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An Itty Bitty Black Bear Found Something He Really Likes Playing With In The Backyard.

Living near the wild forests can bring a whole host of creatures to your doorstep. From foxes and eagles, to even bears, you’ll never know what you might find lurking outside your door. Perhaps the one thing you didn’t expect is for their children to show up as well. Or to have the same joy and fun that your children have as they play with your toys.

That’s why these videos are priceless captures of the true joy of life existing all around us. They aren’t to be missed.

If you liked that one, we KNOW you’ll enjoy this one even more!

So, aren’t you wondering who might be stumbling through your backyard?…

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How This Man Was Spotted Walking Home Is So Much Better Than It Looks. Check Out What Happened.

Helping those in need may not be everyone’s first instinct… but it should be. A simple act of kindness occurred on a bus in Canada that is inspiring thousands online. A man, possibly homeless, was sitting on the bus while wearing two plastic hairnets on his feet instead of shoes. Another person saw his fellow passenger’s plight. Instead of leaving the other man be, he decided to step in to help him out.

He approached the man, gave him his socks and shoes and said, “You can take these, don’t worry about me — I live close by and can walk.”

Then, without another word, he got off of the bus.

(H/T Elite Daily) This man’s simple, but Godly, actions are inspirational. The bus driver, Surjit Singh Virk, had never seen an act of kindness like this before. The bus passenger who gave up his shoes was a 27 year-old, just wanting to help his fellow man. When asked about his decision to give away his shoes, his reply was simple. He lived close to the bus stop and he felt bad for the man without shoes… so he wanted to help. What he did for a fellow human being is amazing. Share this act of kindness with others.

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Employees Fed Up With Terrible Boss Get Revenge

Having a job you don’t like is one thing, but when your boss is cruel, it’s nearly unbearable. For one group of employees, the boss took it one step too far. She told one employee that “cancer wasn’t an excuse.” That was the final straw. Every single employee at this Journeys store decided to get revenge…

They quit. Every single one of them. This is the note they left.


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This Dying Child Planned His Own Quirky Funeral. But That’s Not Even The Unbelievable Part.

Deryn Blackwell, a 14 year-old boy, didn’t think he had long to live. He had leukemia and was fighting another rare cancer. Last December, he was told he only had days to live. Deryn began planning his own funeral, his coffin was to be driven in the same hearse that once carried Winston Churchill. Then, he wanted to be brought into the crematorium to the sound of Move Your Feet. He also wanted to be laid to rest wearing a suit and having a styled pink mohawk. But then, everything changed.

Deryn was told he wouldn’t see Christmas. When he was 10 years-old he was diagnosed with leukemia. Then, he was diagnosed with the extremely rare Langerhans cell sarcoma.

Daily Mail

Doctors attempted to give Deryn bone marrow. All of the surgeries failed and his body was being attacked by multiple infections.

Daily Mail

He even had a superbug that caused three of his fingers to go black and necrotic. He and his parents were told, “This is the end.”

Daily Mail

He accepted his own death. Deryn had been fighting hard for four years and he just wanted an end to the struggling.

Daily Mail

He went home that December, thinking he wouldn’t see Christmas. But then Christmas passed. And New Years. In the second week of January, Deryn accidentally tore a bandage off one of his fingers. It wasn’t decayed down to the bone. It was healed.

Daily Mail

His immune system was completely shot, he was taken off drugs at the very end and doctors don’t know HOW he was able to fight off so many infections. But he did.

Daily Mail

No one can explain just how Deryn survived, other than it being a miracle. “Two months ago we were getting ready to cremate Deryn and now they are telling us that his treatment is over,” his mother said.

Daily Mail

Now, as strange as it sounds, Deryn is coping with life. He had been so ready to die and give up his battle with cancer, he is now unsure what to do with his new lease on life. This is truly a miracle and we hope that Deryn learns to live again, even though things were so dark for so long. Source: Daily Mail He used to think about his life in hours or days. Now, Deryn can really think about his future, his schooling and even a career. Share his miracle recovery with others and spread positive thoughts about Deryn, his survival is an incredible miracle.

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This Pregnant Woman Quickly Pulled Over. What Happened Next Was Amazing.

On May 21, Corinne Cinatl, 29, from Victoria, Australia gave birth to her baby girl Matilda in her car at the side of the road while enroute to the hospital. She and her husband had hoped to make the 35 minute trip, but baby Matilda decided she could not wait that long. Cinatl’s husband, Mishi pulled the car over when her water broke and helped delivered the baby right there in the car. Luckily the couple’s birth photographer had been following them on the way to the hospital and captured the whole thing.

