Congrats for Dana Loesch on deal to publish book ‘Defenseless’!/FormerDeminTX/status/383294409590071297

Pre-order your copy now, Piers Morgan!!/ChrisLoesch/status/383285953504088064

Dana Loesch’s forthcoming book is likely to cause a stir in the gun grabber community:!/centerstreet/status/383284507828572160

Congratulations poured in for Loesch on her new book deal:!/TabithaHale/status/383288253995950080!/brandondarby/status/383288705059794944!/Lurabyss/status/383300202813091840

Loesch offered thanks:!/DLoesch/status/383298555043004416

As of the time this post was published, there was still no congratulations offered by Piers Morgan.

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