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Lib ‘logic’: Brewer an ‘anti-gay extremist,’ DOMA signer Clinton a brave hero!/redsteeze/status/438903557631533057

As Twitchy noted last night, Gov. Jan Brewer’s veto of updates to Arizona’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act didn’t win over CNN contributor Sally Kohn. And her tweet was just a mild example of how progressives react when they get what they want.!/redsteeze/status/438903790113394688!/sallykohn/status/439019497165697024

Brewer vetoed the bill and is a “vicious anti-gay, anti-immigrant extremist”? Fascinating:!/redsteeze/status/438904032183468032

Duh. He’s evolved now. What a difference a (D) makes. (Repeat: It’s not a cult.)!/redsteeze/status/438904834172141569!/JimmyPrinceton/status/438907698742956033!/redsteeze/status/438912080092348416

Jan Brewer vetoes #AZ1062
Bill Clinton signed #RFRA and #DOMA

Guess which one @SallyKohn supports.— S.M (@redsteeze) February 27, 2014!/redsteeze/status/438912919045414912

Not to mention Clinton’s personal War on Women.!/redsteeze/status/438930730132176897

And yet, the Left remains disappointed that Cheney is alive.

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Ron Paul spreads Blame America poison on 9/11 anniversary!/RonPaul/status/509793624595247105

Here is an excerpt from the three-paragraph article, published on Ron Paul’s Voices of Liberty website:

It will be an immense dishonor to those dead Americans that the U.S. government will continue to commit the moral equivalent of 9/11 against others equally as innocent, equally as precious. It will be a disgusting display as they continue to try to convince us to excuse the deaths of innocents with horrible euphemisms like “collateral damage” and callous phrases like “people die in war”.

The least Americans can do is oppose them. The least we can do is regard them as warmongers and hold them in contempt. The way to honor those killed on 9/11 is to never forget that killing innocents is always wrong and can never be justified.

If “killing innocents is always wrong” and “collateral damage” is a “horrible euphemism,” the author must believe that the U.K. and U.S. bombings of German and Japanese cities during World War II were moral atrocities, since those bombings killed many thousands of innocent civilians. Indeed, the author presumably regards the U.S. and British armed forces who ordered and implemented those bombings as “warmongers” who are morally equivalent to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.


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Hickenlooper staffer threatens to call police on investigative reporter!/allenfuller/status/520728721485885442

That’s Allen Fuller, the communications director for Republican Colorado gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez, asking about the arrest of reporters. The reason? Former Denver Post reporter, former Channel 7 investigative executive producer and current investigative reporter Art Kane says he was threatened with arrest for trying to procure Gov. John Hickenlooper’s tax returns, which have already been distributed to other media outlets.

John Hickenlooper's stonewalling reporters continues… Campaign spokesman threatens reporter with arrest #copolitics

— Allen Fuller (@allenfuller) October 11, 2014

Kane reports that the campaign spokesman for Hickenlooper threatened him with arrest and called police when Kane attempted to get the candidate’s tax returns, which were distributed to other Colorado media weeks ago.

Beauprez released his returns to, which is planning to run a story on both candidate’s returns — or lack thereof — next week.

He still believes "transparency creates problems"? Hick campaign spokesman threatens reporter with arrest #copolitics

— Bob Beauprez (@bobbeauprez) October 11, 2014

So this is one way to handle a reporter asking for things like . . . tax returns, threaten arrest. #cogov #copolitics

— Kelly Maher (@okmaher) October 11, 2014

Reporter threatened with arrest? Colorado Watchdog must be doing something right @Watchdogorg #copolitics @hickforco

— Sean Paige (@SeanPaige) October 11, 2014

What’s next for the Democrats this week?

Lookin' good out there, Democratic campaigns! Up next: arresting reporters *in* wheelchairs.

— Mary Katharine Ham (@mkhammer) October 11, 2014

@mkhammer The desperation is at unreal levels

— VK (@vickikellar) October 11, 2014



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Reports: Iraqi PM Maliki resigns!/sshatipoglu/status/500007966788300800

Just in.!/mrfabrizi/status/500004055394291712!/SarahJReports/status/500008755522961408

Twitchy will update as news develops.

Via the New York Times:!/DefenseOne/status/500010360498573312

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki on Thursday night said he agreed to relinquish power, state television reported, a move that came after days of crisis in which Mr. Maliki’s deployment of extra security forces around the capital raised worries of a military coup.