Cinatl said she had been having pain in her ribs for two weeks prior. So she thought nothing of it when she woke up around 3am with the same pain.

When stretching didn’t help and the pain intensified, Cinatl realized she was having contractions. Baby Matilda was on her way.

Cinatl was hesitant to believe she was actually going into labor. “I thought I had more time,” she said.

When her husband saw the contractions were coming faster and about 4 minutes apart, he packed up the car and got ready to leave. He also notified the birth photographer, Breanna Gravener that the baby was coming.

With their three year old son, Charlie, in the car the family only got about 20 minutes into the 35 minute trip to the hospital.

Cinatl’s water broke and she said she could feel the baby’s head between her legs. That was when they pulled off the road to deliver right there in the car.

They didn’t know their birth photographer had gone to their house first and followed them on the way to the hospital “just in case something happened.”

Luckily for the Cinatl’s she was there to capture the unique miracle of baby Matilda’s birth.

After the birth they called an ambulance, and both mommy and baby were so healthy they were discharged from the hospital six hours later.

That’s one proud mother.

Source: TheBirthStory / H/T: The Daily Mail I’m not sure anyone’s birth story can beat this miracle. Share this amazing story by clicking below.

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This Is The Most Devoted Couple, Ever. They Never Spent A Day Apart From Each Other…Even In Death.

A couple in England spent the last 68 years completely devoted to one another, never spending a day apart. Not even death could separate the love birds: at age 91 and 92, George and Dorothy Doughty died within hours of each other from two completely different causes.

George was already in intensive care for a chest infection when his wife was admitted for shingles a couple days later and, sadly unable to fight the infection, passed away. George had been sedated and was completely unaware of his wife’s condition. He passed exactly 10 hours later.

The couple met after George sent his condolences to Dorothy when she lost her first husband (of only four months) in World War II.

When they met in person for the first time, George carried and newspaper and Dorothy carried a rose.

They shared the same wedding anniversary as the Queen and even went to London for her garden party to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in 1997.

George worked as a baker and Dorothy ran a hair salon with one of their sons. After retirement, they focused on their family.

The couple had two sons, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

H/T: Daily Mail.

Wow. They could make a movie about this couple and their enduring love.

In the meantime, share the love with your friends below.

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The Wedding Between A Nurse And ALS Patient Will Bring You To Tears.

When Adam met Hollie, she was his nurse at the hospital in Thousand Oaks, CA where he was receiving treatment for Lyme disease. Over the course of a year, they spent hours together, three days a week, during his treatment. During that year, the two fell deeply in love.

After kicking that disease, Adam spent more time with Hollie and her son Joshua. The couple even decided to take things to the next level by moving in together. Then, tragedy struck again: Adam was diagnosed with ALS. The prognosis of someone affected by the debilitating disease is grim. Each day is a fight against their deteriorating body. But, as Hollie explained, that never changed the way these two felt about each other.

“He tells me right then and there, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want my last days seeing your face, kissing your lips, sleeping by your side. I understand if you don’t want this burden on you. But if you want me, I want to marry YOU. What do you say?’” 

She, of course, said yes.

While the disease took its toll on Adam, eventually forcing him into a wheelchair, they planned their perfect wedding day.

The outside ceremony and indoor reception were both free of any bumps in the road that could get in the way of Adam’s wheelchair.

“He whizzed by greeting everyone in his wheelchair upon each person’s entrance,” Hollie says.

Hollie remembers the whole day going perfectly, even though the awful disease was never far from their mind.

During their first dance, “In My Life” by The Beatles, Hollie sat on his lap with her arm around his neck while he rolled them in circles.

After the ceremony, her cousin surprised them with a hand painted sign to hang on the back of Adam’s chair.

After the wedding, Adam adopted Joshua (who only ever knew him as “dad”).

The newly minted family began their limited time together.

In October, 2013, Adam passed away.

But Hollie has no regerets. She remembers Adam’s strength and passion, how he would say, “I may have ALS, but God knows I’m going out with a BANG!”

(H/T: Elite Daily.)

Their incredible story is one of the truest examples of love conquering all, even in the face of such extreme adversity.

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You Don’t Think Too Much About This… Until You See These Pictures. Then It Hits You Hard.

This series of photographs of primates living in captivity named ‘Behind Glass’ is by Atlanta-based photographer Anne Berry. From South Africa to Belgium she traveled the world to capture photos of apes and monkeys living in small zoos, in hopes of truly reflecting and capturing life on the other side of the glass/barrier. Most of the captive primates in Anne’s photographs look quite sad, but she insists her work is not to advocate against zoos. “I think zoos are doing a better and better job of keeping animals and replicating habitats that don’t exist in the wild anymore,” Berry said. “It’s not the best that you’d like, but it’s keeping species alive.”

