India’s politics force Railways Minister to resign!/an_news/status/181429143739711488

In the wake of a political crisis and argument over fare increases in India, the Minister of Railways has taken the nobel step in resigning from his position. Although the citizens of India are not happy with the increase in railway fares – the first of such in ten years – the Twitter support of Mr. Trivedi has shown a fair consensus: they are not happy over his resignation.

Dinesh Trivedi is a sensible & brave man. What he's done is in interest of Railways & country. All right thinking people must support him.

— Anil Shastri (@anilkshastri) March 18, 2012

Dinesh Trivedi resigns..Well have to say it is a sad day for Indian Politics…Where people think more of their own party than the country.

— PRATEEK KHANDELWAL (@Highfigh) March 18, 2012

Another example of shamelessness in Indian politics Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi has to resign cause he presented a good budget

— Harsimran Singh (@sim_smarty_01) March 18, 2012

Dinesh Trivedi resigns. That's the price u pay for increasing the fares after 10 years.. Sad 🙁

— Kunal Duddalwar (@kunalduddalwar) March 18, 2012

Very daring budget bring in this year by rail minister dinesh trivedi and parnab da…let see what happan in end of year spl. in our growth

— manoj kumar (@timbuktu80) March 18, 2012

#Dinesh Trivedi is a vry qualified & talented chap while #Mukul's barely a graduate.Who says education, elocution & élan matter in politics?

— Deepak Tiwari (@Flamboyant_D) March 18, 2012

Here’s an excerpt from the report in the China Daily:

India’s Railway Minster Dinesh Trivedi has succumbed to pressure for his party chief West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress Chief Mamata Banerjee and agreed to resign.

He spoke on Sunday to Mamata Banerjee, a few hours before an annoyed Banerjee boarded a flight to New Delhi to speak to the prime minister over the issue.

Mamata Banerjee announced in Kolkata that Trivedi has told her he will quit, ending days of stalemate over the issue.

Confirming the news, a source close to the railway minister said that he may forward his resignation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh “soon”.

Trivedi Sunday called up Banerjee and conveyed his decision when Banerjee was about to board a flight to Delhi amid speculation that the Trinamool could pull out of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) coalition if the prime minister did not sack the railway minister.

“Yes he (Trivedi) has called me up. He told me that he will abide by the party decision and will send his resignation. He also told me that he will stay with the party,” Banerjee told media persons before boarding her flight to the national capital.

Banerjee’s announcement has seemingly pulled the curtain down on the five-day deadlock after Trivedi fell out with the Trinamool leadership for hiking passenger fares in his railway budget Wednesday without the party’s purported approval.

Sadly, India’s politics are beginning to sound a lot like America’s politics.!/RatheeshGP/status/181429740341702656

Dinesh Trivedi is one smart man. He waited for the #indvspak excitement and quietly quit. Like the class joker who walks out amid confusion.

— Nigel Britto (@NigelBritto) March 18, 2012

railway minister dinesh trivedi resigns. looks like mamta bannerjee defines the UPA government

— Chemcee.M.C (@Chemcee) March 18, 2012

I donno how and why I liked Dinesh Trivedi and his attitude. Sad that he had to go. Illiterates rule this country's politics.

— Vivek Patel (@SamosaGuy) March 18, 2012

Finally someone's Ego wins..Dinesh Trivedi bows down..

— Praful Maru (@prafulmaru) March 18, 2012

Silly budget, Sachin scores his 100th. Dinesh Trivedi forced to resign, Virat Kohli gets 183. Politicians are lucky to get focus off them

— Budhaditya Roy (@budhadityaroy) March 18, 2012

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