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The Creepiest Places You Can Visit in Europe (But Should Probably Avoid).

If you’re looking for something spooky to do in Europe this Halloween, there are many eerie sights to see…if you dare. While there are no grand tours for the scariest sights across the continent, you can easily plan a trip for yourself. These are some of the best places to visit if you’re looking to shake in your boots.

1.) The Crypt Of Santa Maria

1.) The Crypt Of Santa Maria gapyear This creepy crypt is located in Rome, Italy. Thousands of bones line the walls, including skeletons left fully in tact and placed in traditional robes for everyone to get spooked.

2.) Maunsell Forts

2.) Maunsell Forts gapyear In the U.K., these abandoned forts from WWII are enough to give anyone the willies.

3.) Skull Chapel

3.) Skull Chapel gapyear Poland is home to this intricate arrangement of bones known as Skull Chapel. The main chapel with made of the remains of over 3,000 people, and this was built by ONE MAN.

4.) City of the Dead

4.) City of the Dead gapyear This Russian hillside seems like a nice little cottage community, but those little houses are really tombs. They are filled with possessions, clothing, and of course, bodies.

5.) Pripyat

5.) Pripyat gapyear In the wake of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, this Ukrainian town was abandoned due to the dangerous radiation levels. It is one of the spookiest and most dangerous ghosts towns you can visit.

6.) Sedlec Ossuary

6.) Sedlec Ossuary gapyear Thought to contain the remains of up to 70,000 people, this creep show in the Czech Republic was created in 1870. The bones were exhumed over 300 years, when the current church was constructed and bodies were taken from a mass grave of 14th century plague victims.

7.) Bran Castle

7.) Bran Castle gapyear Transylvania, Romania. Ring a bell? It should, because that is the fictional hometown of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The castle where he got his inspiration is the one seen above, the castle of the cruel leader, Vlad the Impaler.

8.) Miranda Castle

8.) Miranda Castle gapyear Belgium is home to one of the creepiest old castles in the world. This foreboding Gothic castle served as an orphanage for much of the 20th century. Since 1990, it was totally abandoned and is now (perhaps unsurprisingly) said to be haunted. Children’s dolls lay scattered throughout some of the rooms – a ghoulish reminder of the castle’s history.

9.) The Catacombs of Palermo

9.) The Catacombs of Palermo gapyear This Sicilian monastery buried their monks beneath the church…until one day, when they began mummifying and hanging them on the wall in their Sunday best.

10.) Old Jewish Cemetery

10.) Old Jewish Cemetery gapyear Established about 600 years ago, the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague contains more than 12,000 tombstones. However, many more thousands of people are thought to be buried there. The reason for the extreme overcrowding is due to Jewish religious law, which prohibits the disturbance of graves.

11.) Hill of Crosses

11.) Hill of Crosses gapyear No one is quite sure how or why this small patch of land in northern Lithuania became a site for hundreds of thousands of crosses. Yet the tradition is well and truly cemented, as thousands more appear each year (these days mainly from Catholic pilgrims). At first glance, it looks like an incredibly crowded burial ground, but as far as anyone knows, there isn’t a single grave here.

12.) SS America

12.) SS America gapyear This magnificent vessel was built in America in 1939 and served as a cruise liner and US Navy ship for half a century. At the time of its construction, the SS America was the pride of the U.S. maritime industry and a pinnacle of ship design. As the years passed, the competition from newer and faster ships led to its demise. It was eventually sold to a Thai company planning to renovate it into a floating hotel off the coast of Phuket. However, when it was towed from Greece, the SS America was caught in a thunderstorm. It was eventually wrecked off the coast of the Canary Islands in Spain.

13.) Capuchin Crypt

13.) Capuchin Crypt gapyear This recently discovered crypt is another creepy place to visit in the Czech Republic. This ghoulish crypt beneath the Holy Cross Church in Brno is home to 24 former monks and churchgoers, who were entombed hundreds of years ago. Each of their heads is propped up by a pillow of bricks, and they all clutch an ancient rosary in their folded arms.

If you were planning a Halloween trip to Europe, hopefully these can help get you in the spirit. If you’re looking to avoid Halloween, now you know where you shouldn’t go! Either way, maybe it’s best to stay out of a place made entirely out of skeletons at all times.

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Learn More About Your Own Country With These Awesome Informative Maps.

Data can be boring unless you have it organized in a super-awesome way. For example, you probably wouldn’t think twice about these facts about the United States if they weren’t in this colorful and easy-to-understand maps. Information can be incredible if it’s presented in the right way. 

Did you know any of these facts about your own country? Some may surprise you.

1.) Gun ownership.

2.) Marijuana use laws.