The name ‘Behind Glass’ refers both to the glass or boundaries of an enclosure and to the glass of the camera lens. The somber mood of the photographs isn’t accidental either, she shoots them in black and white and uses a wide aperture on her 80mm lens. She does this as the black and white images feel both aged and emotional, each photo clearly showing the solitude of the animal. “I think it makes people have more empathy for them and stop and look at the picture. If they feel sadness and nostalgia, they might think about what’s happening and the challenges the animals face in the wild due to the increasing loss of their natural habitat,” she said. You can Like Anne Berry on Facebook or Visit Her Web Site. Source: Anne Berry  Via LensCulture

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A Man And His Son Were Sailing When Suddenly They Spotted… WHAT? The Ending Is Awesome.

While sailing on Somerset Reservoir in Vermont with his son, a man spotted a young squirrel trying to swim across the lake. The distance from one side to the other was about 3/4 of a mile and the squirrel was right in the middle of the lake. After trying to get him to climb aboard without success, the man decided to jump into the water to save the little guy.

I just love this video! It’s so heartwarming to see people helping even the smallest of creatures. Source: LiftlineRedcoat Share this fantastic animal rescue video with your friends and family below.

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I Can’t Decide If This Is Morbid Or Beautiful. Look At The Photos And Judge For Yourself.

Russian photographer Maris Ionona-Gribina has a gift. But whether that’s good or bad, you’ll be the judge. The way she memorializes the dead is intriguing to say the least. You’re about to see why.

“I found these dead animals during bicycle rides to the sea in the summer. I wanted to find a way to save them for world of art. They were so unprotected… One or two days more and they would be eaten by worms.”

“I remembered my childhood. When I with my brother found a dead mole, bird or bug we buried them on the border of a forest.”

“And we decorated the grave with flowers and stones. Why we did it that way? Probably it was a children’s curiosity, our first studies of mortality.”

“In this project I work with my childhood memories and with the subject of life and death.”

“All animals died naturally or after accidents with cars. The flowers were gathered near dead animals and in my garden.”

What’s the verdict? In the end, we’ll take this as a beautiful attempt to give peace and beauty to these fallen animals. And we can only hope to have such dedication from those around us when our time comes. If you want to see more of Maria’s work, check out her website and see what else she has up her sleeve. Source: Muybridge’s Horse via Bored Panda

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While Out at Sea, This Paddle Boarder Got a Wild and Wonderful Surprise.

When this man took a trip out to sea on his paddle board, he got quite the wild surprise. The water was calm and smooth, until suddenly it wasn’t There was something underneath causing a disturbance…once you see what it was, your jaw will drop: 


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Please enable Javascript to watch this video

I wouldn’t know whether to be excited or afraid of these whales and dolphins. One thing is certain, though: most people aren’t lucky enough to have an experience like this!

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These 14 Creepy Sea Creatures Are Probably Lurking In Our Waters Right Now.

The Little Mermaid is full of lies: life is NOT better under the sea. In fact, you should probably keep your legs on land from now on.

My childhood dreams of singing with a crustacean band are shattered. You’ll understand when you take a look at what really lurks beneath the waves. No wonder Ariel wanted out of there so bad.

1.) St. Augustine Monster

This amorphous monster washed up onto Florida shores in 1896. Scientists think it might be the remains of a giant octopus, but nothing is certain.

2.) Montauk Monster

Discovered in 2008 on the New York beach, this creature has yet to be identified. Some say it’s a bloated, distorted raccoon carcass, but it looks more like a mutant experiment gone wrong.

3.) Red Blob

A real life version of The Blob was discovered on Australia’s Mudjimba Beach. Scientists are still looking into what the limbless, eyeless, and mouthless creature could be.

4.) The Living Fossil

There are actually a ton of “living fossils” swimming around our oceans that were previously considered extinct. Above is the Coelacanth, which we thought had purged from the earth 60 million years ago.

5.) Giant Jellyfish

The Portuguese Man o’ War isn’t technically a jellyfish: it’s four different species banding together like the worst supergroup in the world to roam the waters with no brain, no heart, and poisonous tentacles that hang as low as 165 feet. Giant jellyfish are also a real thing you should be afraid of, too.

6.) Jules Verne’s Squid

Giant squids were considered a myth until this big guy washed ashore in 2004, weighing 400 lbs. It gave visitors a shock when they found it on a beach in Cantabria, Spain.

7.) Sea Monk

This was found off the coast of Denmark in 1546. While it was probably just a large squid, it was so terrifying that people canonized it as a Christian warrior to ward off its evil.

