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Clothes dryer Vent Cleaning
Did you know that as many as 15,000 fires start in the utility room every year? Lint from clothing dryers can build up, overheat, and catch fire. These fires result in more than 18 deaths, hundreds of injuries, and millions of dollars in property damage each year. Do not let your home or household come down with a fire that can be easily avoided.

The key to fire security in the utility room is regular dryer vent cleaning and maintenance of your device. It seems simple, however clearing out the lint trap isn’t really enough by itself. To keep your dryer running efficiently and securely, the rear vent need to be cleaned frequently. This prevents buildup of dust and lint from inside in addition to debris from outside the house. A clothes dryer with an obstructed vent works harder and runs hotter, increasing the possibility of an unsafe fire in your home.

Fire Marshalls advise cleaning out and around clothing dryers at least twice a year. This indicates cleaning the lint trap, the clothes dryer vent, as well as under and around the dryer system to be safe. This usually means pulling the clothes dryer out and away from the wall to clean it extensively. Whether the clothing dryer’s rear vent is short or long, it still requires a regular and thorough cleaning.

To make sure that your house and household stay safe, it’s best to hire an expert to carry out an evaluation and clothes dryer vent cleaning of your family clothes dryer. A clothes dryer that is clean runs much safer, takes less time to dry clothes, and costs you less in electricity. The clothes dryer is among the most expensive home appliances to run – don’t lose your hard-earned money on an unsafe and inefficient clothes dryer!

Keeping your dryer vent and duct clear can cost you less cash and keep your family much safer. Trust in a practiced expert to analyze and keep your dryer going for peak safety and effectiveness. With the advice of a well-informed handyman, you can sleep much better at night knowing that your clothes dryer vent is both safe and clear. Don’t leave your family’s security to possibility!

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