Howard Dean exploits woman as ‘first GOP fatality of Obamacare’!/GovHowardDean/status/454735379128516609

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is putting that medical degree to work, pronouncing dead the “first GOP fatality” of Obamacare. If only Florida had expanded its Medicaid program, well … there’s really no way to know what would have happened.

Would she have lived despite her heart condition if she qualified for Medicaid? That would take a huge number of assumptions, and Dean seems to have no problem making them, as long as the GOP is to blame.!/susaniniowa/status/454736072849645568

Now that Piers Morgan has some free time, perhaps he and Dean can start up a grave-dancing troupe.

* * *


Think Progress has more about the woman, under the headline, “This 32-Year-Old Florida Woman Is Dead Because Her State Refused To Expand Medicaid.” “I am burying my best friend because of the policies of the Republican Party,” contends a friend of the woman in a blog post.!/atalknut/status/454677776239693824

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