3.) Percentage of people with bachelor’s degrees.

4.) Soda vs. Pop.

5.) Don’t forget me, please.

6.) Childhood obesity.

7.) Smoking rates.

8.) What each state searches for on Google.

9.) What each state is good at.

10.) Nuclear power stations.

11.) The U.S. at night.

12.) Life expectancy.

13.) Gay marriage laws.

14.) Percentage of the population over 65.

15.) How we pronounce “caramel.”

16.) One person, one dot.

17.) Most religious counties.

18.) Highways signs by state.

19.) Top 25 last names.

20.) Ancestry by county.

21.) More bars than grocery stores.

22.) Craft breweries per state.

23.) Percentage of adults eating fruits/veggies.

24.) Beer per state.

25.) Whether Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune airs first.

26.) Household income.

(via Distractify)

I don’t care what those people in California say; it’s pronounced “caramel”. You can hear it, right?!

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I Had No Idea This Was The World’s Scariest Job, But It Actually Makes Sense.

Take a minute. What’s the scariest job that you can possibly imagine yourself having? If you’re like a majority of Americans, the scary job you thought of was being a politician. Yep, that’s right, Americans are afraid of being politicians. This is according to a survey of 56,857 Americans conducted by the jobs website

If being a politician is at the top of people’s scary jobs lists, what other terrifying positions are in the top 10? I think you’re going to be surprised. 

10.) Parent.

There are more parental jobs in the United States than you can count. But being a parent makes people nervous for well…pick a reason. There are so many.

9.) Stand-Up Comedian.

40 percent of Americans are afraid of public speaking. So it only makes sense that those people would also be deathly afraid of performing in public whether it’s as a comedian or some other form of entertainment.

8.) Radio, Cellular, and Tower Equipment Technicians. 

Do you have a fear of heights? Well then this job is definitely not for you. I personally couldn’t imagine spending my days strapped to the top of a giant structure trying to install expensive, high tech equipment. 

7.) Mortician. 

I think it’s telling of the real fears of Americans that this job is so far down the list. Nevertheless it is a pretty creepy job to have, especially if you’re afraid of zombies. The morticians are always the first ones to go in zombie movies.

6.) Animal Trainer.

This one might depend a bit on which animals you’re trying to train. I think it’d be less terrifying to train puppies, than it would be to train sharks or tigers. Then again, maybe not much if you have allergies. 

5.) Crime Scene Investigator.

For this job most people say they’re afraid of the blood, and the disappointment of telling people that the job is nothing like it is on TV. 

4.) Kindergarten Teacher.

I totally understand this one. Have you ever seen a room full of kindergartens that wasn’t in, or near total chaos? These teachers are the bravest among us. Not to mention all those little kid germs. Yuck.

3.) Security Guard At Teen Pop Concerts.

People say that this job scares them because of the fear of being stampeded by hoards of screaming tweens. I also share this fear.

2.) Microbiologist.

One word explains why people are afraid of this job: Ebola.

1.) Politician.

Yes, being a politician is the scariest job to have in America. I suppose it’s not hard to see why. It’s the perfect storm of the fear of public speaking, rejection, and a huge level of accountability. Yeah thanks, but no thanks.

(H/T: Huffington Post)

To be honest, I expected more people to be afraid of being a stand-up comedian than a politician. I suppose we can at least thank our elected officials for taking on the jobs that no one really wants, right?

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The Reason This Family Was Forced To Leave Their Home Will Shock And Disgust You.

In 2007, Brian and Susan Trost purchased what they thought would be their dream home in Weldon Spring, Missouri. This perfect home was big, beautiful, and overlooked the golf course of the local country club.

They thought it was perfect, anyway, until they moved in. That’s when the Trouts found the secret the previous homeowners hid: the house was infested with thousands of venomous brown recluse spiders. Yuck!

While brown recluse spiders aren’t technically deadly, they don’t make for a hospitable living situation.

The Trosts hired two separate pest control companies to get rid of the spiders, with no luck.

There were so many spiders at one point, they were “bleeding out of the walls.”

The Trosts sued the previous owners of the house in 2008 for not disclosing the infestation. The lawsuit ended in the Trosts’ favor.

However, they were not able to collect the $472,000 they were awarded because the previous owners are now bankrupt.

Their homeowners insurance also refused to pay anything because they say spiders aren’t covered.

Not long after finding the spiders, the Trosts abandoned their house. The property is now owned by the Federal National Mortgage Association. They are currently fumigating the house again before attempting to sell it. They’re confident that they can get all the spiders out.

H/T: St. Louis Today

This is every home buyer’s nightmare…and the perfect example of when you should just burn a house down. I can only imagine how the Trosts are feeling right now. How can their insurance not cover something like this? It’s too weird!