While the country is not at peace, Mr. Maliki’s decision, nonetheless, appeared to pave the way for the first truly peaceful transition of power, based on democratic elections and without the guiding hand of American military forces, in modern Iraq’s history.

In stepping aside Mr. Maliki agreed to end his legal challenge to the nomination of his replacement, which was made on Monday when Iraq’s president nominated Haider al-Abadi, a member of Mr. Maliki’s own Shiite Islamist Dawa Party.

“Maliki steps down as prime minister in favor of Abadi,” the state television said on its Arabic-language news crawler.

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‘So good!’ Delicious tears: Hey, Dems, how’s #Fl13 working for you?!/GPollowitz/status/466560347802185729

Giggling madly? Achieved! Why? Oh, this happened:!/AndrewHClark/status/466252263993118720

Stop! Our sides can’t take it.

Why did Ed Jany drop out of the Florida race?!/RussOnPolitics/status/466168526781571073

Snicker. Yep, he was taking a page from Obama’s book and offering up a composite bio. And did we mention he doesn’t even live in the district in which he was running?

On the plus side, Mr. Jany did provide some excellent schadenfreude.!/NRCC/status/466266281445187585

Oops! But the tears are delicious.!/robertsays/status/466254385375629312

Looks like the @DCCC spin cycle for #FL13 finally ended.



#sayfie— Ashleigh Grant (@ashleighgrant) May 13, 2014

Check out the flashback:!/IsraelDCCC/status/462271465916993536


Coming soon?!/AndrewHClark/status/466279430370127872

And an exit schadenfreudelicious clip to sum it up:!/joepileggi/status/466275984795512832

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‘Wow … idiotic statement’! Katie Pavlich smacks Cenk Uygur for Hamas-splaining!/KatiePavlich/status/497458971822002177

We’d expect nothing less from the MSNBC/Current TV alumnus:!/cenkuygur/status/497458474729472000

The stupid … it scorches.

Reasonable tweeters tried to use logic on him:!/saints63213/status/497458716787351553

But Uygur is impervious to logic.!/cenkuygur/status/497459507337756672!/cenkuygur/status/497459848057876480!/cenkuygur/status/497460420211265536!/cenkuygur/status/497461722509107201

Annnnnnd there it is. What is it with progs like him and their morbid insistence that Israeli casualties need to be higher in order to make things fair?!/cenkuygur/status/497462172557922304

Uygur wouldn’t know the first thing about being a man. Townhall’s Katie Pavlich has more guts than he’ll ever have, and unlike Uygur, she actually has a firm grasp on reality:!/KatiePavlich/status/497462240891928576!/KatiePavlich/status/497463700266418176



Twitchy coverage of Cenk Uygur

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Obama and Putin have 6th phone call since start of Ukraine crisis!/NoahWehrman/status/455851917940629504

President Obama and Vladimir Putin had another phone call today in regards to the situation in Ukraine.

CBS News’ Mark Knoller has the details:!/markknoller/status/455851512275935232!/markknoller/status/455851999905710080!/markknoller/status/455853392624369664

Obama and Putin have spoken by phone a reported half dozen times since the start of the Ukraine crisis:!/markknoller/status/455853830992044034

With that out of the way…!/GlennCarswell/status/455852614966460416


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Biggest joke of all at #WHCD: Kathleen Sebelius makes cameo!/HuffPostPol/status/462783949723295744

President Obama and disgraced former HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius actually think their job-killing, innovation-undermining, market-distorting, website-choking, insurance-sabotaging Obamacare failure is funny.!/HouseCracka/status/462784016056594432!/ryankath/status/462784330155053056

These people really have no shame.


Update: Here’s the video.

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See what domestic abuse belittling Wasserman Schultz said about GOP, women!/gelnails2012/status/507358060726059008

Yes, that is the truth every day. But what sparked that particular reply? Oh, just this:!/matthewhurtt/status/506845496540139520

The article is as utterly absurd as you’d expect. But Debbie wanted to make sure y’all didn’t miss it.!/DWStweets/status/506834656894136320

She totally loves women, you see.!/DWStweets/status/507240410390224896

Milwaukee? Hmm, is that where said this?!/TPCarney/status/507258082624544768

That’s right. As Twitchy reported, Debbie Wasserman Schultz further exposed herself as the loathsome hack that she is when she pretty much said Gov. Scott Walker beats women. The GOP has a woman problem? Take a look in the mirror, woman-user Debbie.!/BiasedGirl/status/507254647526920192

Amen. But to the disgraceful Debbie, the end justifies the means. Even if the means are abused women.!/AFutureFree/status/507499284858961921!/ConservativeLA/status/507261078452322304

Dear Debbie: That’s not true. Contrary to your obvious belief, women can and do think for themselves.!/JHassTN/status/507292465657696256

And here is an exit question for those “feminists” who heart Debbie and the Dems:!/bethanyshondark/status/507300603291525124

We’re waiting.


