Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook

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Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook
A Simple, Step-by-step System For Shopping, Cooking & Eating The Worlds Healthiest Foods (all Natural, Organic Produce & Grass Fed Meats). Gluten & Soy Free.
Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook

Thai Cookbook
Image by sweet mustache
New cookbook I just got today. Several recipes I can’t wait to try.

Update: This is a great cook book. Every thing I’ve tried has been great.

I’ve tried the following:
Eggs, Fish Sauce and Sri Rachaa (kai jiow)
ganeng kah-re gai

Meatballs in panaeng curry sauce (panaeng look chin neua sahp)
Mussamun Curry Beef with Potatoes and Peanuts (gaeng mussamun neua)
Panaeng Beef in Red Curry Peanut Sauce (pananeg neua)
Country-Style Curry with Ground Pork and Green Beans (gaeng bah neua sahp)
Red Curry Shrimp with Pineapple #1(gaeng kua goong sapparote)
Red Curry Shrimp with Pineapple #2(gaeng kua goong sapparote)
chiang mai curry noodles (kao soi)
Sweet-Hot Garlic Sauce (nahm jeem gratiem)

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