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What This Family Found Living In Their Spare Bedroom Will Give You Nightmares.

A son visiting his mother this past summer received the shock of a lifetime. When he went into an unused guest bedroom, he found a giant, 3-foot wasp nest on the bed.

The mother was not in the room for several months, and whoever was last in the room left the window open. That apparently made an inviting target for thousands of wasps.

Here is the nest. When the exterminator arrived, he estimated there were at least 5,000 wasps in the nest, along with 700 queen wasps. He said it was the biggest wasp nest he’d ever seen.

After the initial shock wore off, the exterminator suited up, and got to work.

It was a tough battle, but they managed to get rid of all the wasps. He even saved the blanket the nest was built on.

Via: The Guardian

This is a living nightmare. Wasps are last insect on Earth that I would want to cohabit with. Yuck! I hope they installed new windows after this incident.

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Here Are 14 Eye-Popping Facts About Americans You Won’t Believe. The Last One Surprised Me.

They say Americans can’t agree on anything. Well maybe “they” are just mad they’re in the minority. Because according to these studies, Americans have pretty solid views and opinions on many “controversial” things you won’t believe. Don’t believe us? Check them out:

61 percent of Americans believe there were more people involved in the JFK assassination.

61 percent of American adults have an immediate family member who served in the military.

53 percent of Americans believe the war in Iraq was a mistake.

93 percent of Americans lack confidence in Congress.

50.5 percent of U.S. adults are married, down from 72 percent in 1960.

92 percent of American adults may believe in God or a universal spirit.

85 percent of Americans over 25 are high school graduates. This percentage has surged over the past century.

80 percent of Americans speak only English at home.

69 percent of Americans are in favor of euthanasia.

79 percent live in an urban area. Population density is higher in the east.

64 percent of Americans are white, though “minority” populations have become majorities in some areas.

64 percent of Americans do not believe global warming will seriously affect their way of life.

58 percent of Americans support legalizing weed.

79 percent of US adults believe abortion should be legal under some circumstances.

(H/T: Business Insider) If these shocked you then share with your friends below. They won’t believe them either.

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You Probably Won’t Recognize These 40 Rare Moments In History.

You can read about history all you want, but nothing really captures what happened quite like seeing it first hand. That’s why history textbooks are packed with photographs. 

These photos of rare historical moments will give you a new appreciation of history, and maybe a new perspective. They’re touching, enlightening, and heartbreaking all at once. Just have a look. 

1.) German children play with stacks of money during the hyperinflation period of the Weimar Republic, 1922.

2.) Nazi celebration in Buckeberg in 1934.

3.) Nazis singing to encourage people to follow their boycott of Jewish shops in 1933.

4.) A Jewish woman in Austria in 1938 sitting on a bench marked “Only for Jews.”

5.) Nazi SS troops lounging outside of the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936.

6.) SS troops taking a loyalty oath in Munich, 1938.

7.) Hitler’s personal bodyguards in Berlin in 1938.

8.) Applause and salutes for Hitler after Germany successfully annexed Austria in 1938.

9.) Another angle, and in color.

10.) Einstein on the beach.

11.) A frozen Soviet fighter propped up by Finnish soldiers to wreak psychological warfare on the invading Soviets.

12.) Joseph Stalin’s record from the Tsarist Secret Police in 1911.

13.) An off the cuff picture of Stalin.

14.) Joseph Stalin (right), and his body double Felix Dadaev (left).

15.) Stalin’s son Yakov Dzhugashvili captured by the Germans in 1941. He was later killed in a prison camp.

16.) A German soldier share some of his food with a local Russian mother.

17.) About to be executed by the Finns, this Russian spy laughs.

18.) A Frenchman cries during the Nazi occupation in 1940.

19.) Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces during the battle of Shanghai, 1937.

20.) German Einsatzgruppen (death squads) executive Ukrainians Jews in 1942.

21.) German soldiers marching Stalingrad, 1942.

22.) Nazi soldiers getting ready for an assault in Stalingrad in 1942.

23.) Using a flamethrower to light a cigarette. The German army employed flamethrowers on the Eastern Front during the war.

24.) German POW being escorted after the Soviet victory in Stalingrad.

25.) 57,000 German POW are marched to Moscow in 1944 after their defeat in Belarus.

26.) German POWs packed into a prisoner camp.

27.) Simone Segouin, an 18-year-old French Résistance fighter during the war. This photo is from 1944.

28.) Color photo of Simone Segouin.

29.) Simone Segouin with a German MP 40.

30.) Joseph Goebbels and a young German recruit in 1945.

31.) Allied soldiers mock Hitler from the balcony of the Reich Chancellery in 1945.

