leader annoyed some people, and the result is that her name has come to be associated with promiscuity and prostitution. 

6. Christina of Sweden

Royalty often comes along with allegations of witchcraft, due to the power these people exert as well as the close alliance of religion and governmental power in the past. On top of that, royalty were the ones who had the time and resources to study sciences and philosophy, and so their esoteric pursuits would get them the side-eye as well. Christina of Sweden was an example of this. She became a controversial figure when she expressed her love for studying alchemy and comparative religions, as well as for appearing as the goddess Diana in a ballet. She wanted to advance humanity and was a pretty good ruler, but because she was operating outside of acceptable queen behavior, she got bad press. So much so, that she abdicated the throne to pursue her studies in private. 

7. King Solomon

King Solomon’s historical record is minimal, but it appears he supported a number of religions during his reign, building temples not only to Yahweh but to other deities of local religions as well. In addition, he’s the subject of many legends involving angels, demons and magic. The most well known is the “Seal of Solomon,” a ring which supposedly gave him the power to summon demons, which would be the inspiration for the medieval study of working with demons.

8. Rudolf II

This Holy Roman Emperor was not known for his rulership prowess. In fact, his ineptitude is largely blamed by historians for leading to the Thirty Years’ War. He wasn’t necessarily a bad person, but perhaps not suited to ruling an empire. Rudolf’s passions were in the arts and sciences, and he was a great sponsor of the arts. He also had a consuming interest in the occult. Of course, astrology and alchemy were considered mainstream sciences in his day, and his studies actually contributed to the development of the scientific method in Europe. 

9. William Butler Yeats

Besides being a noted poet, Yeats was also a self-described student of magic. Of his writing, he once said, “If I had not made magic my constant study I could not have written a single word.” He drew on ancient Irish mythologies for his inspiration, and was also a member of a paranormal research club called, aptly, the Ghost Club. Another member of that club? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

10. William Blake

Now known as a central figure of the Romantic Age, poet, painter and printmaker William Blake was considered to be on a crazy side by his contemporaries. He was religious, but disliked the institution of the Church of England and decided to strike out on his own in the mythological sense. He ended up creating a proto-religion of his own, and actively sought to develop this system, away from what he saw as the unnatural and repressive laws of the church. He was also ma proponent of racial and sexual equality. 

Basically, if you adhere to the rules by which someone can be labeled a “witch,” you’re probably going to find yourself including a lot of famous people on that list, and possibly even yourself.

Have you ever talked to your pet? You may have been considered witchy for that not very long ago. We’re not professing that any of the people on the list were actually in possession of any magical abilities, but when you look at the way people approach knowledge, spirituality, it seems that we do like giving the literal, figurative and historical side-eyes to people who maybe went about things in a slightly different way. 

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You’ll Never See Stereotypes The Same Way Again After You Read This.

Artist Joel Parés sees the world the way we do, but with a better sense of the underlying subtleties that run our lives. That’s why he recently created the inspiring “Judging America” visual series to highlight the huge problem of stereotypes in America.

When you see these 10 extremely powerful men and women, you’ll understand exactly why Parés chose to focus on this problem. They showcase how even hearing the stories of another person leads you to think certain things that have no basis in reality. These images are incredibly powerful reminders of how we act and think.

1.) Widowed Mother of 3 Kids

2.) Stanford Graduate School Student

3.) Iraqi Combat Veteran

4.) iPhone App Investor Worth Millions

5.) Founder of Family Outreach Program

6.) Harvard Graduate

7.) CEO of a Fortune 500 Company

8.) New York City Nurse

9.) World Famous Painter

10.) Full-Time Pastor/Missionary

(via Elite Daily)

The truth can be powerful, and these images prove that stereotypes are inaccurate and hurtful. It’s awful to assume someone is a certain way because of how society may view their background. Remember these images and help dissolve unfair stereotypes in the world so that they no longer exist.

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This Looks Like A Charming Little Cabin. And It Is… But It’s So Much More Than That. Trust Me.

If you think that what you see below is just an adorable log cabin, you’d be dead wrong. Sure, it looks like a quaint cabin (in almost every way) but thanks to some sneaky architecture that’s just a disguise. Kelly Davis, the architect who created this faux-cabin at Canoe Bay Escape, is a visual trickster (and quite possibly a magician).

It may look like a cabin, but this is actually an RV (no joke).

This “cabin” is only 400 square feet, which doesn’t sound like much.

But it’s actually bigger than some 1 bedroom apartments.

The ESCAPE cabin was originally conceived as a high quality cabin, NOT an RV.

Now, ESCAPE is part of the tiny house movement. This movement, which is growing in popularity, has focuses on living with a smaller financial, environmental and physical footprint.

