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Is there something worse than #PajamaBoy’s onesie? Behold the horror [pic]!/patsajak/status/413357289832071168

While we await the Sajak/Pajama Boy Sippy Cup Summit, it’s time to discuss some neglected aspects of OFA’s Obamacare spokesmodel. While the Twitterverse has mercilessly and delightfully mocked the juice-boxer’s delicate cocoa cup and flannel onesie …

… it’s time to focus on his eyebrows. Because … dude. Those brows.


Now that we’ve seen them, we cannot unsee.

Let’s not neglect the glasses.

But for one Twitter user, there’s something even worse than the oddly manscaped brows and birth-control glasses.


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Rutgers student unloads on ‘#NoRice morons’ that ‘hijacked graduation’!/redsteeze/status/462649362133569536

That’s how it works, right?

In March, the Rutgers student government voted 25-17 in favor of the decision to invite former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to speak at the university’s commencement ceremony. But after a small group of faculty and students shrieked “war criminal” for weeks, Rice canceled her speech and said she was “simply unwilling to detract from [the ceremony] in any way.”!/humzaq126/status/461582720435363840

The protests appear to have been driven largely by a speech-stomping squad of intolerant faculty members. The Rutgers AAUP-AFT faculty union celebrated its “huge win” today:!/ruaaup/status/462590760228225024

Student and faculty supporters joined the dance of victory when they learned they would not suffer the untenable burden of listening to Rice speak.!/SalmanK_HS/status/462609844986732544!/MoneebMian/status/462627319107301377!/AlexJUematsu/status/462589443430690817

Tweets from Rutgers Students for Justice in Palestine:!/RutgersSJP/status/462587496074084352!/RutgersSJP/status/462588834648444928

SJP flashback:!/LilacSundayBlog/status/462657548332437506

Count this Twitter user out of the victory parade. He says he’s scheduled to graduate from Rutgers this year and is “so pissed” at the #NoRice mob he’s ready to “scream.”!/bookemdano406/status/462598054324232192!/JoeyQ62/status/462599059707273216!/JoeyQ62/status/462601953596682241!/bookemdano406/status/462603502913880065!/bookemdano406/status/462608343014846464!/bookemdano406/status/462647397286694914!/bookemdano406/status/462651024822763521!/bookemdano406/status/462655580650610688


Brit Hume, others slam Rutgers mob’s ‘sickening’ shut-uppery of Condoleezza Rice

‘Congrats, a-holes’: Townhall’s Guy Benson thrashes ‘shrill’ Rutgers mob for ‘shutting down Condi’s speech’

Pat Sajak predicts Rutgers’ next move after leftist mob drives away Condoleezza Rice

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