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Brave Woman Ventures Over A Busy Mexican Highway To Rescue An Injured Dog.

Superheroes may not be real… but heroes do exist. A brave Mexican woman couldn’t sit idly by when she saw a dog in trouble at the side of a highway in Mexico City. He was badly injured and just seconds away from being fatally struck by a speeding car.

Watch as she bravely ventures into traffic to get to the dog. She is incredible:

(Source: CanalIdoneo)

The poor dog had actually been hit by a car, but he was so injured he couldn’t muster up the strength to get off the road. Thankfully, now the dog is recovering in an animal shelter. Once he is healed, the shelter will attempt to put him in a loving home.

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High Winds And A Waterfall Make For A Wildly Surreal Scene In England.

The whole thing about waterfalls is that they are supposed to, uh, fall. This waterfall, located in England’s Derbyshire Peak District, is even called the Kinder Downfall, implying a certain direction of the water’s flow. Typically, the 30-meter waterfall is happy to follow these specifications. However, there were some incredibly strong winds in the region recently, and, well, this happened:

That’s right. The wind was so strong that it actually swept the falling water back up the rocks. The updraft made it look like the waterfall was pouring the other way, with the droplets of water rising up towards the sky. 

As surreal as it was, it of course was a temporary phenomenon, and the waterfall soon returned to its usual downward motion. But we’re glad this YouTuber was there to capture the magic. So weird! 

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Wildlife Rescuers Are Left Completely Exhausted After Rescuing An Injured Deer.

A school in the UK alerted Simon and his fellow animal rescuers from the Wildlife Aid Foundation to help rescue a roe deer trapped in a fenced playground area. There was a lot of blood on the ground, worrying the team of a possible injury to the deer.

When they finally caught the deer, they discovered running on the concrete caused him to bleed from his hooves. Luckily the little guy didn’t have any other fresh wound. They released him in a nearby field after checking him over, and Simon says the hooves won’t be any problem if the deer stays on the grass and soft ground.

(Source: Wildlife Aid)

The rescue completely drained all the energy out of the team. They looked exhausted at the end, but it was all worth it!

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