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Wow: DOJ-targeted James Rosen posts eerily relevant tweet!/JamesRosenFNC/status/336500702186700801

You can say that again! As Twitchy reported this morning, it appears that Fox News’ James Rosen was targeted and spied on by Obama’s Department of Justice. In an eerily relevant twist, his book on Watergate was published five years ago today.

Rosen isn’t running scared: He is reporting on the Benghazi scandal this afternoon.!/JamesRosenFNC/status/336501095620804608

Twitter users rally around Rosen and note the irony.!/SalenaZitoTrib/status/336505016988868608!/JennaLanea/status/336501024980336641!/mcduff664/status/336502311033638912!/ByronYork/status/336503497602244608

Indeed. Relevant and recommended.!/jmartpolitico/status/336476390541107203



#StandWithRosen: ‘Enough is enough’; Citizens rally around DOJ-targeted James Rosen

Bombshell: Not just Rosen; A livid Megyn Kelly reports more at Fox News targeted by DOJ; Update: Fox statement; Update: Video

Greenwald blasts Obama admin thug tactics against FNC’s Rosen; Slams Obama cheering progs

Chilling report: Obama’s DOJ spied on Fox News’ James Rosen; Criminalizes reporting; Update: Fox issues statement

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House Republicans Still Hate The Senate

The “blame the Senate” mantra continues for the House GOP over the DHS funding battle.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) talks to the media. Yuri Gripas / Reuters

WASHINGTON — At the start of this session of Congress, House Republicans were hopeful that things would be different and with the GOP in charge of the Senate, everyone would finally be on the same page.

After all they’d spent the past four years complaining that Democratic leader Harry Reid was their main blockade to real progress. But now there is an open split between how House Republicans want to tackle funding for the Department of Homeland Security and the approach Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has taken in the Senate.

And conservatives in the House are now grappling with the reality that their dreams of Republican kumbaya may still be far away.

After multiple failed attempts to pass a House bill that would both fund DHS and target President Obama’s recent immigration executive actions, McConnell struck a deal with Reid to split the bill, allowing for a vote on a “clean” DHS bill. It’s unclear how the House will respond but funding for DHS runs out Saturday morning at 12:01.

“They put the surrender caucus in charge of the Senate and Harry Reid is still in charge,” said Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp. “There are going to be millions of folks that helped change the Senate from Democrat to Republican that are going to be very disappointed in Sen. McConnell. They are trying to figure out what the difference is between the two on these particular issues.”

McConnell would have needed sixty votes to move forward on debate on the House bill and fell short every time. To Huelskamp, that excuse wasn’t good enough.

“There’s been no message right now. I saw five emails over the weekend about keystone and nothing about DHS,” he scoffed.

While the House and Senate share priorities on things like job legislation and most recently the Keystone pipeline — the battle over funding DHS has brought to light much of the tension between the two chambers. Boehner told his conference earlier this week that he had not talked to McConnell in two weeks and has said repeatedly he’s waiting on the Senate to act.

Some Republicans are more willing to give McConnell some credit but still felt that he didn’t do enough to hold the line and fingers were being pointed at House Republicans for holding up the funding.

“I think the message is — and I don’t want to attack my Republican colleagues in the Senate — but my message to Sen. McConnell is we need to listen to our constituents. And they aren’t happy with what President Obama did with the executive actions,” said Tennessee Rep. Stephen Fincher. “I am very frustrated that we continue to get the blame. We passed something, the Senate didn’t. We did our job.”

“Its’ sort of like a marriage. It’s give and take,” Fincher added. “If we’re always giving and they are always taking this ain’t gonna work.”

The finger pointing is going both ways. Sen. Mark Kirk told reporters earlier in the day the Senate needed to “say to the House: ‘Here’s a straw so you can suck it up.'” Even conservative members of the upper chamber have relented and said they will not hold up a vote on the clean DHS bill.

“It’s frustrating but they have to do what they think is right,” sighed Florida Rep. Ted Yoho. “I’m not over there. I think we sent a good bill over there and I would have liked to have seen stronger talk coming out of the Senate.”

Not every GOP member of the House thinks that McConnell did the wrong thing. New York Rep. Peter King, a frequent critic of House conservatives, said McConnell was “being an adult” by letting a clean bill come up for a vote.

“These guys always say Harry Reid is tying up the senate and maybe he is, but when it comes here we shouldn’t tie up the house,” King said.

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Large demonstration expected in Cairo on Friday!/fcotravel/status/187872336324722689

From :

A large demonstration has been called for Cairo on Friday 6 April, which is likely to centre on Tahrir Square. There are frequent demonstrations, usually on Fridays, and centring on Tahrir Square, Cairo. Demonstrations also often take place elsewhere in Cairo, as well as other cities in Egypt, including Alexandria.

A number of protestors remain camped out in Tahrir Square in Cairo although vehicle access is not restricted. Mohammed Mahmoud Shaikh Rihan and Qasr al-Aini Streets all remain blocked off preventing access along them to Tahrir Square. There is an increased risk of transport delays due to traffic congestion around central Cairo.

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AP writers drearily demand contract concessions via half-hearted #FairAPContract!/RightGirlNYC/status/410817566093762560

Obama has needed a distraction from his Obamacare debacle, and anti-capitalists around the country were too eager to serve him the $15 minimum wage issue. Now these poor, historically oppressed Associated Press writers are organizing for a better contract under the hashtag #FairAPcontract:!/modernsara/status/410904831717437440!/ron_fournier/status/410816254702678016!/NMGAP/status/410926112466694144

It’s a rather pitiful and somber protest. C’mon guys, spice it up! Throw some rhyming in there, maybe some onomatopoeia? Something! Here they keep repeating the same mantra:!/rhenryAP/status/410922768234868736!/katebrumback/status/410925140398964736!/misaza/status/410967467674976256!/MegKinnardAP/status/410519783356915712

We kinda expected writers to be a little more original. Guys, show us you’re worth that wage hike; don’t just copy each others tweets!

For the record, according to, the average salary for an AP reporter is about $71,000.

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White House releases more ‘proof’ that Obama doesn’t think girls have cooties!/whitehouse/status/291395778767900672

Look, guys, President Lady Parts is all about diversity and he loves him some women in the White House! Sure, he prefers males when it comes to key positions. And yes, he doesn’t care for girl cooties in his inner circle.

But there’s no White House war on women. He’s the first feminist president, dammit, and he’ll prove it.

Take this photo, for instance: This counts as two women in the White House, right? Right?

Hat tip: Jeryl Bier


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