It doesn’t look like most other RVs, but it fits the standard of the Park Model RV, which can be up to 400 square feet.

Not only is the cabin made of extremely high quality materials (featuring cedar lap siding, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances and much more), but you never know how small it is thanks to the brilliant design.

Compromises must be made when creating a tiny home. There’s no room for a full kitchen or bathroom, but one look at ESCAPE and I would completely forget about that.

The cabin/RV is settled at Canoe Bay Escape, surrounded by gorgeous views on all sides.

More and more people will follow in the footsteps of these incredible tiny homes, both saving their own money and the environment.

Although, ESCAPE in particular would actually run a person around $79,000, which is quite pricey for an RV.

But if you could live in this beautiful and small home, it would be worth it.

And the brilliant design isn’t just for show (or to meet the tiny home standards). It’s also efficient: “The unit at Canoe Bay is heated by a sealed combustion, high efficiency fireplace….there is no furnace. No one has opted for a furnace. The fireplace is rated at over 90% efficient and even through this brutal winter – our temps have consistently been -20 to -35 below zero – the fireplace has easily heated ESCAPE and saved us plenty of money. Remarkably better than even we expected.” No heating bills, less to clean and an amazing looking cabin? I’m sold and ready to build my own tiny home. As Alek Lisefski of Tiny Project said, “While living in a such a small house, my space, and in turn each area of my life, will be simpler, less chaotic, and free from all but what is essential.” I think he has a point. Sources: Tree Hugger To share this small, but awesome, RV with others click the button below.

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If Anyone Ever Destroys This LEGO Creation, I Will Cry. Because It’s Simply Awesome.

Reddit user forte2 isn’t just any The Lord of the Rings fan. He is the Lord of the Rings fan. Although there may be others who participate in extravagant cosplay, fan-fiction or literary analysis, this guy spent months lovingly crafting something in honor of the J.R.R. Tolkein books. He built what you see below. The castle is called Helm’s Deep and it’s in the middle of a battle. It’s also incredibly awesome.

Even if you’re not a fan of J.R.R. Tolkein’s work, you have to admit this is impressive.

This took 150,000 bricks…

1,700 figures…

And FOUR MONTHS to complete.


This LEGO scene is recreating the Battle of the Hornburg.

It was a large scale battle in the book/movie The Two Towers.

A legion of evil warriors attacked Helm’s Deep.

These LEGO soldiers seem to be holding down the fort pretty well.

Now this is dedication to a story.

Can you imagine just how many LEGO bricks this guy stepped on while creating this? OUCH. Source: Reddit Share his dedication and awesome creation with others by clicking the button below!

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This Latte Art is Far Too Beautiful to Drink. These Beverages Are Incredible.

Latte art is far evolved in Japan when compared to the rest of the world. No, they don’t have a special latte printer. What they do have are lattes with hyper-realistic designs crafted into the drink’s foam. It’s quite impressive.

If beauty was something possible to admire before one’s first cup of coffee, then these would surely be preserved in museums for people to view in droves. Take a look at some of the best, most realistic creations Japan has to offer.


Cat dongurinekobei


Gandhi Mattsun


Cat dongurinekobei


Psy Kazuki Yamamoto & Kohei Matsuno

Another Cat

Another Cat dongurinekobei

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Kazuki Yamamoto & Kohei Matsuno


Ferret acupofcoffeeandamuse

Captain America

Captain America Mattsun


Doge acupofcoffeeandamuse


Elephant acupofcoffeeandamuse

(via Lost at E Minor)

How have these things not caused Instagram to explode yet? They all feature incredible craftsmanship…especially for something that someone is going to down on their way to work.

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Whoever Invented This Deliciousness Is A True Pioneer. I Want This NOW.

I don’t know if you were aware of this, but pizza is king in America. Approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. each year. It’s essentially The Beatles of food. I could eat pizza every day for the rest of my life, but sometimes it’s good to change things up. Luckily, some otherworldly genius came up with a way to change the pizza game forever. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the pizzadilla!


  • 2 large flour tortillas
  • Pizza sauce
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Additional pizza toppings

1.) Put a tortilla in a skillet and cover it with pizza sauce and cheese. Put another tortilla on top.

2.) Flip the ‘dilla over and cook the other side.

3.) Make sure it looks like this before breaking out the other toppings.

4.) Begin putting on more sauce and cheese and any other toppings you might want on your pizzadilla.

5.) Cook it until the cheese melts and it looks something like this.

6.) Let ‘er cool.

7.) Pizzadilla time!

Pizzadilla is basically the greatest thing invented since the Internet. To the inventor of this magic, you have my endorsement for the Nobel Prize this year, sir.

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