Inside This Abandoned Opera House You’ll Find Old Posters, Seats And…. WHAT?

This is the Sterling Opera House, located in the quaint New England town of Derby, in Connecticut. The grand old building was built in 1889 and was designed by H.G. Ficken (he also designed Carnegie Hall). These pictures by Interlude Photography can’t possibly do it justice. Wandering through this old opera house would be a cool experience, but once you would get into the sub-basement, you’d notice something strange…

Many famous people performed at the Sterling Opera House in its day.

John Philip Sousa, Bing Crosby, Red Skelton, Harry Houdini, Donald O’Connor, Amelia Earhart, and John and Ethel Barrymore, just to name a few.

Harry Houdini even left part of his act inside, a trap door.

But no matter what grand past it had, this building would give anyone the creeps.

Inside, the paint is peeling and faded memories just hand in the hall.

But, the remnants of the opera house aren’t the creepiest parts.

As you head down into the sub-basement…

It gets a little darker…

And you’ll come across jail cells.

Deep beneath the opera house a jail was built, presumably when the building was used as a town hall.

The Sterling Opera House is rumored to be haunted.

After seeing the inside, we don’t doubt it.

There’s something about so many memories being left behind that gives us the shivers.

There are also old advertisements placed around the building.

They somehow look stranger than the bare walls.

Hopefully that’s paint.

If there is one thing I have learned about abandoned buildings, it’s this: if there is a secret jail hidden in the basement, that place is probably haunted. (And if it’s a hospital or jail itself, it’s definitely haunted.) Source: The Sterling Opera House is a fine example of American architecture, but it definitely creeps me out. Share it with others by clicking below.

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