Fans react to Buzz Bissinger writing college football should be banned!/finebaum/status/198783885079871489

Buzz Bissinger penned a piece in the Wall Street Journal explaining why he believes college football is counterproductive and should be banned. Not surprisingly, fans of the sport have taken issue with his comments.

Don't Listen To Buzz Bissinger, College Football Is Good For …: Buzz Bissinger wants college football banned. He – a writer who saw…

— Jack Banks (@JackBanks7) May 5, 2012

@finebaum kind of hypocritical from a guy whose entire career is based off the exploitation of boobie miles and football

— Clayton (@tsomerv) May 5, 2012

@finebaum Stay tuned for my piece on why Buzz Bissinger should be sent into EXILE.

— Dario (@gordian2012) May 5, 2012

#Buzz_Bissinger needs help from #Dr._Phil

— robert morrison (@bobmorrison49) May 5, 2012

Buzz Bissinger says CFB should be banned because it "doesn't serve an academic purpose." The same can be said for a lot of academic courses.

— Barrett Sallee (@BarrettSallee) May 5, 2012

If Buzz Bissinger was watching this Arsenal-Norwich match, he would definitely find something to complain about.

— Tim Hyland (@IntelligentCFB) May 5, 2012

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