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‘It’s about time Beijing woke up’: Pro-democracy activists protest in Hong Kong [photos]!/clintcoady/status/483998633592127488

Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong put the Communist Party in Beijing on notice. Their march has lasted more than 7 hours. Amazing photos of the event have international news watchers on Twitter buzzing.!/ShepNewsTeam/status/483997558017392640!/WSJ/status/483930039466336256!/WSJ/status/483945164646645760

More than half a million citizens turned out for the march.!/ChannelNewsAsia/status/483998384064172032

The outpouring of dissent on the streets follows passage of an unofficial referendum, supported by 800,000 Hong Kong citizens, calling for full democracy and freedom from Chinese government control.!/ishaantharoor/status/483985676711768065

Passions are running high, but so far the demonstration has remained peaceful.!/Luciana_F_Lopez/status/483999872542973952

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