8.) Folly Monster

This behemoth washed up in 2012 on Folly Beach in South Carolina. The creepy mystery was solved when it was identified as an Atlantic sturgeon and not something that would steal your soul.

9.) The Stronsay Beast

Nicknamed “Nessie’s cousin,” the creature supposedly washed up on Scottish shores in 1808. According to records, it was 55 feet long and missing its tail.

10.) Trunko

Discovered in South Africa in 1924, legend has it that the large white blobby creature fought with two killer whales before fatally losing the battle and washing ashore.

11.) Half Monster

It may be missing about 50 percent of its body, but it’s still 100 percent creepy. It was discovered on Pukehina Beach in New Zealand and has yet to be identified.

12.) Mystery Monster

This terrifying toothy created washed up onto Villaricos Beach in Spain recently. At 13 feet long, scientists still speculate on its identity, but are leaning toward Asian dragonfish, ribbonfish, or possibly an oarfish.

13.) Gambo

The drawing comes from the man who discovered the creature in 1983 off a Gambian coast. Not much is known about Gambo, as he was apparently cut into small pieces and buried by villagers. Y’know, like you do with demons.

14.) Sea Serpent

Reports of a giant sea snakes spotted across the seas are as old as Poseidon himself. However, as horrific as they appear, actual oarfish are pretty dumb and harmless.

(via All Day.)

It may be hotter under the water, but now you know it’s because that’s where all the EVIL is. I’m certainly not going to the beach any time soon.

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These Stealthy Owls Will Trick Your Eyes…And Creep You Out. Whoa.

Even though most people have warmed up to owls since the Harry Potter explosion, they still have a slightly creepy vibe about them. According to several Native American tribes, seeing an owl in real life is a terrible omen. (Eep.) Aztec and Mayan cultures saw owls as a sign of death, and the Cherokee tribe considers seeing an owl in daylight to be a sign that someone in your family will die in the coming week.

After seeing how surprisingly stealthy owls can be, I’m starting to believe it too. This is just spooky.

I stared at this for five whole minutes.


Okay, these are definitely just rocks.

Dang it!

I hope you’re prepared for some next-level stealth…


Just a tree and some rocks?


Duh, they’re right there in the window.


Rocks… rocks…


I think I see something on the right…


You’re really gonna kick yourself for not seeing this one.

Yup. Seems obvious now.

(via Daily Mail.)

Be extra careful from now on. You never know when one of these guys will lurk nearby.

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Can You Spot What’s Hidden In All Of These Photos? (Hint: You’ll Want To Kiss It When You See It)

Do you think you can find Momo? Momo is a border collie and his owner is graphic designer Andrew Knapp. Andrew noticed that when Momo would play fetch with him, the dog would do something a little different. After getting the stick, instead of returning it, he’d hide with it. So Andrew started taking pictures of him. Over time, the adorable photography started to gain attention online. The “can you spot the dog” pictures are fun… and so cute.

Look carefully…

Because Momo is hiding in every one of these photos.

But where?


Here, Momo…

Source: Go Find Momo via Bored Panda Finding adorable Momo in each picture is so satisfying… and sweet. To see more of Momo’s pictures, check out Find Momo on Amazon. Not only are these pictures fun, but they are adorable. Share them with others.

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Don’t Worry, These 10 Strange Fears Are Really Common. But They’re Still Odd.

Do you have one of the ten most commons phobias in the country? Chances are, you’re not alone in your irrational fear of spiders, heights, and/or giant crowds. Just about 10 percent of American adults have a phobia of some sort, according to numbers from the National Institute of Mental Health. 

It’s not known exactly why we humans develop phobias to certain things. Some research has suggested an evolutionary purpose. If you don’t have a true phobia, it’s hard to understand why others may cower in fear when exposed to certain things. Whatever the cause may be, here are the phobias that are more prevalent than others:

1.) Arachnophobia – Being afraid of spiders.

2.) Ophidiophobia – Fear of snakes.

3.) Acrophobia – Fear of heights.

4.) Agoraphobia – The fear of being in situations/places where escape is difficult. This might include crowded train stations, city streets, or concerts.

5.) Cynophobia – Fear of dogs.

6.) Astraphobia – Being afraid of thunder and lightning.

7.) Trypanophobia – The fear of injections.

8.) Social Phobias – Fear of social situations, events, and people.

9.) Pteromerhanophobia – The fear of flying.

10.) Mysophobia – The fear of germs and dirt.


Who knew that people were actually afraid of thunder and lightning (Astraphobia? You’re not alone if you have a weird fear… you might just be afraid.

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