32.) Nazi soldiers react as they are forced to watch footage from concentration camps.

33.) The view from the back of the auditorium.

34.) The ruins of Dresden after WWII.

35.) The remains of soviet astronaut Vladimir Komarov after his space capsule crashed on reentry.

36.) Fidel Castro smoking a cigar and wearing two Rolex watches during a meeting at the Kremlin, 1963.

37.) Mass of melted nuclear fuel in the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

38.) Female IRA fighter showing off her assault rifle in the 1970’s.

39.) NASA scientists in 1961.

40.) Margret Thatcher with British troops after the surrender of Argentina in the Falklands War.

(Via: Imgur)

Wow. Seriously amazing. Each of us have only seen a small portion of the world’s history, so investing in learning more about the world (or even your own country) is vital. Make sure to share these historical photos with your friends on Facebook by clicking below. 

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This Little Girl Got Married In Norway…And The Message Behind It Is Shocking.

Does the idea of a 12-year-old girl marrying a 37-year-old man disgust you? Good. Unfortunately, for 39,000 girls each year, there are people sick and twisted enough to wed a child. It may sound far-fetched, but just because you don’t know that it’s going on doesn’t mean it isn’t.

This brings us to a huge issue: most people don’t know these things happen every day. To raise awareness of this crisis, a young girl in Norway was arranged to wed an adult man. Unlike the child marriages that go unnoticed, this one was publicly planned and featured traditional wedding photos to highlight how awful it is for kids to be stripped of their childhoods. Take a look at the compelling Stopp Bryllupet campaign.  

If this picture disturbs you, you won’t want to see the rest.

Thea, the 12-year-old bride, gets ready for her big day.

Does that look like a happy bride to you?

How terrible.

(via Elite Daily)

Although this marriage was fake and these photos were staged, they are a disgusting reminder of the real issue in the world today. So little has been done to put an end to this terrible practice. If you would like to continue the protest against child marriages, check out the Stopp Bryllupet website.

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Here Are The Most Disturbing Facts About Student Loan Debt In America.

When most people enter college, they will incur a fair amount of student loan debt. Although it isn’t necessary for most students, it’s what usually ends up happening for one reason or another. It is a problem that will plague most graduates for many many years after they graduate.

To solve the problem, we must first understand it, so let us examine some facts about the student debt crisis that is facing our young adults today.

1.) 52% percent of college graduates strongly or somewhat agree student loan debt is hindering their career choices.

2.) In 2012, 71% of all students graduating from four-year colleges had student loan debt.

3.) Average debt levels for all graduating seniors with student loans rose to $29,400 in 2012.

4.) Graduates who received Pell Grants, most of whom had family incomes under $40,000, were much more likely to borrow and to borrow more.

5.) Families have inherited student debt of deceased loved ones.

6.) Giant corporations can file for bankruptcy, but bankruptcy is not an option for student borrowers.

7.) Americans owe more in student loan debt than credit card debt.

8.) The majority of borrowers still paying back their loans are in their 30s or older.

9.) The unemployment rate for college graduates under the age of 25 is over 9%.

10.) According to a recent survey by Twentysomething Inc., a staggering 85 percent of college seniors planned to move back home after graduation last May.

11.) Since 1999, student debt has increased more than 500 percent. Since 2000, the average salary for young people has decreased by 10 percent.

12.) There are about two million recent college graduates that are currently unemployed.

13.) In 1992, there were 5.1 million “underemployed” college graduates in the United States. In 2008, there were 17 million “underemployed” college graduates in the United States.

14.) With seven million Americans defaulting on their student loans, this also means that seven million Americans will have their personal credit plummet and be deemed un-hirable by many employers as a result.

This is fascinating, interesting, and disturbing. How will we ever get our heads back above water? Many of us have yet to find out, but if this issue continues on the path that it is going on, it could spell disaster for this country. 

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This Is The Dumbest Criminal In The Entire World. When You See What He Did, You’ll Agree.

In a Texas community, the hunt was on for Damian and Rolando Lozano. The police believed the two suspects were responsible for 17 burglaries in the community. To aid their search, the police department posted a photo online asking for any information. To everyone’s surprise, someone posted a comment that led to the department apprehending the suspect. It was Rolando himself.

The police department in Rosenberg, Texas, posted this photo on November 18th, hoping to catch two criminals for burglarizing 17 cars.

Shortly after the image was posted one of the suspects, Rolando Lozano, commented on it. He was taunting the police.

… and minutes later, the police were able to track him down. Talk about saving the city’s tax dollars.

Congratulations, Rolando. Thanks to the internet, you were caught in record time AND now everyone knows how stupid you are.

This is the Facebook fail of the century.


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