Community Post: “The Perfect Score” Totally Predicted Scarlett Johansson Would Become Black Widow

Oh, and Chris Evans as Captain America, as well.

1. So you know who Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson are…

They’re absurdly beautiful Avengers.

2. … But before they were superheroes they, worked together on a movie called The Perfect Score.

MTV Films / Via

It was about a group of kids working together to steal the answers for the SATs. For justice, or something.

3. And you could argue that the movie predicted Scarlett and Chris’ future superhero roles before they even did.

Paramount Pictures / Via

4. And it’s all evidenced in a sequence that takes place inside the fantasies of two fictional teenagers. This was masquerading as a Matrix homage.

MTV Films / Via

5. But c’mon, this is Black Widow. The Early Years, no doubt.

MTV Films / Via
MTV Films

I mean.

7. And then look what happened six years later. Black Widow all grown up.

In Iron Man 2, of course.

8. This was just a teen heist movie produced by MTV Films. None of these characters were actually spies; all of this took place within their heads.

9. And this sure looks like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, right?

10. What secrets are you keeping from us, Chris and Scarlett?

What conspiracies took place on this set?

11. How?!

MTV Films / Via

Cap? Tash? Is that you?

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