Frankie Boyle roasts the Royal Family!/JohnDurnford1/status/208664339538911233

Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle has never had any reservations about offending people. He’ll tackle on anything from the general public all the way up to the Royal Family, as he clearly displayed today on his Twitter.

The Queen actually has two birthdays, one each for her human and lizard forms #RoyalJubilee

— Frankie Boyle (@frankieboyle) June 1, 2012

When Prince Philip comes it must be like having a handful of sand thrown in your eyes #Royaljubilee

— Frankie Boyle (@frankieboyle) June 1, 2012

If you're tweeting about your admiration for the Royal Family I see you as less than human, I see you as a base for a rudimentary fertiliser

— Frankie Boyle (@frankieboyle) June 1, 2012

If you’re a little confused, Frankie Boyle is suggesting that if you tweet some sort of admiration for the Royal Family, he puts you in the same group as, well, crap.

He received a few chortles from the crowd below:

@frankieboyle I'm not tweeting about the Royal Family, but I don't think those that are really care how you view them.

— Eric Jones (@EJones80) June 1, 2012

@frankieboyle do you know what who cares what you think bellend !!

— Annie (@candiflossy) June 1, 2012

Others, well, they seemed to enjoy the opportunity to drop in a few jokes themselves:

@frankieboyle In 1066 The queen pulled down her nics She licked her bum And said "yum yum It's better than weetabix"

— Jon Stokoe (@Jon_Stokoe) June 1, 2012

@frankieboyle i await the death of the old bitch for my next day off. Now that will be a celebration!

— Looking in the Abyss (@Thedee1893) June 1, 2012

@frankieboyle you are right the royals are just a sideshow for londons tourist attractions

— michelle burns (@chelleburns69) June 1, 2012

No matter your thoughts or opinions on Mr. Boyle, if there’s one thing he’s a master at, it’s getting a reaction. Just another day in the life of a ‘rude’ comedian.

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