‘Right on!’ Scott Walker capitalizes on Wasserman Schultz’s smear campaign

Can you guess how DNC responded to Wasserman Schultz’s Scott Walker slander?

‘Shut up, Debbie’! Wasserman Schultz suggests Gov. Scott Walker beats women

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President Big Spender: ‘We can’t just keep throwing money at the problem’!/BarackObama/status/476063330310696962

Please. Says the guy who’s helped propel the national debt to over $17.5 trillion. Says the guy who spends our money like it’s going out of style.!/TheBrandonMorse/status/476063455250624512

Oh yeah. If there’s anyone who can “keep throwing money” at problems indefinitely, it’s Barack Obama. After all, it’s no skin off his Pinocchio nose.!/baldingschemer/status/476063603187933186

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Rep. Pete Sessions is reportedly mulling run for House Majority Leader!/costareports/status/476579275538452480

We have no idea where Congressman Pete Sessions lives, but we do know that he voted for TARP and supports amnesty. And now, according to Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, he wants to replace Eric Cantor as House Majority Leader.

So, apparently, the idea here is to replace one pro-TARPpro-amnesty Republican with another. That’s the kind of rebranding the GOP establishment can get behind!


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L.A. marchers backing Maduro asked to take support to Venezuela [pics]!/Matthops82/status/437726949172342784

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro’s actions against citizens and reporters in that country have disturbed even Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Madonna. However, Hugo Chavez’s successor does have supporters in the U.S., as a rally taking place in Los Angeles proves:!/MikePrysner/status/437717787159429120!/MikePrysner/status/437722867518550016!/AnswerLA/status/437721809291444224

The irony of taking advantage of the right to free speech to express support for somebody in another country accused of cracking down on free speech seems lost on many, but certainly not everybody:

Dear Pro-Maduro Supporters in LA:

Fuck you. Go to Venezuela if you support Maduro and his murdering thugs, cowardly bitches.

Me— Matt (@Matthops82) February 23, 2014!/Matthops82/status/437727444267978752!/anthmichcara/status/437731190938673152

Good question.

This is some kind of funny:!/RedScareBot/status/437733172160126976

We see what you did there.

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Biden: If Congress doesn’t ‘see the Lord’ on immigration, they’ll ‘see lightning’!/newman_chris/status/514201066855231488

You heard it from Uncle Joe, folks: If Congress doesn’t give Obama what he wants, he’s gonna whip out his “big stick.”

Biden at Hispanic Heritage month event: If Congress doesn’t do imm., “the president’s going to do it, and he’s going to do an awful lot”

— Elise Foley (@elisefoley) September 22, 2014

Biden, keeping the bar high for Obama's immig exec actions: “the president’s going to do it, and he’s going to do an awful lot."

— Edward-Isaac Dovere (@IsaacDovere) September 22, 2014

On immigration reform, VP Biden says if Congress didnt act by year's end, Pres Obama will act "and he’s going to do an awful lot”.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) September 22, 2014

Got that? He’s gonna do it. And not just a little bit, but “an awful lot.” Not right away, though:

After election of course MT @elisefoley: Biden: If Congress doesnt do imm. “the president’s going to do it, & he’s going to do an awful lot”

— Ashe Schow (@AsheSchow) September 22, 2014

President Obama is generously giving Congress another month or so to “see the Lord”:

Biden: “When this election [is] over…they just may see the Lord. It is possible. But if they don’t they will see some lightning.”

— Elise Foley (@elisefoley) September 22, 2014

And Lord Obama will be the one dishing it out:

Addressing his Hispanic Heritage event, Biden said if Congress fails to act on immigration after the election, "we will act for them."

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) September 22, 2014

Got that?

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Dana Delany gets reply from L.A. mayor’s office about damaging potholes!/DanaDelany/status/431922186299789312

The L.A. mayor’s office answered.

Potholes? There’s an app for that:!/LAMayorsOffice/status/431941184748290048

Editor’s note: We have corrected a typo in the spelling of Dana Delany’s name. We apologize for the error.

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