Drooling Letterman calls Rachel Maddow ‘smartest person in the world’


Oh my! No one told us David Letterman was actually funny these days! Thanks for the giggle-inducing tip, Andrea Mitchell!

Earlier this year, the “Late Show” host called Rachel Maddow the smartest person in all of journalism. We’re still snickering over that one. And last night, he was at it again, proclaiming her “the smartest person on television.”

If that wasn’t a comedy bit, here’s one possible explanation:

He only has a couple channels. RT @mitchellreports: Letterman on his guest @maddow "smartest person on television"

— Jitney Guy (@JitneyGuy) August 23, 2012

After basking in the MSNBC host’s sheer brilliance, Letterman was overcome by the need to kick it up a notch. She isn’t merely the smartest person on TV — she’s the smartest person in the whole wide world! Paging Mensa …

Letterman updates his assessment of Maddow: she's now the smartest person in the world. Good one, Dave.

— = all (@Madabip) August 23, 2012

Ha! That’s almost as funny as when Maddow suggested Nancy Pelosi should have a building named after her. Or the snort-worthy time she said the Citizens United decision “got rid of all the campaign finance laws in this country.” All of them.

Her genius is staggering. But hey, dishonest lefties have to stick together.

A worm praising a snake. RT @mitchellreports: Letterman on his guest @maddow "smartest person on television"

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) August 23, 2012

If @maddow is the smartest person on tv, then that just shows how low tv has become since its invention

— Dywan Washington II (@DywanWII) August 23, 2012

And clearly, one-man brain trust Dave Letterman knows smart.

Who's he to judge? RT @mitchellreports: Letterman on his guest @maddow "smartest person on television"

— Noel Sheppard (@NoelSheppard) August 23, 2012

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