‘Good for her’! Kroger manager gives Moms Demand Action the brush-off [photo]


As Twitchy reported, the gun grabbers at Moms Demand Action have grocery store chain Kroger in their crosshairs. They’ve figured that with the power of billboards and a web campaign — plus some good, old-fashioned intimidation — they’ll be able to bully Kroger into changing its policies on open carry.

Unfortunately, as the group’s founder Shannon R. Watts was bummed to learn, the effort doesn’t appear to be paying off at at least one Kroger store:

.@Kroger mngr in #Ohio refuses to take @MomsDemand petition signatures to stop open carry #GroceriesNotGuns #gunsense pic.twitter.com/N15B7EC98u

— Shannon (@shannonrwatts) October 5, 2014

Awww … boo-hoo!

Good for her. MT @shannonrwatts: @Kroger mngr in #Ohio refuses to take @MomsDemand petition signatures pic.twitter.com/y9DJhfOYcH"

— Kimberly C (@conkc2) October 6, 2014

@shannonrwatts I commend @Kroger for not kicking their asses all the way to the curb as they deserved. @MomsDemand #gunsense

— TeaStainedTusks (@LeftyLemn) October 5, 2014

@shannonrwatts @kroger @MomsDemand Good on the manager. Proud of Kroger standing up to your bullying tactics.

— XSmoky (@XSmoky7) October 5, 2014

Which store? I'd like to shake her hand, and buy her a beer. @tazcat2011 @shannonrwatts @kroger @MomsDemand #gunsense

— Inglorius Batard (@KentAtwater4) October 5, 2014

We’ll drink to that!



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