Heckuva job, Cory! Vulgar celeb tolerance brigade comes out strong for Booker


On Monday, U.S. Senate hopeful Cory Booker proudly hit the stump with actress Eva Longoria, the 2012 Obama campaign co-chair known for her vulgar retweets about conservatives. (You know, those were the tweets she shared — and deleted — to create “dialogue.”)

But Longoria isn’t the only nasty piece of work pimping Booker’s Senate bid. A quick glance at his celeb supporters reads like a who’s who of Twitchy’s entertainment archives … and not in a good way.


Comedienne Sarah Silverman thinks joking about getting a “quickie aborsh” is as hilarious as telling Rick Santorum to “suck a d*ck.” Earlier this summer, she was spanked soundly for her pitiful walk-back of N-word tweets related to the the ranch leased by Gov. Rick Perry.


“Brave thinker” Lena Dunham likened voting for Obama to first-time sex and pissed on Memorial Day. Just yesterday she was called out by her own side for the unbearable whiteness of being a “Girls” cast member.


What was that about unbearable whiteness? Self-appointed race cop Mia Farrow is the one to ask. She’s also a huge fan of gay-baiting anyone she doesn’t like, from Justice Scalia to the Pope.


Race-baiting liar Russell Simmons is a race-baiting race-baiter. Enough said. And his lying political director Michael Skolnik is cut from the same mold.


Classy crowd, huh?

Too bad the oh-so-tolerant and loving Cher hasn’t weighed in … yet. For now, she’s keeping her laser-like focus on the “TBaggers.”


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