Community Post: 15 Times Julie Andrews Proved She Is Queen Of The Universe


1. That time she didn’t have a partner, so she danced on her own.

Disney / Via

Because if the Queen wants to dance, she’ll dance.

2. When she proved that she’s still got it half a century later.

3. When QUEEN ELIZABETH herself was excited to meet her.

Takes a queen to know a queen.

4. That time she shared her regal knowledge with the rest of the world.




5. That time Walt Disney put an entire movie on hold for her.

Warner Brothers / Via

Oh Walt, what would the world be like if you hadn’t?

6. When she delivered the perfect amount of sass.

Nobody doubts Dame Julie Andrews. NOBODY.

7. When she came on stage at the Oscars and Queen Meryl Streep herself was awestruck.




8. When she was entirely confident in her identity as the one and only Mary Poppins.

Comedy Central / Via

You get up there and show them how it’s really done.

9. That time she was so done with everyone’s shit, but was still perfect in every way.

Disney / Via

Now that takes skill.

10. That time she wore a tux better than any man ever could.


11. When she mattress surfed with style and grace.

Disney / Via

She could teach Kelly Slater a thing or two.

12. When she showed us she has the vocabulary of a sailor.

NBC / Via

And you felt closer to her than you ever have.

13. When she sang with the voice of an angel.

This must be what heaven sounds like.

14. When she looked FLAWLESS in Vanity Fair.

Vanity Fair / Via

How do you solve a problem like Maria? You don’t because she’s perfect.

15. And finally, when she proved that her beauty defies the laws of time and space

79? More like still so damn fine. Stay beautiful Julie.

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