Hashtag hilarity as conservatives launch #RussellCroweMovies

As Twitchy reported this morning, actor Russell Crowe had a blocking-spree meltdown after claiming that “Obama is the light and the future.”

In response, conservatives had a little fun at Crowe’s expense using the hashtag #RussellCroweMovies:

#RussellCroweMovies A Brainwashed Mind

— Suzy Homemaker (@SuzyHomemaker77) October 21, 2012

#RussellCroweMovies A Pitiful Mind

— Nels (@debitking) October 21, 2012

#RussellCroweMovies The Good, The Bad and the Easily Offended

— chris lowery (@chrisjcl784) October 21, 2012

A Beautiful Mindlessness. #RussellCroweMovies

— Steven F. Hayward (@stevenfhayward) October 21, 2012

#RussellCroweMovies The Idiot and the Ego

— I Am Breitbart (@BrietbartArmy) October 21, 2012

#RussellCroweMovies Bastard and Commander

— Delta Bravo Kilo (@DeTroyes1) October 21, 2012

#RussellCroweMovies3:10 to Doom-a

— Milkshakes Anytime (@MomMilkshake) October 21, 2012

#RussellCroweMovies Mr. Congeniality

— chris lowery (@chrisjcl784) October 21, 2012

A Beautiful Meltdown #RussellCroweMovies

— American Elephant (@AmericnElephant) October 21, 2012

#RussellCroweMovies Hurt Feelings Locker

— chris lowery (@chrisjcl784) October 21, 2012

What #RussellCroweMovies will be coming to your local theater?

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