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‘Splainers: What today’s Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage means!/cspan/status/519123883710898176

The Supreme Court opened its term today and this ruling on gay marriage will be the biggest news of the day, if not the term:

BREAKING: All of the marriage cases were denied. All seven petitions are listed as denied on the full orders list.

— Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) October 6, 2014

Now, the ‘splaining of the ruling:

#SCOTUS refuses to hear case legalizing gay marriage. Will leave decision to states. #breaking

— Ruben Ramirez (@RubenRamirezNYC) October 6, 2014

#SCOTUS denial of appeal on #GayMarriage means same-sex unions are legal in 30 states and D.C.

— 7NEWS Denver Channel (@DenverChannel) October 6, 2014

With SCOTUS declining to accept cert in SSM cases out of the 4th, 7th, 10th Circuits, SSM will shortly become lawful in majority of states.

— Gabriel Malor (@gabrielmalor) October 6, 2014

#SCOTUS denial of judicial review may be just a temporary move.4 fed appeals courts in recent months have struck down state bans on it

— CNN Southeast Desk (@CNNSoutheast) October 6, 2014

BREAKING NEWS #scotus denies hearing ALL marriage equality cases. Means 11 states where lower courts ruled in favor of M.E. it will be legal

— Thomas Roberts (@ThomasARoberts) October 6, 2014

Legal opinion from one of our lawyers: LET THE MARRIAGES BEGIN AGAIN! #SSM #SCOTUS #loveislove

— Jennifer Wagner (@JenniferAWagner) October 6, 2014

Court's move means gay marriages can now move fwd in IN, OK, UT, VA + WI. Soon could be legal in 30 states + DC. #SCOTUS

— devindwyer (@devindwyer) October 6, 2014

#SCOTUS denies appeals in #MarriageEquality cases, lifting bans in Utah, Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin and Oklahoma

— MarriageEqualityUSA (@MEUSA) October 6, 2014

#SCOTUS just guaranteed marriage equality in Indiana, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wisconsin, & Utah.

— Jay Riestenberg (@JayRiestenberg) October 6, 2014

#Scotus non-decision on #SSM means US continues its patchwork of laws on marriage equality.

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) October 6, 2014

#SCOTUS lets Virginia decision STAND, earlier decision ruled same sex marriage ban unconstitutional. PAGE 39

— Mike Valerio (@MikeNBC12) October 6, 2014

Todays #SCOTUS ruling is rough for #Gays in #Texas. It's now up to same socially conservative 5th circuit that just upheld #abortion rules.

— Michael Board (@MikeBoard1200) October 6, 2014

At the same time, Supreme Court #SCOTUS punts on ruling LGBT couples have Constituional right to marry

— Marcus Mabry (@MarcusMabryNYT) October 6, 2014

#SCOTUS passing up on a gay marriage ruling. Gov't doesn't have power to regulate marriage under EPC & DPC. Make that ruling & we move on

— Blai (@BlaiGuy) October 6, 2014

And this is something to watch for. What’s in the missing pages?

20-odd pages inexplicably missing from #scotus order list this morning, including pages with REJECTION OF SAME-SEX MARRIAGE APPEALS

— Mark Sherman (@shermancourt) October 6, 2014

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