Chicago teachers and supporters take to streets, force closing of Chicago Loop!/rollieprole/status/245256489869127681

As Twitchy reported earlier, Occupiers were quick to pledge their solidarity with the Chicago Teachers Union in its strike, and now the strike has taken on an Occupy-like dimension as hundreds if not thousands of teachers and supporters have taken to the streets, shutting down the Chicago Loop this afternoon.

UPDATE: Kris Habermehl in Chopper 780 says a sea of red is marching in the Loop in #Chicago. Teachers rallying on first day of strike.

— Steve Grzanich (@SteveGrzanich) September 10, 2012

My office is half a block from a pretty loud protest by the Chicago Teachers' Union. It's been growing all day. Drums, airhorns, etc.

— Matt White (@geekstarter) September 10, 2012

Teachers strike shut down the Loop!! #chicago #CPS

— BC (@CadillacCarter) September 10, 2012

Hundreds block traffic in Chicago

— Jonathan Hoenig (@JonathanHoenig) September 10, 2012

Lots of anti Rahm signs

— Jonathan Hoenig (@JonathanHoenig) September 10, 2012

A familiar #Occupy refrain

— Jonathan Hoenig (@JonathanHoenig) September 10, 2012

6 blocks in Chicago shut down massive protest look here per @laborradio

— Mike Elk (@MikeElk) September 10, 2012

#ctustrike marchers carry giant banner asking "Democratic Party Where Are You?"

— Mike Elk (@MikeElk) September 10, 2012

Some students had tweeted that their teachers had encouraged them to join in on the strike. Workers Independent News is reporting that teachers have brought in a drum line. Are these students? the teachers brought a drum line. #cpsstrike

— LaborRadio (@laborradio) September 10, 2012

Another source identifies the drum line as students from Thomas Kelly High School in Chicago.

Kelly HS Drum Line represent! #ctustrike #faircontractnow

— Labor Notes (@labornotes) September 10, 2012

We realize poster board doesn’t come with a built-in spell checker, but speaking of Kelly High School…

@emzanotti Literacy rate commensurate to something more like this:

— Eric Kohn (@iEricKohn) September 10, 2012

Occupy Chicago is using the opportunity to distribute copies of its Occupied Chicago Tribune newspaper.

Student utilizes copy of @occupiedchitrib for speech during #ctustrike rally

— Danielle Villarreal (@daneyvilla) September 10, 2012

While labor organizations are thrilled with the turnout, a downtown traffic stoppage isn’t winning sympathy from everyone.

So Chicago teachers decided a good way 2 launch a protest is 2 shut down loop traffic. This isn't causing me 2 b sympathetic 2 their cause.

— David Stevenson (@DavidStevenson) September 10, 2012

Chicago teachers are acting like moronic lemmings starting a protest during rush hour, blocking the Loop. And these people make 76k?

— Robyn (@robdetf) September 10, 2012

Blocking traffic for thousands of people, many of them trying to get home to out of school kids, is what's "Giving the best to children"

— Heather (@hboulware) September 10, 2012

No official crowd estimates have been given, but the Chicago Sun-Times reported “thousands,” while supporters are claiming up to 30,000.

Any preliminary crowd estimates for #ctustrike march through the Loop? Looks insane.

— joe erbentraut (@robojojo) September 10, 2012

I've heard crowd estimates of 20k+. Hard to say for sure. #FairContractNow #CTUstrike

— [allshiny] (@allshiny) September 10, 2012

@CTULocal1 parents, students community have shut down the loop! Over 30,000 in the street #CTUstrike #faircontractnow

— Caleb Jennings (@killingfloor1) September 10, 2012

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