Dennis Miller thinks that hidden camera video would make a great campaign ad!/DennisDMZ/status/248234315270463488

While Obama supporters (and even some hand-wringing members of the conservative elite) fell over each other last night to proclaim the death of the Romney campaign in the wake of an undercover video of a private fundraiser, Dennis Miller stands with those who liked what they saw. A lot. These 53-percenters are behind the idea of a campaign spot 100 percent.

@DennisDMZ you are so right!!! Great Ad!!!!

— miss understood (@cpalmero27) September 19, 2012

@DennisDMZ . 100%!

— Lilly McKim (@lillymckim) September 19, 2012

@DennisDMZ Yea, clapping madly absolutely!!!

— Bill Fredericks (@correctofcourse) September 19, 2012

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